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Friday, September 16, 2016

Outside nighttime scare and other updates. More active

I know that I don't post very often but one reason is that I have stopped looking for them. The more attention I pay to them the worse it gets but they never stop. Yesterday morning I went outside to take my dog out. It was 6 am and still dark outside. Suddenly I heard this huge slam against the house right behind me. It sounded like someone hurled a basketball against it. Immediately after I saw a long very black shadow move super fast and at the same time heard a stereotypical horror movie yell. I bolted back inside the house. There was no natural reason for that to occur. We still get our daily activity. That never stops. Examples are seeing orbs with your eyes, hearing yells or whispers. We all hear it I'm  not crazy lol. Things are moved around and it still messes in my studio on a daily basis. Bangs the wall, turns on my printer. Makes my lampshade spin around. It breaks things. Tosses things off of my shelves or rips the shelves off of the wall. So much more but for some reason it has been way more active lately. I have no idea why. I wish I understood this. If I think too much about it I feel like I am going crazy because there are no real answers. I'm still getting orbs in a lot of my pictures and evps and orbs in just about every family video that I make. Even outside videos. Here are just a few. Not huge evidence but proof it's messing around. Since I don't look for it anymore I take what I can get when I make a family video or a video for facebook.
This first video is one that I took yesterday afternoon. The same day as the thing slamming the house.

This is a very loud evp. A woman. We are not sure what she is saying but my guess is she is disgusting. I was watching a video on youtube of a really gross woman

This is an evp that I captured outside and I capture A LOT of evps outside even in the woods.

I'm talking to birds but this answered.

This is an older but still amazing

The entire house was doing this that night.

Like I said if I posted these before I'm sorry.

One thing that has been happening a lot lately is my SIRI will go off. I know that happens to a lot of people but this is the first message it said. CREEPED ME OUT

A few days after that SIRI asked, " Did you summon me?" I didn't take a screenshot though.

A few other recent things that happened...

The house slam with shadow and shout, 
Items moving on their own on my desk.
3 am bedroom door slams
I was walking downstairs and something pulled my hair
A baby bouncer will start playing music and the only way you can turn that on is by using your hand to slide a button over.
Other toys going off making noises,
Sometimes when I am in the upstairs hallway with the light off I do a dead stop because there is something blacker then the dark in my face.
One time I saw it break up into these little dark shadows that reminded me of bats.
My kitchen cabinets will open and close.
It still turns on the gas burners if I leave the knobs on.
You will hear the back door open and close when it is locked.
Many times I thought that my husband came home through the back door because of it.
I felt something walking on the bed when nothing was there.
And way more that I can't think of right now.

I hope to update again soon. I know that I take forever between posts.

Here is a video that freaked me out because I didn't see the door open in real time. Only when I played back the video...

Longer version of the basement

Thanks for reading.
If the videos are not working for you please let me know.
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As I always say please start reading my blog here so that it makes sense if you are new to it. It also answers a lot of questions.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Siri said that I SHOULD DIE

I have been ignoring this thing completely for months hoping it will leave or at least stop it's activity and it seemed to work for awhile. This is why there have not been any new blog posts but recently the activity is picking right back up and not in a friendly way. I have made 3 videos filming family events and in each I got a very clear evp. The first one said my name loud and clear....the second one answered a question. I was making the video talking about a crop duster I was trying to film. In the video I said darn it come closer..referring to the plane. Right after a low gruff voice said NO. Then I was in the front yard. I was filming a bush because there was something rustling around inside of it very loudly. I'm thinking a cute bird or something. I asked who is doing that kind of like talking to myself and I got a clear evp of that same gruff voice saying ME. I am posting the videos to my YouTube channel right after I finish this blog. I can't upload now. I would slow down my son's game. Then yesterday I am working in my studio and I hear a huge crash. I found the bathroom mirror open and all of the shelves had fallen out. It was a huge broken glass mess. Last night in bed I heard a huge crash coming from a corner of the bedroom. This has happened twice in one week. We turned on the lights and nothing has been moved. Then today I get this and of course it could be a fluke but I find it very disturbing after getting 2 clear scary evps accidentally today. I was talking to my daughter on the phone. The house phone. While we are taking my cell phone which is just sitting on my desk turns Siri on all on it's own. Yes this can happen a lot to anyone but this is what it said. While talking I didn't say anything even remotely that would sound like this. 

