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Saturday, September 15, 2018

This is crazy!!!

  1. This happened yesterday. I was in the basement doing laundry so I decided to look around with my camera. Right away this "guy" came up to my face and checked me out. A ghost hunter friend said that this is one of the best orb vidoes that he has ever seen. It has intent. There is a longer video that I need to post. Here is the crazy orb!

Also here is my newer ghost channel. I have evidence of our haunted farm along with old tv documentaries and everything spooky.

I am working on the full video of my crazy orb and will upload it soon!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

I caught an AMAZING SHADOW MAN. Incredible ghost box answers!

Once again it has been ages since I posted so I have a lot of new events and evidence to present.
The first thing I would like to show you is the best shadow person that I have ever captured. I was in the barn trying out my new ghost box. While I was in there there were sounds all around me. Knocks, bumps and footsteps. It was the first time that I felt like running out of there. When I got back inside to go over the video I saw this. A perfect shadow person. I feel like it is a man in a big hat with coat tails and boots. Some people think that it is a woman. Here it is. It is in the back where the light is. 

I have a youtube link and the actual video below.

The shadow man that comes into my room is back and the attacks started again.
Sexual in nature.
The last attack it decided to do it's best to terrify me.
I could see a black face and the eyes were even blacker.
It came right up to my face and opened it's jaw extremely wide. 
After this I am once again terrified to lay down.

Here are some amazing ghost box answers. It seems like every time I work with the ghost box they talk to me.

Here are even more amazing ghost box answers.

Ghost says that I have a demon that is obsessed with me

I ask a ghost to tun on a flashlight and it does.

They perfectly answer my questions.
This video is amazing evidence.

Haunted basement, ghost calls me fat and demonic answers.

Was a ghost in bed with me? Horrible evp

I have so many new videos for you and I will show you them in another post or you can just go to my youtube channel
Click the link below

So the barn haunting is off the charts.
the "thing" is once again attacking me.
There are daily events that don't seem malicious.
Knocks, things getting tossed, whispers, it touching my shoulder while I am working,
It pulls my headphone cord when I am in bed so I no longer use them.
It has tossed pictures off of the wall, 
pulled my pillow out from under my head.
Likes to yell or whisper obscenities and so much  more that i will cover in my next post.
I will be posting a lot more since a friend sent me a huge box of ghost hunting equipment.
Until next time....

Thursday, March 23, 2017

My basement door rattling Paranormal Evidence Real haunted house

This happened about a week ago. Just a few days ago there were seriously loud banging sounds on that same door. It shook my entire family. My son actually grabbed a baseball bat. The dogs went crazy. My husband took the dogs outside to see if anyone was there. Nope. We are sure that it is paranormal because of how haunted this house is.

Is this the voice of my mom who passed? EVP

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this or not since it is so personal but on the other hand I would love  opinions. My mom passed away March 15th. My heart is broken. I accidentally captured this evp. It sounds just like her. I captured this exact same evp about 7 years ago. I am very confused about it. I swear this is my mom unless something is mimicking her. This has me upset yet hopeful.

Had to share. Longer blog soon. So much has happened. I will probably  just post some new videos for now. Thank you and God bless.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Outside nighttime scare and other updates. More active

I know that I don't post very often but one reason is that I have stopped looking for them. The more attention I pay to them the worse it gets but they never stop. Yesterday morning I went outside to take my dog out. It was 6 am and still dark outside. Suddenly I heard this huge slam against the house right behind me. It sounded like someone hurled a basketball against it. Immediately after I saw a long very black shadow move super fast and at the same time heard a stereotypical horror movie yell. I bolted back inside the house. There was no natural reason for that to occur. We still get our daily activity. That never stops. Examples are seeing orbs with your eyes, hearing yells or whispers. We all hear it I'm  not crazy lol. Things are moved around and it still messes in my studio on a daily basis. Bangs the wall, turns on my printer. Makes my lampshade spin around. It breaks things. Tosses things off of my shelves or rips the shelves off of the wall. So much more but for some reason it has been way more active lately. I have no idea why. I wish I understood this. If I think too much about it I feel like I am going crazy because there are no real answers. I'm still getting orbs in a lot of my pictures and evps and orbs in just about every family video that I make. Even outside videos. Here are just a few. Not huge evidence but proof it's messing around. Since I don't look for it anymore I take what I can get when I make a family video or a video for facebook.
This first video is one that I took yesterday afternoon. The same day as the thing slamming the house.

