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Sunday, March 10, 2013

An Extreme Haunting. Our story with evidence.

An extreme haunting. Our story. 

" I no longer go looking for it. It made things worse. Now I only post evidence captured on home videos and home photos. It's in almost all of them so there is still a lot of evidence."

Our 100 year old farm house
I am sharing this because the things that happen in our home shouldn't happen and I really want to make people aware of it. If someone else is going through it you are not alone.
By posting all of this I have pretty  much been laughed at by outside family members but it's a huge part of my life so here it is. 

Please please take the time to watch and listen to the videos. Use headphones.  If you can't hear some of them don't worry. Turn the sound up and go over the video again with headphones. Sometimes it took me 3 times to catch the faint ones. After awhile you will be a pro at hearing them. Also if you click on the video and watch it on the youtube page you can read the description and I have marked where all the evps are for you. It makes it easier to hear them when you know where they are. Just click on the video to make it large and it takes you to youtube. I have dozens of very loud evps on my channel and I would be happy if you checked them out. Some sound like they are louder than me or standing beside me. It's unreal.

A special thank you to Bob Davis for helping us for 3 years now. 

I've tried to write this post 2 times with it being deleted each time. Then my husband got sick and I had to put off this post but here I am. Once again I know there will be a lot of typos and one reason is that I am the typo queen but the other reason is I am trying to get this done before my son gets home from school. I had this really great organized post for you guys and I lost it twice so this is the messy fast version. I know I will forget a lot of events and will have to come back to them. There have been so many strange things that have happened over a 3 year period since moving into this house. So where do I start? First this might sound nuts but then again my entire story sounds nuts but I have had a dream all of my life of a big white house with a screened in back porch.

 In this dream I am going through all these different rooms just filled with goodies like antiques. We lived in Indianapolis and the crime there is just nuts and we always wanted to move to the country into an old farm house. Well a man that my husband knows told him about this house and a few months later we relocated to a tiny speck of a town an hour away and moved in. The very first time I saw this house was just amazing. You turn off of a country road in the middle of nowhere, pass a small old cemetery and then you see a big white house way off the road on a hill. The driveway is about 900 or more feet and is lined with beautiful old oak trees. When we pulled up to the house two deer crossed the driveway. We laughed about it because it reminded us of the movie Funny Farm. In Funny Farm when they were trying to sell their house in the country so they released some deer to make the house more charming. Once we got up to the house itself my jaw dropped. I was sure this was the house I dreamed about. A big old white house with a screened in back porch. There is also an old barn and a huge pole barn / garage but what made me know this was the house was that the man who lived here for the last 50 years was a hoarder. The house and barn were filled with his items.

The above picture is an example of just one of the many antiques that were left in the barn. It is packed with junk and treasures.

 You could go outside near the woods and find treasures like old antique cars, Coke signs, children's toys. There were antiques mixed with junk all over the property.

 One thing that I found really weird is that there are 2 green houses and both were filled with hundreds of plants. It was like one day someone said I'm done and just left everything to die. It was so sad. Hundreds of plants just dead with a few that made it somehow but about back to the house.

 My middle son said it was haunted right away. I didn't have any feelings of it being haunted at all until the first night here. Everyone who helped us move ran to go get some drinks leaving me and my at that time 7 year old son alone. We were upstairs in his room unpacking. I heard a man's voice coming from the downstairs bathroom and we heard a huge boom coming from the basement.  Let me add that there are 3 levels to our home. A huge creepy basement with 7 rooms and a fireplace.

The above photo is the fireplace in the basement. We also have a fireplace upstairs.

Basement stairs

Creepy red room in the basement with antique furniture and things that came with the house. Our basement is   huge. I would have to post lots of pictures to show it all but it is creepy and the red room is where we heard the very loud evil thing yelling. The evp is later in this post.

Then you have the main level that has a little addition built on to the back of the house. That is where my studio is. Way in the back where the basement stairs are there is a giant deep freeze. I guess they built the back area around the deep freeze lol. Getting it out of the house would be next to impossible but anyway....The main floor has the kitchen, a bathroom, dinning room, living room, my studio and a back area leading to the basement and a back porch.

The upstairs has one bathroom and 3 bedrooms. The upstairs is the most haunted part of the house.

 When you walk upstairs you can feel it. I kind of duck my head down because it makes me feel a little safer lol. Anyway....Jake and I were unpacking at around 11 pm and we were the only ones in the house. We heard a huge metallic like bang in the basement. It sounded like someone lifted a barrel and hurled it across the room. Then when I went downstairs to the main level bathroom I heard what sounded like a mans voice. It sounded like an old time radio show voice if that makes sense. This was only the first night in the house. Of course I explained both events away. After that night not much happened for a few months. In my mind we were in a perfectly not haunted house that just has a creepy upstairs. Now in my middles son's mind he thought it was totally haunted. He is my step son and in 3 years he has never gone upstairs! Never! He just turned 17 and he still won't go up there. Smart boy! It is the very worst area in the house and the feeling up there is dread and being watched.

For the first few months nothing happened. Well nothing that I couldn't explain away. I would go into the kitchen and there would be 4 or 5 cabinets opened or a door would be open that was shut. I would hear a knock on the wall and think it could be a tree limb or the house settling. At this point I was sure my home was just fine but things changed.