Like I said..yes this could be a fluke but after these past 2 days and the events that have occurred I found it unsettling. 
Small things have also happened like things moving around on my desk. that used to happen a lot now it is back at it.
I ignored these things, ghosts, spirits, evil thing for months. I guess it doesn't matter what I do. 

The video below is it saying my name. Carmen. I will upload these videos to youtube also in case you can't play them here. 
My youtube channel


So in a nutshell..more has happened but I wanted to make a quick update. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to really fill you in on the new activity. 
As I always say please start reading my blog here so that it makes sense if you are new to it. It also answers a lot of questions.


Oh and another thing to point out. When I talk to my daughter on the phone our THING loves to let me know it is in my studio with me. My lampshade will spin...stop and then spin in the opposite direction. One day a candle lifted up about an inch, turned and fell back onto the desk and way more...
This thing LOVES to knock my shelves off the walls smashing things that I care about.

Thanks for reading and more stories and evidence hopefully tomorrow.
This was hurried so I hope that there weren't too many typos!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Just a reminder to start reading this blog with the our story post

This is just a reminder for new visitors to my blog. Before you read anything please go to my OUR STORY post to understand the house and our haunting! 

Here is a link to the post

I have lots of new events to talk about and evidence to post later this week.
Thank you for being so patient with me when it comes to blog posts.
I am trying not to give it attention and talking about it, to it or even writing about it is a form of attention.

Thanks so much! Happy 2016!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Giant skeleton like face, ghost children & haunted dolls.

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My youtube channel

I wanted to start with a video. I was in the basement doing laundry and you all know how much I hate the basement. That is where I get all of the GET OUT evps and the famous evil laughter evp...

( You hear it when I open the squeaky dryer door )

While I was doing laundry I heard a very loud knock. I went into the room where I heard it and I thought that I heard a whisper so I turned on my video camera. Now this is pretty dark and you might have to adjust your monitor or phone light features. I wish that the huge orb would have been brighter. I saw this. Not only did my camera pick it up but I saw it with my eyes and it took my breath away. You will see some spark looking things in the upper left corner. Right after that this HUGE orb with what seems to be a face peeks in and out of the shot upper left. I have never seen anything like it anywhere. I really hope that you can see it because I feel that it is amazing evidence. 
I realize that it is very hard to see :(

Here is the video.

If you could see it I would love to read your comments.

If anyone knows how to adjust the light please comment. 

I also wanted to talk about my dolls. I honestly don't know if a doll can be haunted or not. I used to laugh at that but lately whatever is in our home is messing with them big time. I will find them facing the wall. I will find them in the middle of the room in a pose. I will see them fall. I have even seen one move. I do know that it is paranormal but I can't tell you that something lives inside of them.
I really don't believe in that though. 
I think that whatever is doing it is just trying to get my attention like it does on a daily basis.
Here are a few photos that I have taken.

In the photo above the doll on the floor was in the empty left spot of the doll trunk.
We don't understand how it could fall up and out. 

Look behind the baby. There is a large bar of light.

So what is playing with my dolls? I do have some evps of a little girl and a little boy. 

Here is a video of a child saying Hi. 

So I am not sure why it is messing with my dolls all of a sudden.
Other things that have happened in the past few weeks...
My husband keeps hearing my voice but it's not me.
He will hear me call him and when he looks no one is there.
I heard the same thing with him.
Sometimes it sounds like the back door is opened and closed and I hear loud footsteps going down the basement stairs. When I look no one is there. I always think that it is my husband coming home early.
My son and I heard a very loud yell coming from upstairs.
I have seen a very tall black shadow cross my bedroom and I have seen a shadow man pass infront of the tv in the bedroom.
My bed has shakes.
The barn is nuts haunted because we have been cleaning it.
Voices, orbs, shadow men. It is crazy in there right now.
I made dinner and made the mistake of leaving the stove  knobs on. Of course it turned on a gas burner again. btw you have to push the knob in and turn for the gas to turn on.
It is always knocking around my studio trying to get my attention and it likes to open the closet door.
I think that I mentioned before that when my daughter moved out something followed her.
Now her boyfriend is being picked on.
The other night he saw an old woman standing on his bed looking at him.
He is terrified. This has never happened to him and now it seems to happen on a regular basis.
She looked like the hag that many people experience.

