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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Loud Creepy evps, Alma, photos update

Please see the photos and listen to the very clear evps in this post. Get your headphones if needed.

In the photo above nothing showed up on the stairs until I asked the spirits to sit with me. I had a lady say it was dust. Nope. In the photos before there was nothing until I asked them to come near me. I believe with all my heart the lights are spirits. 

I am so sorry about typos and things. I have to type this fast so my 10 year old won't see it and I promised a blog post today!

Very very loud Alma evp....She says can you ask them please and more. Please read the youtube description if you can. There are 3 evps and I talk very quietly. They are way louder than me! I need to go through my evps again and make more public. I goofed while editing them and made most of them private. Oops!

Here I am apologizing for our main story delay again. Our internet has been going on and off and I have tried to save the story twice now with no luck. I lost everything. So this time I am going to write it again but write it on word so it will be saved. I can tell you a few things that have happened and what we are going to do this week to try to get rid of Mr. Nasty. I told you last time that John Zaffis actually took the time out to help us. Most people in the paranormal field that are famous either can't help because they get thousands of requests or won't help because they simply have no interest in helping real people with real hauntings. Some of the ( ghost hunters ) on tv are positively fake but others have real evidence and don't do it just for ratings. One team that I believe is the real deal and cares are The Ghost Adventures crew. I really don't think they fake anything for a fun show.
Getting back to our paranormal issues. Here are a few things that have happened since my last post. One day in the hallway leading to the basement I heard a very loud low creepy voice say the classic F U. So I guess it has a potty mouth lol. I hear huffs and snorts on a daily basis. Loud and clear. I have stopped all evps for now because of our plan to try to get rid of it this week. The last evp I took scared me so bad I haven't tried to get an evp since. This was the same day I got the evp where it says my name. I'm pretty sure I posted that last time. So right after is says Carmen in a slow long whisper it said Hello in the same way. This wasn't the evil sounding voice but it was a man and it said this in my bedroom. Right after he said that he said the word careful. Careful of what? After he said that I got the evil low voice laughing. No kidding. The voice was right out of a horror movie. After I heard the evil voice I turned off the recorder and never listened to the rest. I uploaded it but I am afraid to hear what it had to say.  The man saying Carmen...hello.....careful really scared me. I stopped all evps. For now at least. This week we are doing what John Zaffis and my fried Bob Davis told me to do step by step. Thank you Bob for sending everything I need to do this and more!  The process seems so out there I was thinking to myself why don't I just pat my head and rub my stomach while standing on one foot lol but if I can get dozens of voices every day with the one sounding totally demonic then anything is possible and I need to do and respect what both John and Bob told me to do. I do believe in God and Jesus but would never push what I believe down someone's throat. When the black mass was attacking me while I was in bed telling it to leave in the name of Jesus is the only thing that made it leave. My friend Bob told me that if the demon like thing leaves we might hear a boom and the house could shake a little. Wow. If that happens we know it left. Some people are like oh it's a grumpy bad man that was bad in life so he became even worse after death. I'm not saying it is a demon to exaggerate what has happened to us or to make it more dramatic. I know what happened and I know how I felt when it was in the room and I will write and explain more in the next post but it's not human. The very last time it attacked me it was not a black mass. It was a thing. I will explain what it looked like next time. Once again I am really putting myself out there talking about this. I could lose respect and maybe some friends but I am telling people about this again so they know they are not alone and to try to let people know this is very real. Things that you can't see really are there. They can see you. They can talk about what you are doing. The can say things before you say it and they can sound like you, your family and friends. They can answer your questions correctly.

The photo above is showing the lights or moving orbs. These DID NOT appear until we asked them to. All of the other photos had nothing in them until my daughter asked it to show itself.
btw I have not talked to the spirits since the evp that scared me so bad and I won't again until after we try to get the bad thing out of our house. The photos and evps were taken a few weeks ago.

