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Thursday, September 12, 2013

So much to tell. More active w/ videos

I'm sorry that it has been so long since i have posted. I have stopped taking video of our thing and I stopped talking to it about a month ago. Because of that it is going nuts. It is angry that it is not getting the same kind of attention. I have gobs of videos I uploaded to my YouTube channel though. Some were saved on my phone and many are recent because I make a lot of home videos and it sneaks in to each one. Some things that is doing to get my attention because I have stopped giving it attention are way more knocks and loud bangs. The knocks on the bedroom door are back. 3 on the bedroom door and then right after 3 on the closet door. It also makes really loud scratching noises on the bedroom door. It is like it rakes it's finger nails from the top to the bottom. It is messing with my headboard. Like pinging it with its finger nails. It is yelling out loud in my bedroom and studio. It loves to yell out my name.. It turns the lights off and on in my studio. It's knocking things over. Yesterday a doll stand flew out of my doll house. It also pounded on my desk. All of this is true. It sounds nuts but it is true. My daughter found a book about the Virgin Mary at the bottom of the basement stairs face up. It mocked Jesus in a video. I'll post that at the end. I get so frustrated because I know I will forget to tell you something. When I feel like it is around or I hear a sound I will look through my phone video camera with the flash on. This time I wish I recorded it. A huge white thing slowly went across the door. I really really wish I would have filmed that. It was unreal. One night in bed the sheet was fluttering right by my head. That freaked me out. Every now and then when I am working in my studio little tiny bubble like things will float in front of my face. They almost look like soap bubbles. When I was in my bedroom getting some clothes something kept blocking the lamp light. It did it about 4 times. One night in the upstairs hallway at night I was walking to  my room. The hallway is pitch black. I saw something in-front me. Something big. The thing was blacker than the room. I ran lol. One night in my studio my daughter and I were having fun and she looked like she was going to cry. This thing laughed a really evil laugh in her ear. One night we saw a black flash. Not a flash of light. The room went black for a split second.. That was really weird. I have a video I took in the basement. You hear a horrible evil laughter and then this snake like thing is dancing around. Behind the snake is an image of something just like a video on My ghost's called the incubus and of course that is what we think is in our home. My phone cord will curl up and move on it's own. I can hear voices outloud a lot now. A man whispered I'm here in my ear. Just yesterday I heard a man say my name. When the bathroom fan is on you can hear them but the sound if very low. I have a tall antique lamp and the shade swung around and hit me in the head. There are knocks and taps everywhere in my studio. It made a loud bang in the kitchen that sounded like a pan being slammed down. Sometimes the floor seems like it is vibrating. It is a very weird feeling. When I am working my back will go totally cold. I know it's behind me when that happens. I hear lots of whispers while I work. Usually male. So much happens. I am sure I will forget to tell you something. I'm sorry about typos. I'm typing fast so my son won't see me. We try to hide as much as we can from him and explain things away. So far this is working. We have a huge black dog and many times he will hide under my desk. The animals see and feel them. You can see an orb on a video and it will approach the animal.. Right when it does they sort of twitch their ears like it is bugging them.
Sometimes it feel like it is playing with the back of my hair while I work.  This sounds ridiculous but I have life size dolls. I swear that one the size of a one year old moved. Her arm sort of fell. If it can toss stuff around I am sure it can make her arm move. That freaked me out. When we have storms and I am filming outside there are evps all through the video. The entire video is filled with evps. Voices that are men and woman. One night on the porch I felt my pant leg move. One the video right when I say my pant leg moved a man says I did it. I found the very first video we made of the house. It was made 2 days before we moved in. My husband walked through the entire house filming. There were very lows sounding evps all the way through it and the very first one said who is that. Then it said Listen. Then it said speak louder. Upstairs it said get out and laughed. I think it said die in my bedroom! Geesh. What am I forgetting. Oh now and then you can see a white misty thing floating. It even messes with my pant legs while I am working. It constantly turns my printer on and one time I grabbed my phone and filmed it. 2 large orbs came right out of the printer. It yelled my husbands name on night in the kitchen. In one video I took it did that really creepy scurry noise. It reminds me of a bad horror movie like some kind of creature scurrying across the floor. My daughter felt it's presence in the basement and she also heard a yell in her room that kind of sounded like my son. If I forget anything major I will post it in my next blog post. I have a lot of new videos on my youtube channel. The link to it is on the top right of this page. Here are a few videos that creeped me out. Grab your headphones. I won't wait so long to post again. I also wanted to say that if anyone is going through this and need help please let me know. After 4 years of this I feel like an expert. I know how to keep it at bay but I still need help getting rid of it if that is possible. So here are the videos and thanks for reading this. Your comments mean a lot.
God bless.

yells my name evp..growl

The first time it says my name right when I am opening the door but the second time it shouts my name and growls right after. The first time it says my name is at :03 and the second where it yells my name and growls right after is at :13 I changed the color due to a personal item that was in the room. Please see my channel so you can see how crazy haunted our house is. btw I don't know why I was talking silly lol. I was tired! These are best with headphones but the second time it yelled my name is pretty loud.The growl is quieter though. With headphones these evps are amazing yet freaked me out.

orbs creature

To me this is one of my top videos. Please turn up the volume of wear headphones. The very first thing you hear is a male class a evp. I think he is saying die with you or die for you. Later in the video he repeats it but that time it is very hard to hear. Then at :07 you see a large orb appear to the left of the stairs. Right after that if you look to the left of the stairs and at the back of the room you see what looks like a falling star. Then after the dog barks and I'm sorry about that there is a weird green thing in the middle of the room. What the heck was that? It didn't look like eyes. Our cat was nowhere near that part of the room. This video shook me up. Class a scary evp with a bright large orb...strange falling star orb and the green thing. NO animals were in that room. I just don't understand what it could be. If you are new to my channel I have over 200 videos we have taken in our seriously haunted old farm house. It is all real. I would have never of believed any of this before we moved here. We have something very bad and what seems like dozens and dozens of spirits or the bad thing is doing all of this. Please check out my channel. These things don't happen and I feel like I need to share what is going on. Thanks. I filmed this because I thought I heard a whisper.

In this video I feel that it was mocking Jesus.
It says something like the day Jesus was born and then it laughs.
please watch this on youtube for the description so you don't miss it.

This is one of the creepiest videos. You hear major evil laughter while the dryer door is being opened.

This is the biggest orb ever!

And here it yells my name again. Carmen

Snake thing with image on the wall in the basement. Compare to My ghost story the incubus

It's near the middle of the video
My ghost story the INcubus

Until next time...thanks


  1. Hey! I am hoping you are safe and sound. What you are going through is way worse than anything that my daughter and I went through. I tried to brush off what my daughter was going through. I didn't see the same things she did. Hopefully your son is not seeing stuff. You can try to explain away stuff all you want. But they know whats going on. My daughter is still traumatized by what she experienced. I hope your kids are holding up ok. I don't know if anyone is helping you. Those three knocks your hearing are a very bad sign. That mocks the trinity. I hope you can get a paranormal team to help you. This thing sounds very bad indeed. Take care!

  2. I wish you peace in your home... <3