I'll end it here and I will be back soon with an update.
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Haunted basement and barn crazy evps, pics, videos

Haunted basement and barn

( If you are new to this blog please find the post called our story and read that first. )

I'm so sorry about my lack of blogging. I've been working my buns off and just haven't had the time. 
Today I want to show you a crazy scary as heck event in the basement and share more info about the haunted barn. As many of you know the entire farm is haunted. The house, barn, garage and even the woods. I have also captured evps in my car. 

The other day I went into the basement to do laundry. My back went really cold and I saw this huge shadow go across the window from the inside blocking the light. I went upstairs to grab my camera to try to prove this to my husband. In the video I am just explaining what I saw and explaining a faint evp that I captured in a different basement video. 
The evp sounded like someone saying, " Mean as hell. "
In the video I am posting you will see me pan to the bed. While I am panning there is an orb that shoots against a wall. Once I got to the bed I heard a VERY loud voice says something. At the same time you see a very fast large bar of light cross the bed. It's fast. 
I can not be sure of what it said but it sounded like it was either repeating me or saying..Hello, I'm in hell. Again I am not sure so I would love to hear your comments on that. I heard this voice with my ears. It was super loud in person and it came from the area where the bed is. Here is the video.


If the video above does not work here is the link.

Our basement is crazy active and it is totally negative. I have gotten the loud and clear evil laughter evp that I posted before. It is also on my YouTube channel. I get GET OUT ALL of the time. Almost every time I am down there. Our basement has something evil in it. No kidding.
When I saw that shadow I think my heart rate soared. Then after seeing the shadow and hearing the voice in the video above I basically freaked out and ran upstairs. I avoid the basement as much as possible. 

A few weeks ago I discovered Periscope so I do want to do some live basement investigations. 
As soon as I set that that up I will make a  post letting you guys know my Periscope user name and times when I will be broadcasting.

Here are a few recent pics of things captured in the basement. 
The first one looks kind of like a face. 

Here is another video taken in the basement. 

In this video watch when I turn the corner. 
There is a very fast THING that zips past me! That was amazing to me. Then when slowed down you hear it yell GET OUT. 

Here is the YouTube link.

On to the barn.

Here are some photos that I captured and I guarantee that they are not dust or orbs. After 6 years of this I know the difference. Also many appeared after I asked them to. One picture is of an orb on a chair. This showed up after I asked it to sit down. 

When I was looking through the camera 100's of orbs would shoot by. I wish that people could see this for themselves. The pictures did not do the experience justice but here they are. Again this is NOT dust.

This orb is just weird looking and if you invert the colors you can see an eye.

Here is a perfectly round orb above my cat.

and then a bar...

While in the barn I kept hearing footsteps in the haylofts. I also heard very quiet voices.
In this video you see a little blue orb shoot by then you hear a loud yell. At first I thought that it was a bang but it was a man shouting what I think was get out. 
They love get out in the barn and basement.
On my phone is sounds like a definite yell but on YouTube more of a bang which is disappointing. 

I posted this last time but felt the need to post it again since I am talking about the barn.
In this video I ask it to show up and it shoots in front of the camera. Then I ask it it's name and it said what we think is Matthew. Just turn it up. 

There is so much to tell because this house is active on a daily basis. 

The other day I was experimenting with the iOvilus app.
This thing works! I read reviews where people are saying that it doesn't but they don't get that you have to use it in a haunted location.
It actually freaked me out. 
I asked the spirits or thing to bang on a can in my studio like it doesn almost every day.
The iOvilus said ok.
Then it said left.
Then the can banged. 
This was not a coincidence.
Then later that day the iOvilus said my husband's name.
It even spelled it right and my husband's name is spelled weird.
After that it said work.
He was at work.
Then it said phone. Right after my husband called me.
If you are in a real haunted location this app is the real deal and a bit freaky.

Also my spirits or IT are going nuts around my dolls. JUST NUTS
That is for my next vlog. I have amazing photos and videos of it being around and talking around the dolls.
THREE times I found a different doll layed out in the middle of the livingroom.
Like I said I will cover that next time.
It is also starting to move items from one area to another. 
More on that also.
So nothing has changed. It is more active again. Same black shadows and masses. Same THING that likes to hover over you in bed and then same stinky thing that likes to scratch you.
 Watch for my next blog about dolls and a thing that I captured growling upstairs.
I don't see this thing ever leaving and so far EVERYONE who said that they will help backed out.

