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Monday, May 6, 2013

Incredible new ghost photos with a person shaped mass.

This morning my dog was going nuts barking in the living room apparently at nothing. I grabbed my camera and this is what I got. The green orb is really interesting because it looks much like the blue one floating in the same spot as a smaller bright blue orb last week. What is it about that side of the fireplace?  I asked it if it could show up as a person and I got the big mass that to me looks like it is trying to form as a person. You can see the pictures better by clicking on them. For the most part I have stopped trying to communicate with them but whenever I approach someone for help they ask if I have recent evidence. Most of my orb videos seem to be dismissed which really upsets me. On my life they are not dust. They fly around with direction and in many different sizes and shapes. Tomorrow I will post a  new video of my ghosts in the bathroom. At times they flying around like they want to be seen but sometimes the minute you turn on the camera you will see one and then it darts out of the way. With all my heart I am trying to make people understand that these orbs, lights streaks and masses are not dust. As I have said before many of the videos have evps along with the lights. For example. A video I took about a week ago is crazy busy with spirits and when I ask what it's name is it said Debbie which made me laugh because you expect an old Victorian name like our ghost Alma. So here are a few new pictures and tomorrow I will post a new ORB video filled with intelligent spirits. NOT DUST! I so wish I could make some people understand that. Don't dismiss it without even watching. It's so real.

Another mass trying to form as a person?

Please click on the photo above to enlarge it. See how the blue orb and the green orb are in the same spot? Note that the mass to the right looks like a person. I asked it to show itself as a person so I am sure this spirit is trying to manifest.

Until next time and thank you for reading this blog. Please pass it on to a friend.
My goal is to inform people that spirits and extreme hauntings are very real. I hope they watch and read with an open mind. I swear on my life our home is crazy haunting with dozens of spirits and something very malicious. malicious thing posing as all these spirits.


  1. I have the orbs and tiny balls of light that seem to shoot across the room in a zig zag pattern. I know it's not dust since dust doesn't move that way. I also know it's not a bug since I would see it in front of the camera. My dog does the same thing. He notices "something" in the same corner all the time. I've captured a few orbs in the area he barks and whines at. I've also been touched twice but not in a aggressive way. I don't feel anything negative. In fact I call them my "little friends." Would love to know who or what they are.