The first big change was our gas stove. The first few times the burners would turn on I thought someone leaned against them or the knobs weren't turned off all the way. I explained it away the first 3 times or so. On  Christmas of last year my entire family was over and we were opening presents in the living room  The next thing I know my brother in law was yelling for me. I ran into the kitchen and the front burner was on but the flame shot up over a foot high. This was really hard to explain. We had the stove looked at and nothing was wrong with it. It's an older stove so it doesn't have an auto pilot. The knobs were fine and not loose. After Christmas it was happening every other day until we finally had to take the knobs off. This past Thanksgiving I walked to the kitchen sink and everything was fine. On my way back I saw the knob turn with my own eyes. That knob has to be pushed in and then turned. Then I saw the flames shoot up! Once again the knobs are off of our stove. What I find interesting is when we moved in there are 2 old stoves in the basement. Did they have the same problem and think a different stove would solve it? Right before we moved in a family lived here for only 3 months. The wife made them move because she said it was haunted. I didn't find this out until recently. I still want to find her and talk with her.

 After the stove started to turn on the other things just started slamming us.
The worst of it started in the morning at 5 am. I was in my bedroom doing my hair when I heard loud scratching sounds coming from inside my bedroom closet. I looked at the door and it flew open. It didn't pop open or jar open it flew open so hard it made a dent in my dresser. That was the beginning of the worst.
The next night I was in bed and I heard 3 knocks coming from inside my closet and then right after there were 3 knocks on the bedroom door. It kept this up taking turns from door to door. I was home alone that night and flew down the stairs. I couldn't explain that one away at all. When things like this happen your brain kind of shuts it out. I love my bedroom and my bed and nothing was going to keep me out of it. The next night the same thing happened. 3 knocks on the closet door and then 3 knocks on the bedroom door and once again I flew downstairs. I still made my brain shut it out so I could enjoy my comfy bed. The following night I woke up to something scratching on the wall by my closet. It scared me but it also stopped as suddenly as it started. I think it was the next night I woke up to something scratching on my mattress right by my head. No, it was not a mouse or a bug. It was loud slow scratching that seemed to be done in a way just to scare me and it did. That was another night I flew downstairs. A few nights later I woke up to the same thing. There was something scratching my mattress right by my head but this time my dog was going nuts and barking at it. Then the scratching was on the wall. Even after this your brain goes into overload and you block it out the best that you can but then I realized my mattress was actually scratched up. All of the corners were fine but the corner by my head. It has rips all over it. I couldn't explain that one away at all. At this point people ask me how I could sleep up there. I really don't have a good answer to that other than when something happens that has no logic to it your brain really does shut it out. It is scary as heck at the time but when things are normal you are like...oh, it's ok. I'm going to bed lol. The next night or so...I'm really not sure of how many days were between each event but they were very close together I was walking up to my dresser and I felt my hair lifted and dropped. My hair is kind of long and something picked my hair up like it was going to put it into a pony tail and dropped it. This was very frightening because it was the first time it touched me. Things kept getting worse and more terrifying.

The next night I woke up around 3 am..yes the typical horror movie 3 am. The room was dark because at that time I loved to sleep in pitch black with no light. Now I sleep with a tv on and a flashlight in my bed! When I woke up I felt sheer terror like I have never felt before. It is so intense it is hard to describe  I felt the presence of something pure evil in the room. I wish I could explain the feeling better but unless this has happened to you it is very hard to describe  I guess it felt like something wanted to pull me down to hell or kill me. Sheer terror. I was laying on my side and I saw this white blueish form coming up from the floor and reaching my face. It almost looked like a typical child in a sheet type ghost but it glowed and was a misty mass. I couldn't move. I couldn't talk but I knew right away to tell it to leave in the name of Jesus. Yes I was raised religious but I am not a " bible thumper " in anyway. I was raised a very conservative Lutheran but I knew instinctively to cry out for Jesus. I think I told it to leave using my mind at least 30 times before it actually glided away. I got up and turned on the light. Then I got my robe and once again spent the night on the couch. This experience left me dazed and confused and of course I had to explain it away! I told myself it was a crazy very real dream. Stupid me. The next night or so I woke up with that same feeling of sheer terror. I couldn't move or speak but I saw a black mass coming in from under my door and then it slowly approached me in my bed and hovered over me. It was just a half inch from my face.

I found this picture online and it is a little bit similar to the thing that comes into my room. 

 I called out on Jesus again telling it to leave and it was even harder to get it to go this time. I am guessing I told it to leave in the name of Jesus at least 40 times...finally it backed off and made it's way back under the door and left. It was another night of fleeing downstairs. Yes I told myself it was a dream again and that everything was ok. Even though I had knocks and hair being lifted and dropped and closet doors flying open it was just a dream. Yah right. It came into my room as the black mass at least 5 more times but the 4th or 5th time is the time that burns in my brain. I will never be the same because of it. I will never forget it and I wish I could. That time is the reason I am writing this blog and as hard as it is to talk about it. I know there are people who had the same thing happen to them and I know how hard it was to find information on it. I have been building up to this post because it is very hard to talk about. Very embarrassing to talk about and frankly this can cause me to lose respect from people who will never believe me or think it was just a dream. Dreams don't leave bruises and scratches. I am going to write details that are embarrassing but again I am telling you this because what if it does happen to you? Maybe by me talking about my experience it can help you get through yours.

