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Friday, January 31, 2014

If you are new to my blog please find the post called Our story and start from there.

It's been a long time since my last post but nothing has changed. Evil guy is still in the house but here are some pics and a few videos of our bathroom activity. When I flush the toilet all hell breaks loose lol. Don't worry I am not on it when I flush! lol. I just do it because i know the activity goes nuts. It has been very vocal lately where you can hear it with your ears. Lots of evil laughs, growls and cussing. Sometimes when I go to bed this thing gets right in my face in the upstairs hallway. It is blacker than black and you feel it in front of you. One night the room went black for a split second. It still loves to knock and scratch and my son's room is closed off until we can get rid of it. It's basically toy storage. This thing slammed my daughters head with a kitchen cabinet and my head with an old lamp. So basically nothing has changed at all. I will be back more often I just didn't want to give it a lot of attention. Be back soon and enjoy the photos and video evidence.
I'm sorry that I didn't have much time to write today. I will be writing a longer post over the weekend with more evidence of our nuts house. This first video has a very loud evp and some orbs. The thing says pumpkin which is my cats name but what is weird is that 3 years ago and evil voice said pumpkin in the basement and we did not have that cat back then. 

Above is the blue orb

above is the water experiments. I run water and you hear a man says...happy birthday and then yells out birthday. Please wear headphone for that one.


  1. Hi I just started following your blog since yesterday. I think you need to find some serious help there. The evil thing could be a demon. Evil ones tend to have terrible smell and they could actually suck in your energy when you sleep, it gives them more strength and you will feel weaker and weaker. It might help a little by burning lots of frankincense and sage.

  2. New to you blog. Very interesting, and interested. I'll have to spend more time. Definitely hear the EVP in the first video. P.S. great looking page, keep it up! :)