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Please start reading my blog at the post called our story. Thank you for taking the time to read about our experiences. We still have not found anyone who can help.. ( locally ) We are looking for someone serious who knows what they are doing. We don't want a team come out just because they want to see a real haunted house. We need help removing whatever this is from our home.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry that I have been gone so long. Tomorrow ( Thursday ) I will have a new post for you. Nothing much has changed and I do have some new evidence. Come back tomorrow please. Thank you!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I caught an aparition in motion & 4 new evidence videos

I think I caught an apparition and not an orb.

( Once again my videos are auto playing to the next one on my YouTube channel. Please just pause the video it goes to and go to the  next video here on my blog. )

My dog started to act strange and look at the wall. At the same time my cat looked freaked out looking at the same wall. I grabbed my phone and got this. It looks like your stereotypical ghost flying by. It happens fast so please watch it more than once and ignore my mess. I'm redecorating the bedroom. You hear a click sound at the same time it passes by.

Here is the slow motion version. It loses quality though.

I caught the spirit in a form other than and orb and that really surprised me.
 I also caught this orb by the stairs. It came when I asked it to. Watch how it fishtails.


Then I caught this loud creepy Hello evp

It is the first sound/word that you hear. It kind of sounds like metal scraping but if  you really listen it is a man saying hello.

In this next video there is a large orb avoiding the camera seen. It happens fast at :04

Here are pictures of the blue orb on the stairs.

Thanks for reading and if you need help with viewing or hearing any of the evidence let me know.
Again, Please ignore my bedroom mess as I am in the process of redecorating it!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Crazy intelligent evidence & Almost deleted my blog

If you are new to my blog please find the post called our story. It is on the right hand side bar and then come back here. Youtube has a new annoying feature. When a video is over it will auto play all the videos on that play list. So after you watch a video and it starts playing a new one just pause the  new one and go down to the next video on my post.

More evidence and trolls.

This video says it all. I was in shock.

Recent photos

I almost deleted my blog. My husband received a text from a person. I can't say their name. The text said that I should contribute financially to the family and stop running around taking stupid orb videos. They also said profanity saying that I am F-d up. This was upsetting for more than one reason. First off it was an insult. Secondly it showed me that they were stalking my YouTube and Facebook.  Lastly I contribute to the house hold bills. This person had no reason to even text my husband. I have been very quiet through the years putting up with them. I've kept my feelings to myself and trust me I have put up with a lot. I have also kept my mouth shut because of how much I care for someone and I don't want to hurt that person. At this point if there is another text I am going to lose it. I'm DONE. I wish I could say more but I can't. This made me so upset that I made all of  my YouTube videos private and came very close to deleting this blog but then I realized that this person just doesn't matter. I am pretty sure they will be reading this post. This is my message to this person. It is to get a life and act like an adult. Again I wish I could tell you more. I decided not to let anyone upset me like that. I post this blog for a few reasons. To show people that the paranormal is real. To make people feel better if they are experiencing the same thing and as a statement of my faith in God. Telling it to back off in the name of Jesus is the only thing that has worked. I respect all religions though but like I said this is a testimony of my faith and I will not let anyone upset me that much again. Posting evidence on Facebook can be very hurtful. I get lots of supportive comments but you always get comments like you are nuts or lying. All I can say is that
this is real. Believe it or not believe it but don't be insulting or insensitive.

Ok. With that said the other day I made a video of my garage for a friend. I got some really weird evps. I knew the garage was haunted by the feel of it but I had never gotten evps in it before. The evps are kind of hard to hear so I will just tell you about them.
In one part of the video I show my friend a car. I said  this is a Thunderbird and right after a woman tells me to get in. How weird is that? Also a man says TURN AROUND 2 times in a row. Another man said Carmen....get out.
While filming another video of my pets in my bedroom I heard a huge boom. So like an Idiot I said are you near the closet? I get a loud NO. There were a lot of quiet evps also. In the past few weeks I have been told to get out...get in a car...listen....and I have a loud and clear evp that says devil. Here it is..

This is a loud extremely creepy voice saying either HI or hide.