Once again it was about the same time. Roughly 3 in the morning. I felt the presence in the room again. That feeling of pure terror and pure evil. ( Not one person in this world is going to tell me this was not a demon. It was and it is still in our home. This was not a human spirit that passed on and turned evil. You have no idea how sick I am of hearing this. It was and is a demon pure and simple. ) I saw it come into the room again. Once again it was a black mass and it came in from under the bedroom door. It made it's way around the room and positioned itself above me. This is the hard part. This evil mass that had no human form grabbed me and tried to "hurt" me.  This thing was a male presence. I believe an Incubus because of the attack. It was very personal and it was a MAN attacking a woman in the worst way possible. It is hard for me to say it outright. Please look up the meaning of Incubus to understand better. It took everything I had to make it stop. I told this THING to leave in the name of Jesus more then any of the other times and it was so hard to get him to get away but he finally did after he whispered in my ear, " He can't help you." That was the first time it spoke. When it was attacking me it felt as though a real person was attacking. It was a man yet not a man.
On my life this happened.
When it finally left I sat up in my bed and cried my eyes out. I was trying to tell myself it was a dream but I ran to the bathroom to check and to my horror I found 3 scratches on my leg. If anyone tells you this stuff isn't real they obviously have never experienced anything like this before therefore assuming it's all a joke. It's not. This is why I am writing this blog to tell people THIS IS REAL! I SWEAR on my life that something is out there that CAN hurt you and attacked me. I have tons of evidence if people take the time to go over it. People say oh they can't hurt you. YES THEY CAN. YES IT DID. I made sure to take pictures of my scratches but there is no reason for me to post anything that private online. I only sent them to my friend Bob Davis who has been helping us with this for the past 4 years. Seeing the scratches and putting everything else together made me wake up. It can't be explained away anymore. Something was in my  house and it was attacking me. This was the only time it got that bad though thank God. This one experience was the worst of all of them.

Some people call what happened to me sleep paralysis. I don't want to write a novel about that but even scientists can't explain why people all over the world for hundreds of years have had  the exact same experiences. People get a black mass like I do...mine was even white the first old hag..shadow men and the twisted thing I saw during the worst attack. This is not a sleep disorder. Sleep disorders don't scratch  you and talk to you on evp sessions. My opinion is that the things that attack in this manner are demonic. I think that I have both good and bad spirits in my home.

 Now during this same time my oldest son gives me a call and says mom...I had this really bad experience. He said something came into his room at night. He felt pure terror and evil and something basically tried to drag him to hell. He knew nothing about what was happening to me. My husband didn't even know. At that time my husband would sleep on the couch because my 8 year old at the time wouldn't sleep in his room and we didn't want him to be alone so when all of this happened to me I was alone in bed every night. Hearing my oldest son that scared and describing what I felt and saw really upset me. He lives an hour away and this thing followed him. Then my step son comes over for the weekend and he tells his dad that a similar thing happened to him. This thing followed my step son who lives and hour away! At the same time my son who is 10 now was having horrible night terrors. They weren't normal night terrors. It happened almost every night and his eyes would be wide open and he would see something crying saying get it away, I'm scared. He was terrified. It took at least a half hour to calm him down. So I'm am being attacked, my older sons are being attacked and my youngest son is being terrorized. Not to mention that during this time my youngest son..actually it still happens sees a shadow man standing in the corner of his bedroom and then rushes up to his face. That is why he won't sleep in his bedroom. My youngest son has seen a shadow man by the front door, outside by the greenhouse and in his room. He told me one time that he saw a black ball the size of a head floating in the downstairs hallway that popped like a balloon. That is not something a child would make up. This is when the activity was crazy bad. The gas burners kept turning on. A 20 pound antique accordion  flew at least 5 feet from the fireplace to the middle of the living room. I saw this shadow man peeking out from behind the upstairs bathroom door. It was a total shape of a man and I could see his head and shoulders. That bathroom is crazy active.

The accordion is under the rag doll and it flew to the middle of the room ....the orb showed up when I asked it to. 

  Our dog kept getting locked in the bedroom. He could not have done it by himself. More then once my ear would start to burn and I would go in the bathroom and look and it would be bright red. I think that I was slapped. My 10 year old just a few weeks ago had his arm grabbed and he was pulled back in the hallway where the are bedrooms are. He hears growling in his room and now I hear the growling in my studio and I hear huffs and snorts. The huffs sound like a horse and the snorts are pig like but very loud. I have evps of these on my youtube channel.  The black mass
attacked me very badly about 3 more times and the very last time that it ( hurt ) me it had a monstrous form. This will also be something people will roll their eyes at and laugh at me but it was a thing that was hunched over with pointed shoulder blades. It showed itself to me that time but that was also the time I was not just terrified I was angry. I yelled at it for the first time ever. I told him that I was a child of God and that it couldn't hurt me. My friend told me to say this and the moment I said it it was gone. Easy as pie. Not like the other times where it took me 30 or more times to tell it to leave. If this happens to you do the same thing. Yell at it! Tell it that it can't hurt you because you are a child of God. It worked!  After that night it was gone for almost a year! A year of bliss lol. Everything subsided. My son stopped having night terrors. My other boys were left alone. I wasn't being attacked. The stove stopped turning on. I thought it was over and this thing left. I was wrong. Then the evps started along with the stove turning back on and the knocking, cabinets opening and growls.

The Evps started because of a video I made of our kittens.