Thanks for reading and letting me share this. Writing about it helps a lot.
again...Sorry for typos as I am always in a hurry!

God bless,

Friday, August 28, 2015

Haunted barn ghost interacts with me

Haunted barn and other new events

Please watch for a new blog post August 29th, 2015.
I have been extremely busy but I have a lot of new things to tell you and evidence to post and I am taking tomorrow August 29th to create a new post.
But for now I really wanted to show you this clip from a video that I made and tomorrow I will share more videos and more evps from the barn.
So for now here is one of the barn videos.
Of course the barn is haunted as is the entire property and I did a walk through and a mini ghost hunt inside the barn a few days ago.
In this video I ask if anyone is there to please get in front of my camera and you see orbs fly by. Right after that I asked what it's name was and I got a class A evp.
A lot of friends feel that he answered with the name Mathew. 
Here is the clip.
In case the clip is not working I will also add the YouTube video url.


Here is the Youtube URL

I also wanted to share the photo above. 
I have no  idea what that could be.
There are no cracks in the wood that would let light in in that area.
While in the barn I heard bangs, footsteps and a low grumble.
 I will be back tomorrow with a full post of the barn findings and the many new events that have happened in my home with evidence. Thanks for your patience between posts!
Until tomorrow....

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Full bodied apparition.

I'm in total shock. I always wondered why we never see apparitions in this house. Just a shadow man, black mass, white mass and various other forms including something with glowing eyes the size of a medium sized dog jumping from a cabinet to a desk in the creepy room in the basement but last night I saw something that I have never seen in the 6 years that we have been living here. The guys went to the store last night and it was just me at home. It had been storming all day long. It was about 9 at night. I was downstairs and walked past the stairs. I stopped and just froze. I saw a tall man at the top of the stairs. You could see his shirt, long pants but no face. It was just a black ball. I think it stayed there for a good 3 seconds and it just disappeared. I could tell that it was looking right at me even without the face. After it left I seriously RAN outside and sat in my car until the guys came home. I not only sat in my car I drove to the middle of the driveway away from the house. This puts a whole new spin on things for me. I am down right scared. Why would I see an actual apparition after 6 years and what the hell does it want? I get evps from men, women, children and our evil thing or is the evil thing doing all of it? Seeing this has me all confused and I DON'T want to see it again and I hope that my son doesn't see it although I think that he already has. On night my son said that he saw a man's arm kind of holding a doorway. The rest of the man would have been in the hallway. He also thought that he saw his dad a few times when his dad wasn't even home. He also saw a black "ball" Floating in the hallway and he said that it popped like a balloon. I've seen a shadow man more than once but the time that stands out in my mind was when I saw it peeking out from the bathroom door. You could see the head, shoulder and arm around the door. It was in the bathroom peeking out. The black mass is terrifying but seeing an actual man with no face is a new kind of fear. I've been on the fence about having a demonologist coming out afraid that it could get worse but now I'm asking him to come over as soon as he can. Before I saw the "man" lots of small things were happening in the house because of the storms. Things were falling over on my desk...the can banging was just ridiculous. Loud and constant and I was pretty sure that I heard a voice coming from the bathroom and a whisper in my studio. Then I was filming the storm and I accidentally got 2 evps. One is a man saying WELCOME and another is a man saying get out. Talk about mixed messages. This video is of the man saying Welcome. I hope that you can hear it. Turn up the volume. It was very loud and clear on my phone. I made a small video where I repeat the evp. So I am kind of in shock and freaked out today and very jumpy. The cat walked into the room and I shot up a few feet from my chair lol. This is all SOOOOO Confusing. This stuff is not suppose to happen. I have a lot of work to catch up on today and I'm kind of in this freaked out fog if that makes sense. I had a little bit of holy water left and I'm wearing it like perfume lol. You have to laugh a little or go nuts. So I'm going to finish some work outside before it rains and then get some work done in my studio. Everyone else is still in bed and I can't wait until they get up. Life is so weird. This thing wants my attention. If it is a person or people why? If it is the thing I think that it is mad that I am not giving it any attention and wants it because giving it attention gives it power. I wish I knew but it can keep it's faceless butt away from me and especially my son. That is NOT acceptable. So current mood...freaked out and confused. Here is the welcome evp video. Hope you can hear it. It's sneaky right before the thunder. btw sorry for typos....just really tired.