Please turn this up and don't look at my mess! I'm in he middle of redecorating my bedroom.

I ask if he is by the closet and I get the answer no!

Here it appears by my cat when I ask it to showing once more that it is intelligent


I will post more about new experiences next time. It's doing a lot of things that it has never done before trying to get my attention because I rarely seek evidence anymore.
Thank you guys for visiting my blog and for being so supportive on Facebook.
You guys are amazing.

God bless,

Friday, January 31, 2014

If you are new to my blog please find the post called Our story and start from there.

It's been a long time since my last post but nothing has changed. Evil guy is still in the house but here are some pics and a few videos of our bathroom activity. When I flush the toilet all hell breaks loose lol. Don't worry I am not on it when I flush! lol. I just do it because i know the activity goes nuts. It has been very vocal lately where you can hear it with your ears. Lots of evil laughs, growls and cussing. Sometimes when I go to bed this thing gets right in my face in the upstairs hallway. It is blacker than black and you feel it in front of you. One night the room went black for a split second. It still loves to knock and scratch and my son's room is closed off until we can get rid of it. It's basically toy storage. This thing slammed my daughters head with a kitchen cabinet and my head with an old lamp. So basically nothing has changed at all. I will be back more often I just didn't want to give it a lot of attention. Be back soon and enjoy the photos and video evidence.
I'm sorry that I didn't have much time to write today. I will be writing a longer post over the weekend with more evidence of our nuts house. This first video has a very loud evp and some orbs. The thing says pumpkin which is my cats name but what is weird is that 3 years ago and evil voice said pumpkin in the basement and we did not have that cat back then. 



Above is the blue orb


above is the water experiments. I run water and you hear a man says...happy birthday and then yells out birthday. Please wear headphone for that one.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