This summer we had some kittens and I took a kitten video to put on youtube. When I played this video back I heard a man whisper clear as day, "What's your name?". This is the first evp I have ever heard in my life and it scared me so bad I cried. I called my husband and my friend Bob Davis and freaked out on both of them. After the fear subsided came curiosity. Because nothing evil happened in so long I thought this might just be a ghost and I wanted to know more about him so I started to do evps sessions. I didn't talk to them. I would turn my ipad on to video and take care of the kittens. It was a morning routine. I would get a really good evps about every other day. Then every day. Then I would get 10 to 15 a day and I am not exaggerating.
 I think I have over 100 evps right now. The first evps were friendly. The man asked me what my name was. Another man asked in a kind of good old boy voice, "What cha doin?". I had women telling me hi and I would always get a woman moaning but she would moan out a long ahhhhhhh. I get that all the time. I have all these evps on my you tube channel and will post a link at the end of this post. Well not all of them. I have a lot private because I don't want to be seen on camera in the early morning in my robe lol. Then I would get children. One little boy said, "Play with Jake.". Jake is my 10 year old. I have a toddler girl asking if the kittens want water. After the little boy says Jake a woman says sit down in a stern voice.

The video above had the little girl in it and a woman.

I have one evp that really bothers me. You hear a man say 6 or sick and then a woman says the same thing right after him and then another man says it. I hope they are saying sick and not 6.

I have one evp where and evil voice says devil.

 In one evp I asked it if it was the thing that tried to hurt me and in a loud evil voice it says I AM.

The evps kept getting louder and more and more each day until I reached my 10-15 a day where I am at now. Some of the evps are just amazing because it sounds like a person right beside me even talking louder than me. Here is an example of one. I ask if anyone is in the room and I get a lol. Yes there was a cat in the room.

 Right now I am not doing any evps because the last one I heard scared me so badly. A man said in a drawn out whisper Carmen....hello.....careful. The minute I heard careful I shut it off and to this day have not finished listening to it. Careful of what? Was this a spirit of a man or is it Mr. Evil as I call him? You can hear a lot of these evps for yourself when you get the link at the end of the post. Make sure you have headphones even though many of them are speaking louder than I am! I was told that I have one of the most haunted houses ever. I was told this by my friend Bob Davis who is very experienced in the paranormal and has seen and been through so much. He has been my rock through this. My home is insanely active. In one evp this thing says it's name and I am not to ever repeat it, listen to it or hear it again because that would give it power. In that same session it says what my husband is going to say before he says it. They can do that a lot. Predict what you are going to say. They can sound like your family. Many times it will sound like me which is really frustrating trying to let people know it isn't me. They can also answer questions correctly and talk about what you are doing. One evp sounds just like my mom and it is a woman who sounds like she is standing right next to you saying, "I'm going to miss you" Who is she and why is she going to miss me?

One of the scariest evps I have is one I took in the basement. I just left the iPad running and I was muttering to myself. I have found that when you just leave it on and talk to yourself they find that interesting and talk about what you are doing but in this case I wish it would have shut up lol. I found a pumpkin ornament and you hear this THING that sounds like it is straight out of hell yell PUMP KIN. It says is kind of like a drum being pounded and it has a very metallic sound to it. This evp is also on my youtube channel but you can listen to it here.

.At this point I started talking to it and asking questions. I have one evp that really freaks me out. When I asked if all of this was was real a man yells, "NO it isn't!". Then another man says no it isn't in a creepy fast voice and you can hear it shuffling away. It makes me think that it's creeping off on it's belly. I have one evp where it is making fun of me. I accidentally walked into some gnat tape and I said that scared me out loud  A man calls me a chicken. Right after a faint voice calls me a chicken and there is that same shuffling sound. One evp is so sad. It sounds like an old woman and she says, "My house."

. One time I said I wonder if it is Friday the 13th. I wasn't sure lol and a man says copy that then a woman says loudly, " It could be!". That is also on my channel. You could spend an entire day watching all my youtube videos.

 The more I tried to get evps the more I would get on a daily basis until I got to my 10-15 a day. In an evp session you would hear some really clear and loud evps and dozens of faint evps. I have all these as proof btw. I found out the more I tried to get evps the more the evil thing came through. The last 2 months of evps he was all over them. At first I only got evps in the upstairs bathroom where the kittens were but just a few months later I could get them in every room of the house any time of the day and every time I taped.  My curiosity opened up a can of worms. Then I could hear the voices with my ears and I also have proof of this on tape. On tape I heard something and I marked it by saying I think I heard a voice. When I played it back you hear a man in the hallway so I did hear it with my ears. Now they started to talk when I wasn't recording. I would hear men in the upstairs hallway. Women in my studio. I would hear and still do hear the huffs, snorts and growls. Two times now I head Mr. Evil say a loud F you coming from the basement stairs. Just a few nights ago I heard a man whisper by my bedroom door. A few weeks ago my daughter and I were in my studio and she was taking pictures and wow did she get some good ones. You can see them in at the end of this blog post but right after she took them I heard a man whisper hello right by my computer. It scared both my son and daughter at seperate times by doing a typical horror movie evil laughter. It doesthat to the kids when they are in the studio with me. They love to talk out loud now and that is my fault for giving them the power to by trying to get evps every day. One reason I tried was Alma. Most of you know about Alma but for those of you who don't here is my Alma story. During these evps I get 2 different women. One has an accent and one doesn't. The woman with the accent kept saying what I thought was Opa. My German grandfather was Opa. Then I realized she was saying Alma. I told my husband and we found an Alma in the little old cemetery right by our house. We found her tombstone and complete family history. Her husband was a doctor who was married 4 times. She lost a baby who was only one year old and he is buried with her. Alma's husband owned part of our land and most of the land in our little town so how cool was it to find out who one of my ghosts were. That is if Mr. Evil is trying to deceive us. I hope Alma is a real spirit because I like her so  much. She would talk to me about what I am doing. I would leave my ipad going and just kind of talk to her while I was working. One time I thought I ruined a doll and Alma said, "It's good!". One time I made a mistake and she said it was ok. One day I was really upset and venting to her lol and she asked, " Bad day?". I thought that was so sweet. She is even a bit of a smart butt. One time I asked her if she missed me because I was gone all day and she said no. I was like No? So I said..ok,  you don't miss me and I bet you think I'm ugly. Not sure why I said that lol but she said correct and then laughed. So I hope she is a real spirit. She's great lol. I miss talking to her. I just don't feel like it is safe until we can get Mr. Evil out of here.
Here is a great Alma evp...most of her evps are loud and clear like she is standing right beside me.

