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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Things are worse & my kitty passed away

Click on the photo above to make it big. This is our THING. I am sure of it. 

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've have basically tried to ignore this thing and the more I do the worse it gets. Things aren't flying around the house but it is making itself known in a lot of ways. First off about 3 days ago my cat named Tiny who was 18 years old passed away. It was a horrible day. She died in my arms. So emotionally this was a very bad day for my family. A lot of crying was going on obviously. I am sure this thing thrives on emotion. When I told my 11 year old about her passing I told him that I think she is going to stick around and watch over us. My son said something I wish he hadn't. He said Tiny if you are still here please meow. After he said it I was like...oh no and then we heard a horrible loud moan. It was a man. I had to convince my son it was the tv in the other room. It was so not the tv. Then my daughter and I were in my studio talking and all of a sudden she started to cry. I asked what was wrong and she said she heard a very creepy low voice laughing in her ear. Right after she heard that I heard a woman say hey or hi. Then we were hearing taps and knocks all over the room. That same day I heard a meow. It was not one of the other cats. It sounded like our typical ghost voices sound like. Like it was in a tunnel. That was not my Tiny. I know it. This thing imitates us all of the time. This made me extremely mad. With it scaring my children, me and imitating my cat I went on a rant in the kitchen. I was alone of course. I hide as much as I can from my son. He is only 11 and so far we have explained everything away so he feels safe in his own home. To be very blunt I told this thing to $#@@@ off and leave my kids alone. Yes I said that word. Well yelling at it might now have been the best idea. After that my husband was in my studio with me. My cat died in my studio in my arms. We both heard that tunnel meow. My husband who tries to explain everything away was at a loss for words. Once again I don't believe that was my Tiny and what is sad is what if she does try to let me know she is here? I won't know if it is really her or our thing. I shouldn't have to worry about her after she died but I do all of the time. How do I know that this thing is not hurting her or scaring her. All I can do is ask God to protect her. This I am sure sounds ridiculous to some. I know there is more after this life from personal experiences throughout my life and I even believe that animals have souls. Anyway the next morning I walk into my studio and a large picture of Tiny that I framed the day before was face up in the middle of the room. We couldn't debunk it. I hate using that word but we tried to figure out how it could have fell like that and we just couldn't. It wasn't hung on the wall. It was leaning against a doll trunk on a little table but the way it was leaning would make it very hard to knock down and especially to fall face up. Then later that day I made a doll video for YouTube. Twice in that video you hear a cat evp. Two tunnel sounding meows. So it did it again. Imitated my cat just like it does with the rest of my family. It even imitated my doctor once. She has a strong accent. So  much happens I am sure I am forgetting something but last night was bad.
I have felt pretty safe in the bedroom for a few months now. It took me a year after the black mass and thing attacked me in my bedroom at night for me to feel even a little safe. I sleep with a flash light in my bed and the tv on for sound and light because of it. Well last night I fell asleep and I woke up because I heard a very loud scratch knocking sound on the door. I said come in but no one did so I got up and opened the door. No one was there. Not even one of our pets. It was loud. It sounded like a very loud pounding yet scratching sound. My dog was sleeping beside me and she also heard it. I thought to myself here we go again. In my head I begged God to keep it away from me. I was really tired and I was able to go back to sleep but then I heard a voice. I can't tell you what it said but it was a man and it was a very creepy deep voice. I asked God to protect me again and was able to go back to sleep. At this point people will say why didn't you get out of there. I have no idea. I was exhausted and would try to explain it way. Oh it was just my imagination or some random harmless noise. So then I wake up to the sound of something tapping on my metal headboard. It was right behind my head and I also thought I heard a voice again. Being exhausted really helps in situations like this because I would just pass out and go right back to sleep. I woke up this morning saying oh no. It's happening again. Sure I get evps and orbs all of the time and even knocks and so on but this is the way it started last year. I'm worried it is going to come into my bedroom as a black mass or the thing again. I never ever want to experience that fear again and I feel like it is working it's way up to that. I'm even scared to type this because I know darn well it watches everything I do. At this point after 3 years of this I feel that we don't have dozens of spirits even though I have evps of men, woman and children and now animals. I think we have one THING. The thing I saw as a black mass, shadow man, white mass and yes even a hunched over thing with pointed shoulder blades. No I'm not nuts and I have over 200 videos and 100's of photos to prove that. We have one horrible thing. A demon. There are no men, women and children. It is this one thing. I see dozens and dozens of orbs but again they are caused by this thing and I want this thing out of my house. Let's see. We have tried blessed medals which do help keep it away from us. Incense, blessed salt, prayer cards, iron nails and so much more. We even had the house blessed by a Catholic priest who told me before he bolted out the door not to blame the Catholic church if it didn't work. I have a post about the blessing  you can find in this blog. It knows that our family believes in God and in Jesus and I do feel strongly that it has lost a lot of it's power because of this. Telling it to leave in the name of Jesus when it was attacking me was the only way to get it to stop. I know it is going to be very very hard to get this thing out but I do have new people helping us so we will see what happens. All I know right now is that is it acting like it did at the very beginning. I haven't been making videos or taking photos because it likes it to much. So it's pretty upset with me right now and showing that it is here in more physical ways. That is my update. I'll write again soon. I will go ahead and leave you with this evp. This is it. This is the thing in our home. This was a stupid experiment I did. I watched a sleep paralysis video and taped with my ipad at the same time. What you hear is not a part of that video. It was in the room with me. This is his voice. This is its voice. I have no idea what it is saying and I don't want to know. So as of right now I am not doing videos or photos but I will let you guys know what is going on. If you pray please pray that it gets out of our house and leaves us alone. Thank you to all who do or all who even give us good thoughts. Here is the video and I will write more soon. The evp starts at :15 and you might need headphones. This is what is in our home.