So much to tell. More active w/ videos

I'm sorry that it has been so long since i have posted. I have stopped taking video of our thing and I stopped talking to it about a month ago. Because of that it is going nuts. It is angry that it is not getting the same kind of attention. I have gobs of videos I uploaded to my YouTube channel though. Some were saved on my phone and many are recent because I make a lot of home videos and it sneaks in to each one. Some things that is doing to get my attention because I have stopped giving it attention are way more knocks and loud bangs. The knocks on the bedroom door are back. 3 on the bedroom door and then right after 3 on the closet door. It also makes really loud scratching noises on the bedroom door. It is like it rakes it's finger nails from the top to the bottom. It is messing with my headboard. Like pinging it with its finger nails. It is yelling out loud in my bedroom and studio. It loves to yell out my name.. It turns the lights off and on in my studio. It's knocking things over. Yesterday a doll stand flew out of my doll house. It also pounded on my desk. All of this is true. It sounds nuts but it is true. My daughter found a book about the Virgin Mary at the bottom of the basement stairs face up. It mocked Jesus in a video. I'll post that at the end. I get so frustrated because I know I will forget to tell you something. When I feel like it is around or I hear a sound I will look through my phone video camera with the flash on. This time I wish I recorded it. A huge white thing slowly went across the door. I really really wish I would have filmed that. It was unreal. One night in bed the sheet was fluttering right by my head. That freaked me out. Every now and then when I am working in my studio little tiny bubble like things will float in front of my face. They almost look like soap bubbles. When I was in my bedroom getting some clothes something kept blocking the lamp light. It did it about 4 times. One night in the upstairs hallway at night I was walking to  my room. The hallway is pitch black. I saw something in-front me. Something big. The thing was blacker than the room. I ran lol. One night in my studio my daughter and I were having fun and she looked like she was going to cry. This thing laughed a really evil laugh in her ear. One night we saw a black flash. Not a flash of light. The room went black for a split second.. That was really weird. I have a video I took in the basement. You hear a horrible evil laughter and then this snake like thing is dancing around. Behind the snake is an image of something just like a video on My ghost's called the incubus and of course that is what we think is in our home. My phone cord will curl up and move on it's own. I can hear voices outloud a lot now. A man whispered I'm here in my ear. Just yesterday I heard a man say my name. When the bathroom fan is on you can hear them but the sound if very low. I have a tall antique lamp and the shade swung around and hit me in the head. There are knocks and taps everywhere in my studio. It made a loud bang in the kitchen that sounded like a pan being slammed down. Sometimes the floor seems like it is vibrating. It is a very weird feeling. When I am working my back will go totally cold. I know it's behind me when that happens. I hear lots of whispers while I work. Usually male. So much happens. I am sure I will forget to tell you something. I'm sorry about typos. I'm typing fast so my son won't see me. We try to hide as much as we can from him and explain things away. So far this is working. We have a huge black dog and many times he will hide under my desk. The animals see and feel them. You can see an orb on a video and it will approach the animal.. Right when it does they sort of twitch their ears like it is bugging them.
Sometimes it feel like it is playing with the back of my hair while I work.  This sounds ridiculous but I have life size dolls. I swear that one the size of a one year old moved. Her arm sort of fell. If it can toss stuff around I am sure it can make her arm move. That freaked me out. When we have storms and I am filming outside there are evps all through the video. The entire video is filled with evps. Voices that are men and woman. One night on the porch I felt my pant leg move. One the video right when I say my pant leg moved a man says I did it. I found the very first video we made of the house. It was made 2 days before we moved in. My husband walked through the entire house filming. There were very lows sounding evps all the way through it and the very first one said who is that. Then it said Listen. Then it said speak louder. Upstairs it said get out and laughed. I think it said die in my bedroom! Geesh. What am I forgetting. Oh now and then you can see a white misty thing floating. It even messes with my pant legs while I am working. It constantly turns my printer on and one time I grabbed my phone and filmed it. 2 large orbs came right out of the printer. It yelled my husbands name on night in the kitchen. In one video I took it did that really creepy scurry noise. It reminds me of a bad horror movie like some kind of creature scurrying across the floor. My daughter felt it's presence in the basement and she also heard a yell in her room that kind of sounded like my son. If I forget anything major I will post it in my next blog post. I have a lot of new videos on my youtube channel. The link to it is on the top right of this page. Here are a few videos that creeped me out. Grab your headphones. I won't wait so long to post again. I also wanted to say that if anyone is going through this and need help please let me know. After 4 years of this I feel like an expert. I know how to keep it at bay but I still need help getting rid of it if that is possible. So here are the videos and thanks for reading this. Your comments mean a lot.
God bless.

yells my name evp..growl

The first time it says my name right when I am opening the door but the second time it shouts my name and growls right after. The first time it says my name is at :03 and the second where it yells my name and growls right after is at :13 I changed the color due to a personal item that was in the room. Please see my channel so you can see how crazy haunted our house is. btw I don't know why I was talking silly lol. I was tired! These are best with headphones but the second time it yelled my name is pretty loud.The growl is quieter though. With headphones these evps are amazing yet freaked me out.

orbs creature

To me this is one of my top videos. Please turn up the volume of wear headphones. The very first thing you hear is a male class a evp. I think he is saying die with you or die for you. Later in the video he repeats it but that time it is very hard to hear. Then at :07 you see a large orb appear to the left of the stairs. Right after that if you look to the left of the stairs and at the back of the room you see what looks like a falling star. Then after the dog barks and I'm sorry about that there is a weird green thing in the middle of the room. What the heck was that? It didn't look like eyes. Our cat was nowhere near that part of the room. This video shook me up. Class a scary evp with a bright large orb...strange falling star orb and the green thing. NO animals were in that room. I just don't understand what it could be. If you are new to my channel I have over 200 videos we have taken in our seriously haunted old farm house. It is all real. I would have never of believed any of this before we moved here. We have something very bad and what seems like dozens and dozens of spirits or the bad thing is doing all of this. Please check out my channel. These things don't happen and I feel like I need to share what is going on. Thanks. I filmed this because I thought I heard a whisper.

In this video I feel that it was mocking Jesus.
It says something like the day Jesus was born and then it laughs.
please watch this on youtube for the description so you don't miss it.

This is one of the creepiest videos. You hear major evil laughter while the dryer door is being opened.

This is the biggest orb ever!