 Hmmm..wonder how many typos I am at right now? lol.
So in a nutshell the more evps I tried to get the more I got. I could get a dozen a day or more. This also gave them the power to talk out loud. Then the photos started. First by accident then my daughter and I tried to get them on camera. It was easy. All we had to do was ask. If you asked the spirit to be in the picture it would be in the picture. My daughter was taking pictures of the stairs and there was nothing. I sat at the top and asked if they would sit with me. We got 3 moving orbs in that photo. Not dust people. Real spirit orbs sitting with me. It continued like that. If you ask them to show up they will. In my last blog post there is the scary picture of the man with his arms crossed. That was an amazing picture and so were the ones taken in the upstairs hallway. A newer event was catching this thing on video. It happens fast but I am outside at night and open the porch door. As soon as it opens you see super fast a figure with horns standing right in the door way. I'm not kidding. That is also on my youtube. All of these are in my past blog posts and I will put the pictures we got last night in this post and more at the bottom of this post. Last night we just got our new furniture home. Not an hour later our new recliner started rocking back and forth fast. I grabbed my iphone and got 2 amazing pictures of something on the chair and in front of the chair. Here are 2 of the pics. I have about 3 more.

This next picture I took this morning. It just felt like something was near so I snapped some pictures. 

My dog was barking at the fireplace and I took this photo this morning around 6 am. I know this is not dust. When I take photos I can see the dust moving with my I phone  The dust doesn't show up for me but these things will if you know something is around.

Ok. Everything I have written so far I wrote about a week or two ago. I have lots more to tell and I am so sorry if it seems unorganized or jumbled.
I have lots more videos, evps and wow do I have intelligent orbs! I never believed in the orb thing before. I thought it was dust or a lens flare but in this house they are spirits. No doubt about it. I know what dust looks like by doing lots of tests on it. Every video I uploaded has orbs in them. No dust and I have the best proof ever. They come to me when I ask them to. Many of the orb videos have evps on them. I probably have 50 orb videos on my youtube channel now. They are amazing and I really hope you take the time out to watch them and use some headphones to hear the evps. Here is just one example of an intelligent orb.

And another

This video is insane. Dozens and dozens of orbs. You will KNOW that it is not dust. My jaw dropped big time when I saw this. Please click this link and watch. You will be amazed!

Another great example with an evps. You need headphones. A woman says where before I say it...a man says woof and I think uh huh with responding orbs and even more evps. Please please really watch and listen to this one. You really have to see it. Total proof of spirits and it might take you a few times to hear the evps because evps can be very sneaky.

 I have the ultimate proof and I really want people to know about it. It can be scary and some experiences are horrifying but in a way I am blessed. I get to know without a shadow of a doubt that something else is out there. That something is intelligent  They talk to you. They talk about you. They answer questions. They show up as orbs. Amazing orbs that go with direction and are self lit. I get these orbs all the time now. I ask them to show up and they do and now with voices attached. I can't keep all this to myself. Maybe one reason I dreamed about this house all of my life and am experiencing these amazing events it to show others proof of life after death or just proof that something really is out there. These orbs show up as the typical circles. They flash and some sparkle. It's just amazing so please watch the videos I am going to post.  You will be glad you did seeing the orbs interact with me and hearing evps at the same time. Who gets this kind of proof? That is why I call this an extreme haunting. It is extreme. This is crazy paranormal activity  I hate using that phrase btw. It's so typical but I'm not sure how else to say it.

