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Friday, December 5, 2014

The photo above is my chair ghost. The chair will rock on it's own and I actually caught this while it was rocking.

It's been so long since I have posted. I keep saying that I will post and then something side tracks me.  Our mean spirit is still around but not as active....I think. I got this evp the other night while I was trying to film a spider on my wall. Our mean thing says, " Fear me. You whore.". Clear as day.

Btw ignore typos. I had to type fast so that  my son would not see this post.

It has been vocal but it really hasn't done anything terrible of late. The other spirits..if there are more and not this thing doing all of it have been extremely active. Crazy active. They do all kinds of things to get my attention in my studio on a daily basis. They will turn on the lamp, turn off the fan, make my lamp shade spin in circles, move bags across my desk, turn on my printer, knock shelves off of the wall. One day I saw a shelf fly off the wall and it smashed my antique doll. This happened with another shelf and it busted some of my antique ball jars. It whispers my name, knocks on the walls and moves small dolls. One thing that is does almost every day is bang on a can. I have a can of acetone on my shelf and this thing bangs on it all of the time. Every time that it bangs I get my camera out and I always catch something. In this video I caught it on tape! It didn't just bang on the can it slammed it! I was so excited to get that. I wish that people could see it happen though. I know that a lot of people think that I faked it.
Here is the video.

Bang caught on tape

It's been very vocal in the bathroom. More than once my husband asked if I called him or if I was crying. My son and daughter both heard something that sounded just like me sobbing.
One thing that is really weird. I bought water speakers. When music plays water goes up and down and there are lights. I have more than once heard them speak through the speakers! For real. I have a video of it that I need to upload. I even sent a pair of water speakers to a ghost hunting friend.

One night I was working in my studio and I heard a thud behind me. I looked and it was a perfume bottle that I kept in the bathroom. The bathroom is right next to my studio. That was unsettling.
The orb and mass videos are crazy. It is so active right now and I don't know why. I have some great new videos posted and some that I need to upload.

You are going to watch this amazing video more than once because it is so fast. Some strange huge white mass flashes by.

This is a mass that I could that zips through the bedroom. They love my bedroom of course. If you go to my channel I also have a slow motion version.

This is an evp that I caught totally by accident. I didn't know that my camera was on or how it turned on.

It says DEVIL

So things are nuts but not horrible. I have only seen the black mass once in 3 months. It did the typical come in from under the bedroom door thing and hover over me. It is terrifying every time. You honestly feel pure evil and like it is trying to hurt you and drag you to hell. That is not an exaggeration at all.

Oh! I almost forgot. Many times it will tap me on the shoulder while I am working and I hear whispers by my ear often. Usually  my name. It also broke my lampshade. It loves that lamp. It suddenly crashed down. I guess it can't spin it any more huh? lol.
One night my husband fell asleep on the couch. He said that he heard something going up and down the stairs all night. It freaked him out.
My step son saw a tall shadow man cross from the living room to the dinning room and he has only spent the night one time since.
I put the knobs back on the stove but I had to take them right back off. It turned on 2 burners at once.
Last year on Thanksgiving I saw the knob turn! I wish I could have filmed that.
It loves to thunk on the refrigerator to get our attention when we are in the kitchen.
I have a pan hanging in the kitchen and it will make it move back and forth really fast. You can stop it and then it will start right back up again.
My youngest son will still hear his name called upstairs. He has also heard his dad laughing when he wasn't home. The upstairs is bad. The very worst but the other most active rooms are my studio, both bathrooms...and the entire upstairs of course. The basement has a really bad feeling to it and I've gotten some really scare evps down there. One is your typical horror movie evil laughter.

This next video is amazing orb and ghost action in the bedroom. Some guy commented saying that I did it using flashlights lol.

There is so much more but I need to finish this before my son gets up.
I promise to blog more often and I also created a facebook group where I post evidence and people can talk about their own hauntings.

It is a closed group so if you join your posts are seen by group members only.

Have an amazing day and I really will be back soon!
Thanks for reading my blog. It means a lot. I have said it before but something this unreal and crazy needs to be shared so that people can see that this really does go on.
There are really "ghosts" and demons. If there are Demons then there is a God and I hope that this blog helps get this message out.
The only way I could get the demon to leave me alone was to tell it to leave in the name of Jesus. All of this has strengthened my faith.
Sorry about typos I have to type fast so my son won't see this and get scared.
God bless all of you!

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  1. I blog about my house too! It helps to just get it out since you can't talk about this stuff with friends and neighbors. My family partially believes me. It's hard to believe unless you live with it. Your house is way more active than mine, but out haunting a are so similar. I had a house clearing done in April from a local psychic and it helped a lot. But I guess it can take repeated attempts. I hope your kids are doing OK, my daughter heard a mean voice directed at her and since then isn't doing OK. We are getting our house blessed again and I can give you his info since he can do it remotely. He really did help us, and we noticed immediately that the temperature of the rooms evened out. We were shocked by that and thought the cold rooms/areas were just poor ventilation. I won't have an investigation done either because I feel like these groups just want to gawk at your haunting and leave. I think they could probably make things worse. This stuff is real and your right that prayers and invoking the name of Jesus can help. Our psychic said that too. He said fear feeds it but it's hard to be brave living with this. Something here made friends with my five year old autistic grandson. He hasn't talked to "the shadow" since we had the house clearing, but something's still here. You seem very brave, bless you and your family.