And here it yells my name again. Carmen

Snake thing with image on the wall in the basement. Compare to My ghost story the incubus

It's near the middle of the video
My ghost story the INcubus

Until next time...thanks

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Things are worse & my kitty passed away

Click on the photo above to make it big. This is our THING. I am sure of it. 

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've have basically tried to ignore this thing and the more I do the worse it gets. Things aren't flying around the house but it is making itself known in a lot of ways. First off about 3 days ago my cat named Tiny who was 18 years old passed away. It was a horrible day. She died in my arms. So emotionally this was a very bad day for my family. A lot of crying was going on obviously. I am sure this thing thrives on emotion. When I told my 11 year old about her passing I told him that I think she is going to stick around and watch over us. My son said something I wish he hadn't. He said Tiny if you are still here please meow. After he said it I was like...oh no and then we heard a horrible loud moan. It was a man. I had to convince my son it was the tv in the other room. It was so not the tv. Then my daughter and I were in my studio talking and all of a sudden she started to cry. I asked what was wrong and she said she heard a very creepy low voice laughing in her ear. Right after she heard that I heard a woman say hey or hi. Then we were hearing taps and knocks all over the room. That same day I heard a meow. It was not one of the other cats. It sounded like our typical ghost voices sound like. Like it was in a tunnel. That was not my Tiny. I know it. This thing imitates us all of the time. This made me extremely mad. With it scaring my children, me and imitating my cat I went on a rant in the kitchen. I was alone of course. I hide as much as I can from my son. He is only 11 and so far we have explained everything away so he feels safe in his own home. To be very blunt I told this thing to $#@@@ off and leave my kids alone. Yes I said that word. Well yelling at it might now have been the best idea. After that my husband was in my studio with me. My cat died in my studio in my arms. We both heard that tunnel meow. My husband who tries to explain everything away was at a loss for words. Once again I don't believe that was my Tiny and what is sad is what if she does try to let me know she is here? I won't know if it is really her or our thing. I shouldn't have to worry about her after she died but I do all of the time. How do I know that this thing is not hurting her or scaring her. All I can do is ask God to protect her. This I am sure sounds ridiculous to some. I know there is more after this life from personal experiences throughout my life and I even believe that animals have souls. Anyway the next morning I walk into my studio and a large picture of Tiny that I framed the day before was face up in the middle of the room. We couldn't debunk it. I hate using that word but we tried to figure out how it could have fell like that and we just couldn't. It wasn't hung on the wall. It was leaning against a doll trunk on a little table but the way it was leaning would make it very hard to knock down and especially to fall face up. Then later that day I made a doll video for YouTube. Twice in that video you hear a cat evp. Two tunnel sounding meows. So it did it again. Imitated my cat just like it does with the rest of my family. It even imitated my doctor once. She has a strong accent. So  much happens I am sure I am forgetting something but last night was bad.
I have felt pretty safe in the bedroom for a few months now. It took me a year after the black mass and thing attacked me in my bedroom at night for me to feel even a little safe. I sleep with a flash light in my bed and the tv on for sound and light because of it. Well last night I fell asleep and I woke up because I heard a very loud scratch knocking sound on the door. I said come in but no one did so I got up and opened the door. No one was there. Not even one of our pets. It was loud. It sounded like a very loud pounding yet scratching sound. My dog was sleeping beside me and she also heard it. I thought to myself here we go again. In my head I begged God to keep it away from me. I was really tired and I was able to go back to sleep but then I heard a voice. I can't tell you what it said but it was a man and it was a very creepy deep voice. I asked God to protect me again and was able to go back to sleep. At this point people will say why didn't you get out of there. I have no idea. I was exhausted and would try to explain it way. Oh it was just my imagination or some random harmless noise. So then I wake up to the sound of something tapping on my metal headboard. It was right behind my head and I also thought I heard a voice again. Being exhausted really helps in situations like this because I would just pass out and go right back to sleep. I woke up this morning saying oh no. It's happening again. Sure I get evps and orbs all of the time and even knocks and so on but this is the way it started last year. I'm worried it is going to come into my bedroom as a black mass or the thing again. I never ever want to experience that fear again and I feel like it is working it's way up to that. I'm even scared to type this because I know darn well it watches everything I do. At this point after 3 years of this I feel that we don't have dozens of spirits even though I have evps of men, woman and children and now animals. I think we have one THING. The thing I saw as a black mass, shadow man, white mass and yes even a hunched over thing with pointed shoulder blades. No I'm not nuts and I have over 200 videos and 100's of photos to prove that. We have one horrible thing. A demon. There are no men, women and children. It is this one thing. I see dozens and dozens of orbs but again they are caused by this thing and I want this thing out of my house. Let's see. We have tried blessed medals which do help keep it away from us. Incense, blessed salt, prayer cards, iron nails and so much more. We even had the house blessed by a Catholic priest who told me before he bolted out the door not to blame the Catholic church if it didn't work. I have a post about the blessing  you can find in this blog. It knows that our family believes in God and in Jesus and I do feel strongly that it has lost a lot of it's power because of this. Telling it to leave in the name of Jesus when it was attacking me was the only way to get it to stop. I know it is going to be very very hard to get this thing out but I do have new people helping us so we will see what happens. All I know right now is that is it acting like it did at the very beginning. I haven't been making videos or taking photos because it likes it to much. So it's pretty upset with me right now and showing that it is here in more physical ways. That is my update. I'll write again soon. I will go ahead and leave you with this evp. This is it. This is the thing in our home. This was a stupid experiment I did. I watched a sleep paralysis video and taped with my ipad at the same time. What you hear is not a part of that video. It was in the room with me. This is his voice. This is its voice. I have no idea what it is saying and I don't want to know. So as of right now I am not doing videos or photos but I will let you guys know what is going on. If you pray please pray that it gets out of our house and leaves us alone. Thank you to all who do or all who even give us good thoughts. Here is the video and I will write more soon. The evp starts at :15 and you might need headphones. This is what is in our home.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