Let's jump to what I did to try to get rid of the evil thing. My friend Bob Davis gave me all kinds of advice and the tools I needed to get it out of here. At the same time John Zaffis told me what I should do. Here was my plan of attack.
Bob sent me blessed medals, prayer cards, blessed sea salt, holy water and frankincense and myrrh. I went to store and bought iron nails. It all sounds nuts huh? Well so is having dozens of voices, orbs and black mass things in my house!
At first I did things just to keep it out of the bedrooms. In my son's room I placed a bowl of blessed salt under his bed and blessed medals in his room. I also placed a blessed children's prayer card in his room. I sprayed all the corners of his room with holy water and made a cross at the top of his doorway. I did the same things in my bedroom. When this first started I placed about 4 rosaries in my bedroom. One is huge and from Italy  It hangs on the wall but it would never stay up. It would rip out the nails so I put it around my bed post. This didn't keep it away though. Also at that time I used sage. Didn't work either. John Zaffis told me that sage actually attracts spirits. Well his helper told me that. So when I did my big plan of attack this is how it went. I went into each room and placed blessed salt all around the walls, doorways and window sills. Even in the closets. This took hours because of our old house having so many rooms. I burned the incense while saying the Lord's prayer and telling it to leave in the name of Jesus. I sprayed holy water in all of the corners of the room and above the doorway. I would then make a cross where I sprayed the holy water. I did this all through the house. Every room. Every closet and every cabinet. I buried blessed medals at each corner of the house along with 4 iron nails. So guess what? It didn't leave and we think it didn't leave because I failed to open the windows! They could have told me that before I did all of this lol.  Do you know how hard it was to do this house alone? After I did the upstairs my energy was zapped. It was so weird. I had to lay on the floor for 20 minutes. I was exhausted and couldn't move. That really scared me. This thing zapped my energy but I made it through the entire house. Welp....I had to do it all over again with the windows open because I left that part out the first time! I did everything I was told to do and it still didn't leave. So now I am wanting the house blessed. I called three different Catholic priests. One never called back. One said he would bless the house and never showed up and the last one told me he would bless the house even after I told him a little bit about what was going on but when I brought up the black mass his attitude changed. He told me he would but at the end of the conversation all I got was a Go with God and God bless you. I am not cutting down the Catholic faith. I find it beautiful and intriguing but 2 priests told me they would bless the house and didn't. Isn't that like lying? So here I am. It's still in the house and I have no idea where to go from here. I am stubborn though. I was raised a Christian and I have to use my christian faith to make it leave. I have had people offer me spells and things to get rid of it but I can't go that route. That just isn't an option for me. It might work but I just can't. I know in my heart that the only thing that got this thing to stop attacking me was to tell it to leave in the name of Jesus. Before the priest let me down he said that I shouldn't be upset or angry with God if the blessing didn't work. Well the priest never showed up. Nice huh? Again I am not cutting down or judging peoples beliefs. I respect it. I just know what is right for me.

Here are some things that have happened recently. I am very thankful that nothing horrible has happened.
The stove still turns on. I see white flashes, sparkles and orbs with my eyes. I can hear voices. It's usually a man. I hear huge thuds in the living room. I hear growls. I hear lots of knocking. I will see a white mist right in front of my face while I am working in my studio. I get the orb videos and evps daily. I started to do the orb videos to see if I could get evidence that the evil thing was gone. I was getting all these sweet orbs but just the other day I got a bad evp upstairs. It's that same evil voice. It says who are you but why would it say that when I get evps where they say my name? Is it a new one? When I go to bed and walk through the upstairs hallway..if it is dark I see this tall thing that is darker than the hallway and it will get right infront of my face. One time I saw all these little black things that reminded me of bats.

 Why do we have dozens of different voices? Men, woman, children, the evil thing and just this morning a growl...Here is the growl video. It even scares my dog.

There were some things that really scared me. These events could just be things that life tosses at us but what if they aren't? First my son gets very sick. Very high fever sick and it takes about 3 doctor appointments to get him well. Then he broke out into a horrible rash. I wore a little blessed medal on my bracelet and my arm totally rashed up. I have never been allergic to jewelry before. I moved the bracelet to my other arm and it did the same thing. I took the medal off and my arm was fine. My soon to be son in law fell down the basement steps. I'm talking fell from the top to the bottom. Thank God he is ok and fell on his back rather than head first. Then my husband starts to get horrible headaches and ends up in the emergency because of dangerously high blood pressure. They did all kinds of tests on him and there was some damage to his heart and kidneys. The found something in his kidney on is adrenal gland. We won't know what it is until after a lot of tests are done and possible surgery to remove it. I pray with all my heart that everything will be fine. My ghost hunter friend who has been helping us for 3 years gets very sick and even thinks that our Mr. Evil gave him a visit. What if this thing can cause illness? What if it did push my son in law down the stairs but he most likely slipped because of coming in the house with wet shoes. I started googling what the bible says about ghosts. I got mixed answers. One answer was there are no ghosts just angels and demons. So maybe the dozens of spirits in my home is really one demon pretending to be many. I have dozens of different voices on tape.  Grand central station over here. Who knows...lots of them or one evil one. Another thing I read was that ghosts are mentioned in the bible but only a few times. One time was when Jesus walked on the water. It says the disciples though he was a ghost. Another time was when Jesus rose from the dead and told his disciples to touch him proving he was not a ghost. Then you have the holy ghost. I didn't get much relief from the bible findings. It is very confusing.

What are these things in my home? Where did they come from and why are they in a tiny speck of a town in the middle of nowhere in my house???? What are they? Are they people who has passed away? I know one is demonic and no one can tell me any different  Are they things that have always been around just in an energy form? No one has the answers. We know the history of the house up to the past 60 years. Before that we have no clue but should know soon.

A facebook friend caught this in a video I posted of our barn. Not sure if it is paranormal or just a shadow but creepy.

Here are some other things that have happened recently. A man called out my name in the upstairs hallway and a man whispered my name in my ear. I just saw a white mist and a flash this morning in my studio while working. My closet door popped open the other night. My dog keeps staring at my head board of my bed at night. I get lots of orbs in my bedroom and devilish evps. My dog will stare at something and either bark, growl or cry. Again you can check these out on my channel. It started new things..little things. It is constantly turning on my printer. It will turn on a baby toy that can only be turned on by pulling a little frog on it. I loves to crinkle paper and bags. I will have a piece of paper on my desk and it will start to crinkle up on it's own. Almost like it it trying to crinkle it into a ball. I get this loud boom sound near the closet and lots of knocks. Things randomly fall off of the shelves and I get this horrible demonic sounding voice saying Hi or hide. It will knock over a heavy box in my studio. It taps on the windows. It will make pens and pencils roll across the desk and one day there was a slam on my desk and my cell phone jumped at least 5 inches. It will mess with the top of my head and it made a floor lamp swing around hitting me in the head. It also has hit my daughter in the dead but opening cabinet doors when she is in front of them. It will make the lights flicker and I see shadows cross the doorways. It wants me to know that it is around. Not only is the house haunted but the entire property. I get evps in the woods and in the garage. I made a garage video for a friend and I point out a thunderbird. A woman says get in. In the same video a man says, Carmen...get out...and a man says turn around...turn around. I always knew that the garage was haunted. You can feel it. I am sure the barn is haunted also but I have no filmed in there yet.

