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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spirit knocks causing me to run like a little girl

I've never had anything like this happen before. I heard a voice in the bathroom so I grabbed my camera. I ask if it is there and then you hear 6 very loud knocks coming from inside the shower. I swear on my life this happened and is something paranormal. There was no way at all to debunk this. No windows were open. No pets in the room and nothing that could have made that knocking sound. It sounded like someone picked up a plastic lid and banged it against the shower wall but there was nothing it could have picked up in there. This terrified me and I bolted. At the same time you hear the knocks you see an orb shoot from the wall to the door near the door knob. There is also an orb right at the beginning of the video that is on the door. I chose to make the video green so you could see the orbs better since this was taken in daylight. There is also a strange evp right before you hear the knocks that you can hear with headphones. Last night around 11:30 my bed shook hard twice and I bolted again. See what happens when I for the most part stop filming? They are trying to get our attention in more physical ways like they used to. An hour after the knocks one of the bathroom cabinets opened. I was too scared to film after the knocks though. I have heard knocks on doors before but nothing this close to me and so loud. I swear on my life this is real and I do think the orbs verify that. It might not seem scary to you but it scared me so badly I shook for an hour. So that is a day in the life of living in my haunted house lol. I laugh but I'm pretty much sick of it and we have hit a brick wall when it comes to fast help.

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