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Friday, March 22, 2013

It's ( they ) are still here and maybe stronger. 2 good videos

Just a fast one today. I'm posting a few videos showing something is still here and as long as it is nice I have no problem with it unless it creeps in corners and shows itself lol. Maybe the bad thing is gone. These don't feel bad at all. In the first video you will see a small flashing ball. Then you will hear the stairs creak really loud and in the  middle of that creak  you hear a man say come on.
(Not only a small orb but you hear footsteps and during the steps you hear come on. Orb at :10 come on voice at :18 )

I ask if the thing that turns my stove burners is there and an orb the size of a basketball comes into the room. Again this was very clear on my phone so you might want to watch it in a dimly lit room. It is very big and comes in through the door way at a nice leisurely pace lol. There is a very very faint evp that I can't make out at all. You can see the orb at around :03...right away.

Something is still here and it seems to be stronger. Yesterday we got a huge mist that came across the room and we see these tiny bright lights just stream by making electronics crackle. The mist and the orb things are much bigger and show up almost immediately. Nothing feels bad though so crossing our fingers.

More tomorrow...I have more good videos to post. I hope people are watching these! lol



  1. Sure did see them! They seem curious when you talk to them and show themselves. Christine M.

    1. I noticed how many times I said "them" in my reply...i'm tired, Lol!

  2. So you deffinetly know you have somthing in yout home when you walk into the kitchen and the stove burners are on? Because thats whats been happening to me not frequently but what type of spirit do u think it is if it turns stoves on? At my old place I would find the stove on I believe it was 2 times and now we move into the new place I wake up this morning and my dam stove is on and it wasnt my dogs because they are locked in a cage .... im too paranoid and mad I need advice. Tell me you guys think from your experience email me back thank you btw my name is Michelle