About 3 weeks ago the dark mass came into my room again and that hasn't happened in a long time. It wasn't there long at all but it did the creep under the door thing and hover over me thing but I could tell it was weaker this time. Something that I did must have worked to some extent.

So here is a recap of the main events. I know I will leave some out because there have been so many of them.
First night there was a huge bang and voice in the bathroom. My toilet ghost. lol
3 knocks on the bedroom door and then 3 knocks on the bedroom would keep this up for about 5 minutes.
I heard loud scratching on my closet door and it flew open.
I heard scratching by my head and it ripped up the corner of my mattress.
A white mist climbs up the side of my bed to my face. I can't move and am terrified.
A black mass comes from under the bedroom door and hovers over me. This happened a lot and just happened a few nights ago.
The black mass attacked me
The black mass came back but in the form of a thing.
Our gas stove burners turn on by themselves and I have even see the knob turn.
A 15 pound accordion flies across the living room.
Our dog keeps getting locked in the bedroom
A black mass follows both of my older sons to their homes an hour away.
It terrorizes my youngest son and rushes up to his face at night. It growls in his room and grabbed his arm.
My hair is pulled and my ears are slapped.
Cabinets open and close and love to pop open the minute you get close to them.
A shadow man has been seen near the front door, greenhouse, upstairs bathroom and my son's bedroom.
Something will whisper in your ear.
We hear voices.
We see mist and flashes of light and sparkles.
We get orbs whenever we ask them to show up. The same thing happens with photos. Just about everytime you ask them to show up they do. I would say 90 percent of the time and any time of the day.
My son in law falls down the basement stairs.
My husband goes to the hospital.
Both my son and myself have unexplained rashes concerning blessed medals.
We get hundreds of evps and dozens of intelligent orbs. Sometimes you get one orb and other times there can be up to 5. Little orbs like to follow the large ones. They are also different colors and sizes.
The people who lived here before us only stayed for 3 months because the house was haunted.
A woman says Alma in about 5 different evp sessions and we find an Alma in the old cemetery right by our house. Her husband owned part of our land. There is a picture of her tombstone to the right of this page.
3 priests are no help at all. They refuse to come bless the house even after they say they will.
My friend gets sick while helping us and  he thinks that whatever is here might have given him a visit.
Lots of unexplained bangs and vibrations.
A feeling of dread in parts of basement and upstairs.
My studio and bedroom go ice cold.
Evil loud booming voice even said F you.
The dogs will bark at nothing, stare at walls, growl and cry.
My cell phone flew across my art desk.
It played a game with me in the bathroom. I was doing my hair and the closet door pops open. I close it. It pops open again and I close it again. I leave the room and walk back in later. The minute I got near the closet it flew open. It was messing with me.
My printer will turn on on it's own and print strange messages.
The last time it printed out the word beautiful.
The time before it printed out notice and confine.
The phone will ring and no one is there. We have a security phone and no one has the number.
It yells in the basement hallway.
Little things will fall off of my art shelves while I work.
The tv will change channels.
My bedroom will have little light shows in the corners of the ceiling.
You can be touched or grabbed in the upstairs hallway.
The upstairs is filled with something negative.
It has pulled the sheet under my head and will whisper in my ear saying my name or He can't help you meaning God.
When I talk about it or even write about it it will make a noise or move something in the room to let me know that it is listening.
Slammed my head with a lamp.
touches me.
Loud sonic like booms and the house will vibrate.
It will pound in the bathroom and yell at my son sounding like my husband.
Grabbed my son's arm and pulled him back.
Growls a lot and curses out loud
Shows up as a shadow man a lot.
My daughter saw it pass by the bathroom.
I saw something...small with glowing eyes scurry in the basement. Probably the size of a cat and you can hear the scurry sounds with your ears and in evps.
It tells me that it is a demon. A man will say, " It's a demon..get out!"
A man has said more than me. PRAY
Omgosh there is so  much more so please watch for new posts or go through older ones.

I know I am leaving major things out. There are just so many of them over a period of 4 years.
So for now this is our story and I will post again with the things I have left out or forgotten.
I will post new evidence as it happens. I will also post things that I have forgotten to mention.

The other night I had a dream that my Opa told me to share all of this. I don't know if it was just a dream or more but I feel the need to share it in a big way. It felt very real. It also happened a few days ago.
I am torn between doing nothing so I won't give it any power or gathering evidence to show the world that there really are spirits. So please don't yell at me if you think that getting evidence is the wrong choice. I'm not sure which way  I am going to go with it yet.

