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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It said my name :( 2 new evps from a creepy man.

I keep thinking that I am not going to post until I write our story but I keep getting evps that I want to share. I got about 10 this morning alone. No kidding but 2 that I got using my cell phone were way creepy, loud and clear. One he is saying my name Carmen. I only post the better evps in my blog. I upload a lot of them to YouTube but if they are very faint I toss them out.

In this next one he is saying a long creepy Hello. I don't know how to convert my audio files to a file that I can put on YouTube or however people do that lol. When I figure it out these evps will be totally clear. It was like he was right beside me whispering into my phone. This was in my bedroom! Sleeping with a light on tonight! I actually sleep with the tv on and a flashlight in my bed! I do lol. I'm a total little girl at night. Before the black mass that I am going to tell you about and the voices I was so happy to sleep in the dark. I hated even a nightlight. I miss that. I joke and do lots of LOL's but it's very scary and being alone during the day can be rough at times. I am always looking over my shoulder and afraid I will see something around each corner.

 I guess I will keep posting new evidence as I get it but I will have our main story done soon. I promise. Posting evidence as it comes helps me keep a journal of all this.
So this was today's creepiness.
If anyone knows how I can get the audio on video please let me know. As always I love to read your comments. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Oh! I did hear a sound thinking it was nothing again but when I played back my ipad I heard a woman say ahh. It was so quiet I didn't upload it though. So I heard it with my ears again and got the proof on my ipad. Since my phone picked these last 2 evps up so clearly I need to figure out how to get my audio files as videos. So help anyone lol.

About a week ago and the same day I heard the man in the basement yell pumpkin I heard a noise that sounded just like him in the hallway but I thought it was me being paranoid because of the loud evp. When I heard a man's voice with my ears yesterday and then had proof of that on my iPad I realized that what I heard was the pumpkin man I guess I will call him.
This house is crazy nuts but I am going to keep documenting it. I got a very nice email from a woman yesterday who basically went through what my family is going through. It was so similar I squeeked out an OMG. My main story of our haunting will be up by the weekend.
Have a good day everyone and thanks for taking the time to read and listen. Also thanks for the great comments yesterday. I am in a much better mood and I'll try not to let some comments get to me. It is their  right to post what they want so I need to man up lol. I also found a million typos in my last blog post. I swear I can't type anything without having a ton of mistakes and this post will probably be the same but in my defense....I just heard a ghost whisper my name lol.
btw.... I haven't heard from Alma in 2 days.
Thanks again,

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  1. Can't wait for the things that you are going to share...I don't know why I am so obsessed with the paranormal, but have been since as long as I can remember!! I do know if it were happening to me I wouldn't be to thrilled, lol. Maybe not to hear Alma for a few days is a good thing?!

    Christine M.