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Friday, January 11, 2013

Ghost Radar, pets, black mass w/ photos & evps

The above photo is a little old cemetery that is very close to my home. It is where Alma is buried.  I plan on going there to take more photos and some night shots. We are also investing in a night vision camera.

I thought I would make another post while I am working on our story. These are just a few things that I find interesting that I thought would be worth blogging about! I had a nice lady ask me if my animals react to whatever is in the house. I can tell you right off that the cats don't have a clue lol. I never see them doing anything unusual concerning our spirits. I'm pretty sure they can't sense them since I have not seen any behavior showing me any different.We do have something dark and malicious in our home along with kind spirits. ( Unless all of the activity is one dark thing making us think there are many spirits. ) You would think the cats would react to that. Most of you have seen my cat Mario and he is a bit clueless to begin with!

 The dogs however will randomly bark at nothing. Many times they will also look up at the stairs and bark and or growl. My dog Scooby will sit down and just stare at the wall. I don't know if she is seeing anything or just being kind of weird lol. She often growls for no reason and that happens a lot in the upstairs hallway. That hallway is a hot spot in our home. One day while I was working in my studio I heard a low growl coming from the corner and it was not the dog. To be very honest it terrified me and I called a ghost hunter friend in a panic. One night I had very bad experience with the black mass and I know for a fact that my dog saw what was going on. He was looking directly at it and barking. I will write more about the black mass very soon.  So yes the dogs do seem to see things and or sense them but the cats...well no lol. Oh wait! I forgot! We have a 17 year old cat named Tiny. I don't let her sleep with me very often because she will scan the room and growl. She also likes to get my bedroom closet door open which freaks me out because our main haunting began with my closet door flying open. So I do think Tiny is aware them. The other cats like I said haven't shown me anything that points towards them seeing spirits. Most of the evps are caught in the upstairs bathroom and that is where we kept the kittens. They never seemed bothered or aware of anything paranormal. This is just a theory concerning my home. Other people may have different experiences. We do not have normal animals so this may not be the case in most hauntings. Our animals are a bit like me. Just a bit off lol.
Another thing I find kind of interesting is Ghost Radar. Erm..... doesn't work lol. The blips mean nothing and it never really says anything pertaining to any of the paranormal events that have occurred  I get dozens of evps. At least 5 to 10 daily and ghost radar just doesn't say anything related. So in my book ghost radar is just a fun app. There is an app I bought for about a dollar last year called Ghost board. I remembered today that Ghost board said the name Alma last year. I can't believe I didn't remember that until now. I even remember thinking it was a strange name. How could I have forgotten that when we heard the Alma evps? This is totally true! When I remembered that today I was like...WOW! When I first turned the ghost board on it was tossing out names at me left and right. This was before I knew about the evps so now the many names it was saying all makes sense. I even turned it off and it still started to speak. You have to have one finger from each hand on a blue button to make it work. I wasn't touching it and had actually closed the app and it started talking shooting out the names. How on earth could I have forgotten about it saying Alma!! It said some other things that seemed to relate to events in our home and life. My oldest son lost his girlfriend last year. She died in Greece. She fell from a 5th floor balcony and her death is still being investigated. This app spelled out Greece and right after it spelled out accident. That upset me. So my opinion on ghost radar is a big no. Ghost board is a big maybe. I deleted the ghost board after it talked about Greece. I also realized it wasn't any different from an Ouija board and I really don't want to mess with that. I am not sure if the Ouija  board stories are true but why risk it.

I also wanted to touch on some of the evps that show that whatever is in our house is intelligent  Just today I taped in my studio and I was knitting. Every now and then I take knit breaks lol. When I tape like that I just kind of mutter to myself because I have found that when I do that I tend to get a lot of evps plus I talk to myself a lot. Don't tell anyone! So while I am knitting a ghost says yarn! That was pretty cool. I also asked if anyone was here yesterday and right after a woman said I'm here. I just uploaded that one to my you tube channel. It's carmenls2 if you would like to subscribe. Make sure you have headphones handy for the quiet ones. In some of the evps she sounds just like me but I swear on my life it's not. They can sound like myself, family, friends and even my doctor.

Recently I was in the bathroom and we had some sticky tape up because we had some annoying gnats. I was taking a video hoping to get evps. I accidentally walked through the tape and it scared me so much I yelled out that it scared me! Right after that happens a male voice calls me a chicken. Loud and clear lol. If you listen to the evp you also hear another voice say chicken and some creepy sounds I can't make out. So yes it was mocking me lol.  Here is that evp. If you have headphones and listen to it a few times you can hear the faint evps. Maybe someone can tell me what they think it is saying. The chicken is loud and clear. Mean mocking ghost! lol. You can hear the loud chicken at :16. There are evps all the way through it so listen carefully and more than once. I am sure that one faint evp is also saying chicken. The more you listen to my evps the easier it will be to hear the faint ones. I'm a pro at it now.

A few days ago I was trying on a pair of old jeans that were kind of tight. I was complaining about it and Alma basically agreed with me so the next day I said to her...ok, you think I'm not pretty and you don't miss me when I'm gone right? Alma said very loudly (correct ) and then chuckled. All of these evps are on my channel and I will be blogging showing you the best ones. I have so many on YouTube it's hard to find the very loud and clear ones. One day I asked if anyone could knock on the wall and a man said yes. I asked if anyone was in the room and a woman said I'm here. That was found just a few hours ago this morning. I asked what color my robe was and a man said Green.Yup! It's green. I asked if this was real and a very creepy deep voice yelled, IT'S NOT REAL! Right after an even creepier voice says the same thing and there is this freaky shuffling sound. This is also on my YouTube channel. I asked another time if all of this is real and a woman says I'm telling you so. These are just a few examples showing you that what is in our house is intelligent  I have many many more proving that.

