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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A must see Amazing Paranormal video on a creepy day!

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This is how my day started out. I got out of bed at 5:00 am because my son has a field trip today and I had to get him up early. The first thing I notice is that the grate on the fireplace is all out of whack. It was like it was folded. I don't see how one of our cats could do that. Then I am in the bathroom doing my hair and I hear a man's voice yelling from the living room  I was totally alone. Then I was sitting in the kitchen watching the news and I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye and I totally felt like someone was right behind me. I have never had that feeling before. I wasn't being paranoid something was there. I could feel it. Then I was in my studio and a heavy box fell off of the shelf. There was no way that could have fell off by itself  Then my printer turned on. Yesterday and today have been crazy active. You have to watch this video that I am posting. It is one of my best so far. I think so anyway. These things are NOT dust. There were no windows open and no heat or air turned on. I get these things in my bathroom all of the time and many times with evps but this was extra freaky. It's like they were all following each other with some kind of mission going on. Some came up to see me and some flash and sparkle. I have no idea why my video started out green and then went to a normal color. This stuff is real. NOT NOT NOT dust. ON MY LIFE this is not dust. I know my own house and how these things behave. So please watch it with an open mind. It's very real. Also here are 2 photos. One was taken last night and the other about an hour ago after I heard the voice. Before I get yelled at I AM NOT TALKING TO IT. I am making videos or taking pictures when something is off in the house. I am keeping this evidence as a journal of our home and something I can show possible help. Plus I think something like this needs to be shared. I bet people are going through this and when they see my photos and videos they are'm not alone. So here is the amazing video and the two photos.

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If you enlarge the last photo it totally looks like a face.


  1. I Know..things have been more active this week to where I am a bit freaked out to be alone in the house