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Thursday, March 23, 2017

My basement door rattling Paranormal Evidence Real haunted house

This happened about a week ago. Just a few days ago there were seriously loud banging sounds on that same door. It shook my entire family. My son actually grabbed a baseball bat. The dogs went crazy. My husband took the dogs outside to see if anyone was there. Nope. We are sure that it is paranormal because of how haunted this house is.

Is this the voice of my mom who passed? EVP

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this or not since it is so personal but on the other hand I would love  opinions. My mom passed away March 15th. My heart is broken. I accidentally captured this evp. It sounds just like her. I captured this exact same evp about 7 years ago. I am very confused about it. I swear this is my mom unless something is mimicking her. This has me upset yet hopeful.

Had to share. Longer blog soon. So much has happened. I will probably  just post some new videos for now. Thank you and God bless.