One of my scariest evps ever. It says I have a demon, get out evil laughter

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((( Please use headphones for the evps and turn the volume all the way up even though I don't think you need to. I just don't want you to miss what they are saying. )))
Long time no blog! I've been so busy with art, the book and life in general I just haven't had time to blog so this post will make up for it a little. I have a gazillion draft posts so I have a lot of posts I can send out this week but this video is one of the most disturbing videos I have gotten. I say that I don't know if I have lots of ghosts and a demon or just a demon and I got a pretty clear answer. A man says demon and then he says to get out. I heard a noise and asked if is that you or are you there and I get a no and at the end an evil laugh. This on video has all of your classic horror move evps. Since I stopped talking to them they have gone nuts. I can turn on the camera and see dozens at once flying right at me. I have a few videos showing that that I will post this week. There are lots of knocks, bangs and I can hear voices yell out with my ears. I can also see orbs with my eyes quite often. I can be working at my desk and I will see one fly right up to my face. One looked like a bubble and actually hovered for a little bit. That never happens. They are always in motion. I also have a lot of photos and videos showing them come in through the door. Why? Can't they fly through walls? They are always coming in and out of my studio door. I just find that really odd. So this is a brief evidence post with a few videos and new pictures. If you want to please go to my youtube channel and subscribe. If you do you wills see new videos I post almost daily. I can't blog them all because there are so many. So here are some new pics and some videos.
The videos are right below the photos.

((( Please use headphones for the evps and turn the volume all the way up even though I don't think you need to. I just don't want you to miss what they are saying. )))

Here is the link for people who get this via email

And one more video. This is one of the loudest and scary evps I have gotten. I'm watching a video on youtube and had my ipad one taping. These things like to talk when other people are talking or when there is commotion in the room. The man's voice....well there was no man in the room and he is talking about the video I am watching! He sounds out of breath and at the end he either coughs or laughs. He is speaking sentences. This video is just amazing and unreal.

((( Please use headphones for the evps and turn the volume all the way up even though I don't think you need to. I just don't want you to miss what they are saying. )))

Here is the link if you are reading this blog as an email.

Thanks for reading and I have lots of posts to send out this week.