I would like for you to comment on this blog. Was this helpful to you in anyway? What do you think about the evidence? Please take the time to watch these videos. A lot of times I will post them and I feel no one is watching and they are so important and filled with real proof. It is like I said. In our story there is no blood dripping down the walls. No dead bodies in the walls or buried in the basement. This is real. This provides real proof and this needs to be shared so please help me do that. Please let me know if being attacked in this way has happened to you. Wow this was a long read huh? I will post again this week with things I may have forgotten and new evidence and events. We still need help getting rid of Mr.Evil so maybe someone will see this, take the time to watch the videos and realize this really is an extreme case. I was even told this was a case of a lifetime by my experienced friend.. This is not your normal haunting. People don't get all kinds of evps everyday and then intelligent orbs on top of that. I think we have something important here. I really do. This is a unique haunting and I keep saying it but people need to know about it. With all the proof I have it verifies that there is life after death or something greater than us. I want to touch on the orbs one last time. These are not dust for 2 reasons. Number one is they only show up when you ask them to and two many of the orb videos also have evps. With everything else going on in the home I can say without a shadow of a doubt they are not dust or lens flares.   Thank you for taking the time to read this and watch the evidence. It means a lot.

Until next time. Thanks for reading this and God bless.
More posts this week.

Alma's Grave in a very old cemetery very close to our home. I have lots of Alma evps on my youtube channel 

Here is an Alma Evp. She has an accent. 

White mist with a human form.

The cemetery near our home where Alma is buried. You can learn more about her in previous blog posts.

Orbs only appeared after I asked them to sit with me.

The strange things caught right after the chair started to rock on it's own.

Huge orb in the living room

Man with crossed arms near the door

Wall of hatchets in our barn lol.. weird

Strange picture taken in the barn. The barn feels totally heavy like something is in it.

Various stuff in the barn

More strange stuff in the barn

My dog scooby who sees and hears the orbs

Not orbs. Just a beautiful picture of the barn when it is snowing.

You have to find some humor in all of this!
Thank you to
Bob Davis
Experienced ghost hunter known for his amazing evps and capturing the voice of  the little girl Jackie on the Queen Mary.
He has been on My Ghost Story
Ghost hunters
Ghost adventurers
Dead Files
A special on Alcatraz and more
Please see his website at 

John Zaffis took the time to get back to me with advice on how to get rid of our dark presence. You can go to his website here.

email me anytime at


  1. Wowsa....I believed before or maybe thought I did...Now I really believe...*huggs* for your whole family...I'll share for you.. Marian

  2. I am sorry you've been tortured by the night visitor. It would be nice if it were all a dream, but I believe that you know it wasn't. I have experienced what I self diagnosed as sleep paralysis, and even though it is scary, it is nothing like you describe. Not even similar, so if people suggest that, they are wrong. Hopefully someone, or a group sees your posts and can offer some way of helping you get rid of it. The good spirits wouldn't be bad to have around, but you definitely need the other out! The video with the dolls amazes me!! It almost looks like the orb came out of the Angel looking doll in the corner. That would still scare me though, Lol. Like you I have faith in God, but am not a bible thumper in any way. It is upsetting that a priest won't even come give you a blessing. When people talk of demonic entities, the only thing i've heard of or seen on tv is a priest doing an exorcism. What do other faiths do? You should try to contact Ryan Buell from Paranormal State. He has seemed to have had a lot of experience with non human entities. Also, he is good friends with Lorraine Warren. I believe he has ended the show, but he might be able to offer some insight? I pray you can eventually find a way to get rid of it, and have peace. Thanks for sharing such a private matter, you have a lot of courage! Christine M.

  3. Carmen,

    I apologize that I am just now getting through this entire post. It's been a crazy few days around here and I was just now able to fully read and think about all of it. I appreciate your honesty and I pray for you and your family. I can't even imagine all of what you have described and I hope that will always be the case for me. I have to admit though that I find all of the details extremely interesting to me. I have always been a believer, so there is no doubt in my mind. Hang in there sweetie! I look forward to your next post!

  4. Thank you Diane. It's been really calm lately. Just voices and lights. No bad stuff or weird stuff knock on wood. I also found a priest that will bless the house but I am not sure when. So it's been really nice and quiet other then the things I captured on video!

  5. Brian and I still want to get out there. When we get to books deadlines taken care of we are still trying to figure out how we can make a trip up there.
    I would like a few days with this thing :-) You know just to chat for a

  6. I'm just dropping by to say I like the design element you've used in the post - the crows. I'd need a talent like that in my web design team

  7. Carmen
    I sympathize with you and your family, mine has gone through similar events. As we come upon All Hallows Eve you should expect increased activity in the entities Whiteside in your home.
    I've read your posts and listened to your EVP's and I can tell you that you have multiple entities in your house, most likely due to the close proximity to the graveyard, I understand that you have some history about the house, getting more details will surely help since spirits are drawn to places that have a high energy out put.
    Your demonic entity can be dealt with and driven away, though it is not always easy because each one is different and reacts differently to banishments. Try not to speak or write about it unless it is absolutely necessary, such as telling it to leave you alone during an attack. Getting the house blessed by a priest is a good start, you can also try getting two other priests from two different religions to bless the house as three is a powerful number in any religion. Also it seems to me that your other entities seem friendly towards you, use this to your advantage and ask them to help you with the demon. They can do this by siphoning its energy or confining it to a certain room.
    If you wish to see a decrease in activity do not speak to them, take EVP's, pictures or videos of them as this gives them power. Spirits feed off the the energy of the living and any contact with them or any heightened emotions towards them gives them more power.
    I highly recommend daily meditation as it will help with regulating your own energy as well as your home's. In order for any earthworm to be successful you must believe in what you're doing is possible, if you think it goes against your religious beliefs then don't try it. Instead try calling upon and praying to the Arch Angels for help, also look online for their symbols and draw them on paper and hang them throughout your house, particularly in the most active areas.
    I sincerely hope this helps, feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or if the above methods don't help.
    Sincerely, Ryan