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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

House blessing but saw 3 tiny orbs today???

First let's talk about the blessing. It was not what I  expected at all and I am not sure how I feel about it. The priest got here around 2 pm.  He looked like he might have been in his late 50's or early 60's. He seemed kind of stern. The first thing he asked me was why we live here and I thought that was kind of odd. I told him that we always wanted to live in the country and a friend of my husband told us about the property. We basically started over just to move here. Then he asked if the move was my husband's idea and I said no that we both wanted to live here and our dream was to live in the country on a farm. Then he said that sometimes when a person moves because of the husband the wife isn't happy. This insulted me. I just told him this was our dream house and we made the decision to move here together. Then he asked about some of the things that happen and I gave him a brief summary. I told him about the black mass, the stove burners, the antique accordion flying across the room and the fact that it touched me..I didn't go into detail and that it really torments my 10 year old and as followed my older children to their homes. Then he seemed more concerned and did the blessing. He read from the bible and a book and in a nutshell said for anything evil and of the devil to leave. He stressed to me more than once that if we have the faith of a mustard seed great things can happen and he told us to spend at least an hour a week for God. For some reason and I don't understand it I was shaking like a leaf while he was saying the blessing. I actually had to lean on the wall because I thought my legs would buckle. I have no idea what was up with that. Before he arrived there was a lot of thuds and bangs upstairs and I did record that. After he read the blessing and we prayed he really looked more concerned and started to walk around blessing the house with holy water. What was weird was he had this intense look on his face and would look at the rooms before entering it and he was really going fast like he just wanted it done and over with. He looked at the stairs and gave me this look like I  really need to go up there. I nodded my head and he went right to the places with the worst activity. His questioning me went to believing me and concern and I am not sure why. He even sprinkled me with holy water. Don't laugh because I have no idea what to call it but he held a metal object filled with holy water and shook it so the water would sprinkle everywhere. After he was done I asked him if he would like to hear it and I was surprised when he said yes. He looked concerned when he heard it and I could tell he totally believed me. I told him we were looking for a church and since he was the only priest who actually came out to help I asked about his church. This threw me off. He told me that we would be better off going to another church a little closer to my house because he said it had good music. Huh??? Why would he send me to another church and not his? I found that really unusual and I was a little offended lol. His very last words to me before he basically bolted out the door was God bless you and don't blame the Catholic church if it didn't work. He really did leave very quickly and blessed the house in the same way kind of sprinting from room to room. So this was a very odd experience and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm very happy the house was blessed but the priest left me feeling upset I guess.. Then get this. Three times today I saw a tiny light go past my face. They looked different from the ones in the past and it would sort of hover then shoot off. The first one was when I was going up the stairs this morning and the other 2 were just a little while ago in my studio where I am at right now. I was listening to music with headphones and when that last little light came infront of my face my iphone made static and crackling noises.  I also hear it. I heard a man say hello. I really did. So either the blessing didn't work or the good stayed and the bad left? I'm kind of sad not knowing. Why would these little lights that I have never seen before show up so clear the day after the blessing. I give up lol. I have no clue if they are good or bad and I did hear a man say hello. Right now I am tossing my hands up in the air and am going to work on some doll orders. So that was my day yesterday and so far today. Ugh.  Here are the evps I showed him.

above it mimics me and says Pumpkin

Next I asked earlier in the video if the thing that tried to hurt me was there and it answered I am. These were taped a few months ago.

I have some videos I want to show you guys tomorrow. Orbs with extreme evps proving my orbs are orbs and not dust. One has an orb or light thing and then you hear the stairs creak really loud. In the middle of the creaking you hear a man say come on. I don't want to slam you with videos so I have a few I will post tomorrow.
Thanks for reading...I'm tired lol


  1. Wow...I'm surprised that the priest went through the place in such a hurry, does seem a bit odd.

    I'm sure you've done this, but have you looked up the history of the house/property?

    Hang in there and I believe in holding on to your faith and keeping God in your life and home.

    Bright blessings,

  2. I'm thinking that he was trying to look for psychological explanations for the events when he first arrived, thus asking you the questions about why you moved there. Possibly thinking that anger over submitting to a husband's wish to buy the house would set off a poltergeist chain of events? But once you explained it was something you both wanted and were in agreement upon he dismissed that and moved on to the blessing. Did he say anything about you talking to or acknowledging the entities? I'm hoping that all that is left behind are the benevolent ones and that they come to the understanding that you are sharing your house with them, not them sharing their house with you and that they not do things to frighten you or your family. It's the same respect you would ask of your family members and if they are kind, they should honor that. Hugs to you..I know that just having to go through yesterday, even knowing it is meant to put things to rest would have unsettled me, too.

  3. He was telling the evil one to leave so maybe the others stayed. Myself, I think there should have been more to it, but hopefully the bad one did leave. The whole situation is unnerving, no wonder you feel frustrated and confused. Then he doesn't seem to have given you any answers, or explanations as to why this could be happening, or if he felt anything unusual. As humans we do expect some kind of reasoning for this kind of activity. I don't like the idea of him acting stern, it would make me feel belittled, uncomfortable, like he didn't believe me. In situations like this, you would think a man of the cloth would make you feel comfortable, or positive. Time will tell, and I hope it left, or leaves you and your family alone. Just please don't talk to it, or try to give it much attention if you feel it is still there. The tiny orbs were maybe the good ones telling you they stayed, or thanks for not chasing them out, as they do seem humored with you talking to them. Christine M.

  4. I was wondering if you ever thought of pulling up ancestry of the Simison family on google. Possibly reading the articles alound so the evps could hear it and give you reply. Also just heard the "pumpkin" voice... sounded very electronic like no emotion. So strange...I look forward to your blog daily. Be safe. Cecelia Higbee / Pinkydinks on ebay.