Here is the evp where I say to you think I'm not pretty and you don't miss me when I'm gone lol! She answers me saying CORRECT and then chuckles. Apparently she thinks I'm ugly or she was in a feisty mood!

You can hear her talk at :03.


The photo above was taken inside the barn. There was no light source other than the flash of my camera.
There might not be anything paranormal in the photo but If you look at the left of the picture I have what looks like a profile of a man with a mustache circled. You might not see it but it looks really clear to me. I also circled what looks like an owl in the wood grain just for fun lol. If you click on the picture it will enlarge for a better view.

This next photo is a photo a friend on Facebook cropped out of one of my videos. It looks like the figure of a man. It could be just the way something is casting a shadow but either way creepy. When you go into the barn it feels really oppressive and heavy. It feels like someone is watching you. Sometimes you can hear footsteps in the lofts. We have raccoon's but I'm pretty sure they don't wear boots!
The pole barn feels the same way and is packed with the man who lived here for 50 years belongings including the model T I showed in my last blog post.

Here is a picture of the outside of the barn. This farm house and barn are well over 100 years old. We live on an 80 acre farm with woods, fields and a creek. I was told being so close to water and the old cemetery could be a few reasons for the large number of ( guests ) we have. We don't know why we have the evil thing though. 

I keep saying this but in my big story of our home blog post I will explain the dark mass and the shadow man. One time my 10 year old said he saw a black thing that looked like a head floating in the hallway. He said it popped like a balloon and was gone. Just today my son was talking about how he won't sleep in his room and at this point with the evil thing I don't want him to. I have proof that something intelligent is in our home and I know what we have all saw and experienced. There is something in there and there is no way I would make him sleep in his room at this point. 
My hope is to kick out the evil thing. I don't mind of Alma and the others stay as long as they are nice. 

Here is an evp of what I think is His, well It's voice. I think I posted this last time but it's the best evp I have of it so far. Earlier in this session I basically asked if the thing that attacked me was here. This was it answering me. I can feel that this is the thing that attacked me in my bones. It's not a man. I'll explain why soon.
I have had many people say it is an angry spirit. No it's not. I do have grumpy men spirits in this house but this is a thing and it was never human. If the people who keep telling me that it is a man experienced this thing like I do they would agree. I will also explain what it looked like the last time I have seen it.

I'm still working on the main story of our home and I promise you it will be a good very true read. 
Alma is a lot of fun but the dark presence is so strong in the upstairs hallway that when I go to bed I basically run to my room to get out of the hallway fast. There is a little nook with a window that feels like it's filled with something bad. Once I do get to my bedroom I slowly open the door and peek inside before entering. Like I said the very first very scary experience was in my bedroom. It was 5 am and I was doing my hair. I heard heavy scratching coming from inside the closet and then the door slammed open. It flew open so hard it left a little dent in my dresser. After this happened everything snowballed. The malicious thing had a field day and that will be in my next blog. There is no way for an animal to get into my closet. No holes no openings. 
All of this is true. It's real and it's still happening in my home.
Because of the dark thing I sleep with a flashlight in my bed. I'm terrified of that dark and I used to love sleeping with no light on. Now I have the tv on for light. This thing changed my life. I'm still trying to find the right words to describe what it does when it attacks. That is not easy to talk about at all. I was very happy to find a video of my Ghost Story where a woman had the exact same thing happen to her and they even got the thing on tape. I'll post that along with my explanation because it will help me find a way to word it. If I can't say it outright I can let you see the video so you can understand my experiences with it. 

So...I'll be back soon with a new post. Please post your stories if you like and or comments. I love reading them. Thank you for reading my blog. I decided to keep it up because of the great feedback I am getting. 
I will provide lots of evps, photos and details in each post. 
Thank you for letting me share this. It helps to talk about it. 
Something that we can't see or hear and that is intelligent is out there. It's real. Spirits and Demonic things are real. Good and evil is real. This house has actually strengthened my faith in God because God is the only way it stops attacking me at night in my bed.
Another reason I am writing this blog is to get this out. I want people to know it's real! Spirits of whatever they could be are so real. The dark thing ( demonic ) IS REAL. I know this for a fact and I want other people to know this also. It's very important to me to get this message out.
In a way I am blessed to know that there is something out there.
I can't say this enough. IT'S REAL! You need to know it's real.

Thank you again for reading my blog. Please comment and watch for another post very soon.
Thanks and God bless!

Please excuse any and all typos. I haven't been sleeping well. Go figure!


  1. Thinking about you Carmen, and praying for you!!!
    Tamra Jackson

  2. Carmen, a very touching blog!!! Please know we love you and DO understand what you are going thru. The dark figure in the barn concerns me, he is intellegent, try not to go into the barn by yourself. The spirits ( the good ones ) do like to mess with you
    and they are entertained by your doings. Hope you can rid your home of Mr. Nasty real soon, then you will be able to really connect and communicate with your "good" spirits.
    Love ya gal!
    Marti Will

  3. Have you ever thought about having the house blessed?

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