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Monday, March 18, 2013

Mass photo, really loud evps, flash of light Growl

Lots of great evidence today.
Get your headphones 
even though you won't need them for the first video. 

click on the picture above to make it bigger

I heard a noise in the living room like a thunk and grabbed my camera. My dog was acting scared. I caught this picture. I could see the lights with my eyes but I didn't see the form thing until I looked at the picture. I might have caught something there. I'm pretty sure that I did.  I also decided to do a couple of videos and I did end up getting a few good evps including a whistle and a grow but the best evp and I think the best I have ever gotten is this one. No headphones needed. They are louder than me. Please read the YouTube description. A man says yup and at the end another man says what I think is ( he said yup ) I'm also pretty sure that is not me saying turn the lights on. It sounds like me but why would I say that?

In this one you see a big flash of light and right after you hear a growl type sound. You can tell the growl is an evp because of it sounding distant. Get your headphones out but you can hear it without them.

In this next one you hear a man try to talk..its a really deep voice but sounds very strange. That one is hard to hear but right after you hear a woman reply ( how ) right before I talk. The video description shows where they are at so you might want to play it on YouTube  After the woman says how you hear a whistle. I have gotten whistles two other times.

You hear a woman say I don't know really fast. It's clear with headphones. She says it after I sniffle lol

I have more videos that I will post soon. Btw I have a priest coming to bless the house tomorrow! I finally got one to help us.

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