This is a very loud evp. A woman. We are not sure what she is saying but my guess is she is disgusting. I was watching a video on youtube of a really gross woman

This is an evp that I captured outside and I capture A LOT of evps outside even in the woods.

I'm talking to birds but this answered.

This is an older but still amazing

The entire house was doing this that night.

Like I said if I posted these before I'm sorry.

One thing that has been happening a lot lately is my SIRI will go off. I know that happens to a lot of people but this is the first message it said. CREEPED ME OUT

A few days after that SIRI asked, " Did you summon me?" I didn't take a screenshot though.

A few other recent things that happened...

The house slam with shadow and shout, 
Items moving on their own on my desk.
3 am bedroom door slams
I was walking downstairs and something pulled my hair
A baby bouncer will start playing music and the only way you can turn that on is by using your hand to slide a button over.
Other toys going off making noises,
Sometimes when I am in the upstairs hallway with the light off I do a dead stop because there is something blacker then the dark in my face.
One time I saw it break up into these little dark shadows that reminded me of bats.
My kitchen cabinets will open and close.
It still turns on the gas burners if I leave the knobs on.
You will hear the back door open and close when it is locked.
Many times I thought that my husband came home through the back door because of it.
I felt something walking on the bed when nothing was there.
And way more that I can't think of right now.

I hope to update again soon. I know that I take forever between posts.

Here is a video that freaked me out because I didn't see the door open in real time. Only when I played back the video...

Longer version of the basement

Thanks for reading.
If the videos are not working for you please let me know.
If you want to get ahold of me please email me at

As I always say please start reading my blog here so that it makes sense if you are new to it. It also answers a lot of questions.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Siri said that I SHOULD DIE

I have been ignoring this thing completely for months hoping it will leave or at least stop it's activity and it seemed to work for awhile. This is why there have not been any new blog posts but recently the activity is picking right back up and not in a friendly way. I have made 3 videos filming family events and in each I got a very clear evp. The first one said my name loud and clear....the second one answered a question. I was making the video talking about a crop duster I was trying to film. In the video I said darn it come closer..referring to the plane. Right after a low gruff voice said NO. Then I was in the front yard. I was filming a bush because there was something rustling around inside of it very loudly. I'm thinking a cute bird or something. I asked who is doing that kind of like talking to myself and I got a clear evp of that same gruff voice saying ME. I am posting the videos to my YouTube channel right after I finish this blog. I can't upload now. I would slow down my son's game. Then yesterday I am working in my studio and I hear a huge crash. I found the bathroom mirror open and all of the shelves had fallen out. It was a huge broken glass mess. Last night in bed I heard a huge crash coming from a corner of the bedroom. This has happened twice in one week. We turned on the lights and nothing has been moved. Then today I get this and of course it could be a fluke but I find it very disturbing after getting 2 clear scary evps accidentally today. I was talking to my daughter on the phone. The house phone. While we are taking my cell phone which is just sitting on my desk turns Siri on all on it's own. Yes this can happen a lot to anyone but this is what it said. While talking I didn't say anything even remotely that would sound like this. 

Like I said..yes this could be a fluke but after these past 2 days and the events that have occurred I found it unsettling. 
Small things have also happened like things moving around on my desk. that used to happen a lot now it is back at it.
I ignored these things, ghosts, spirits, evil thing for months. I guess it doesn't matter what I do. 

The video below is it saying my name. Carmen. I will upload these videos to youtube also in case you can't play them here. 
My youtube channel

So in a nutshell..more has happened but I wanted to make a quick update. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to really fill you in on the new activity. 
As I always say please start reading my blog here so that it makes sense if you are new to it. It also answers a lot of questions.


Oh and another thing to point out. When I talk to my daughter on the phone our THING loves to let me know it is in my studio with me. My lampshade will spin...stop and then spin in the opposite direction. One day a candle lifted up about an inch, turned and fell back onto the desk and way more...
This thing LOVES to knock my shelves off the walls smashing things that I care about.

Thanks for reading and more stories and evidence hopefully tomorrow.
This was hurried so I hope that there weren't too many typos!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Just a reminder to start reading this blog with the our story post

This is just a reminder for new visitors to my blog. Before you read anything please go to my OUR STORY post to understand the house and our haunting! 

Here is a link to the post

I have lots of new events to talk about and evidence to post later this week.
Thank you for being so patient with me when it comes to blog posts.
I am trying not to give it attention and talking about it, to it or even writing about it is a form of attention.

Thanks so much! Happy 2016!