 I know I am repeating myself on some topics but I feel they are very important. These things can touch you and they can hurt you. I swear on my life this is true. When you watch the ghost hunting shows they get evps in a dozen different ways but what is funny about our house is all you need is your cell phone and you can get dozens a day. If the tv ghost hunters ever saw my youtube videos they would be running to our house lol. I got off the subject yet again lol. Other things that have happened in our home since last time. This might not have anything to do with the paranormal but I feel it might. First my son gets very sick. Yes a lot of people get sick this year. After having strep he got a horrible rash but here is why I think there might be more to it. I have been wearing a blessed medal on my wrist for a few weeks now. Suddenly my entire arm breaks out into a huge rash. When I took off the bracelet and moved it to my other arm the rash started to clear up and then the arm with the bracelet started to get a rash. Now I don't wear it at all. I have never had an allergic reaction to jewelry before. During the same time my future son in law fell down a flight of steps leading to our basement. Thank God he is ok.. He fell on his back rather than face first. He just ended up with bruising  My husband's blood pressure went sky high and for the first time in our marriage he can get in moods that are kind of scary. That is so not like him. Twice I lose my main story post. My friend Bob Davis who has been helping us for 3 years gets really sick while he is doing research on our case. All of this can just be life but what if it's not? That is why I am getting this done this week. Other things that happened are the creepy evil voice coming from the stairs that leads to the second floor. That is the very worst area in the house. This you can hear with your ears. It is the typical horror movie demon voice like as I said before. I get very dark shadows passing in front of my bedroom tv at night. My daughter and I were in my studio talking and out of nowhere it got ice cold. We were both you feel that? The same thing happens about 15 minutes after I go to bed. It's a bone chilling cold and kind of hard to describe. My studio door will shut on it's own at least once a day. You have to give it a good push for it to latch shut. I will go into the kitchen come back and it's closed. When I talk about this on the phone with a friend the lights like to flicker. I am sure I am forgetting something. So next time this is what I will cover in the blog post.
1. The dreams about this house
2 . The very first night here
3. My children's reactions when we first pulled up to the house.
4. How it all started
5. The black mass and the attacks on my family
6. Evps and evidence
7. Every detail I can remember that is paranormal in this house
8. what we are doing to try to stop it.
9. explanations of the voices we hear.
10. Details on who some of the spirits could be
11. The history of the people who lived here and the history of the house.
12. Things that have happened not only in the house but in the barn and pole barn.
13. Past experiences in my life that may have led up to this house.
14. My extended family's reaction to our home.
15. How it stalks my son's
16. The exact detail on what it has done to me in the best wording I can find. That is not going to be easy.
One detail I can tell right now is how it extremely scratched my leg and even my mattress.
I am sure there is more than 16 lol.
I will get the main story done this week the smart way. I don't think it wants me to tell it to be honest.
This is kind of funny. I'm trying to be really sneaky when it comes to protecting my 10 year old. When he wasn't feeling well I would sprinkle some blessed salt around him when he was sleeping. I also put a blessed prayer card under his pillow. Well one day he caught me sprinkling the salt. He was like mom....what are you doing? I had to come up with something fast and I told him it might help his sore throat lol. I sure as heck couldn't say it's to keep a demon away from you. Then I put a little bowl of the salt under his bed. Again he caught me. I had to tell him that it might help keep fleas away because we found a flea on his cat! Then he was sleeping on the couch and I put a bowl of salt under the couch. I'm getting ready to go to bed and he switched couches so once again I had to move the bowl so I am basically chasing him with bowls of salt! Just a little humor in all of this. I try to hide as much as I can from my son so he won't be terrified to live in his own house. It's not fair that he is terrified of his bedroom because of that black shadow man running up to his face at night. OK..enough for now!
Until next time.
Thanks for reading and I love your comments.
Oh. Just a note. I had a lady post comments and I am sure she had good intentions but her post came out as bosy and judgemental. She was basically scolding  me for the way I handle the situation so I did have to comment back and delete her comments.
I mean what I say in the description. If you post your stories you will be treated with full respect and will not be judged but the same goes for me. I want respect and I don't want to be judged. She could have worded it in a kinder way. 10 years ago I would have been meek and said nothing. Now I'm a grumpy woman who won't put up with disrespect. Ok I am really leaving now!
God bless your day.

3 really good evps...creepy MY HOUSE, HI and AHHHHHH


  1. I have nothing but respect and I would like to judge you as a friend, if that is OK with you.

    1. Thank you Bob! I know you would never judge me. You're the bestest!

  2. Wow...that's amazing. I'm not sure if I'd even stay in the house, but then again it does intrigue not sure. I'm a believer that there are spirits around us for whatever reason and I believe there are demonic entities as well, and I have to believe with those entities "Our Lord and Savior" will protect us.

    I wish you and your family all the best. Thanks for sharing your experience, stay strong.

    God bless.

    1. People ask all the time how do you stay there...well things don't happen all at once and when it is quiet your brain stops thinking about it so life is normal. Does that make sense? So when it's quiet it's not scary? ugh lol

  3. Thank you for all your postings. I don't know how you do it! I've always wondered how I would handle this type of situation and I think I would just run out of there!

    1. Erin first you are scared to death...then scared to death now and then but then you get angry. It's my house and my family and I will kick it out with the help from my friends and God. Even if it doesn't leave we can get it to back off.

  4. As far as the "dust", my opinion on the matter has always been, if it were dust, there would definitely be more than just a few or even one specs at a time. Dust usually scatters in bursts, a lot of particles at once. Your photo looks to be more than JUST dust to me. That is my opinion. Your rash, and accidents happening are also in my opinion are reasons to think that it could be from the evil, non human thing. I understand there are people who have their opinions, or don't believe in this type of activity, but I DO know it exists. People watch the "true" haunting tv shows and make judgments on some of the stunts they pull. Just because what you see on tv is sometimes clearly staged, that doesn't mean hauntings, posessions, etc. are not real. Remember, these things have happened way before television was even invented. I just thank you for taking time to share your experiences with everyone. There are so many people who would keep this to themselves for fear of rejection, or not being believed. If people were truly friends in the first place, you won't lose them. You have a lot of courage! I pray that you can at least get the "Bad Thing" out of there, if not all with John Zaffis suggestions. Let the non believers have their opinions, but remember there are people that genuinely believe you, and are praying for you and your family's safety. Chrisine M.

    1. P.S.
      The EVP's are creepy! I use my headphones to hear them and they are positively there!

  5. Yes. No way were they dust. Nothing was there at all until we asked it to be in the picture and with all the activity and evps come on. Dust? really? I have so many evps its nuts and I have to delete a lot of the hard to hear ones. In one session I can get up to 15. Most are faint but I get at least 2 or 3 great evps to post. Thanks for your nice comments. This stuff is real and I would not have believed it until we lived her. I believed in some things but never in my life did I think all this would happen. In a way it's a blessing. I am lucky enough to know that there is something out there that we can't explain. It has strengthened my faith in God also. For me...Jesus was the only way to make it back off.

  6. I am so excited for your new post! I have been trying all day to listen to the two videos. I was able to finally listen to the first one but the second one will still not load for me. :( I pray that you and your family stay safe and think of you often. Honestly, it is a bit consuming to me. I have also experienced something from the other side several times in my life. As for me, I'm a believer! Don't let the negative opinions of some drag you down! You know what the truth is and your true friends will still be there with you no matter what!