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Monday, January 12, 2015

Finally found help

I received a message from google that someone had logged into my account. I checked it out and someone from another city in my area did indeed log in. I changed my password and I hope that my blog won't get hacked. That was really weird. I also wanted to state that things are worse again. This thing is way more active and threatening. We did find a team to come out and when they say that it is ok I can post who it is. I don't think I will say anything until we meet them for the first time just in case something happens where they can't come out and I won't say unless they give me the ok.
 They seem amazing. They care and I hope this does all work out.
The photo I posted was of a super active night. This was in the bedroom. That corner for some reason is nuts and sometimes you can see a tall black shadow man just standing there. All of the light type things that you see are spirits or whatever it is. On video it was crazy. I will be back to explain more soon. Here are a few videos. I want to thank you guys for your constant support.

The video above is just nuts. My daughter was home visiting and we were in my studio watching videos. The videos that we watched were about funny baby goats and the singer Lorde. She also showed me a toy Pikachu that she bought for my son. In the video they say...Baby goat, then a man says Lorde really fast and then you hear pikachu. They made it very clear that they were watching us. 

The video above is one that I took in the basement. 2 different voices tell me to get out. They are always telling me to get out in the basement.

It's so weird. Upstairs I get help, help me, help us and help me the basement...Get out.

In the bedroom they are more threatening like the video that said ...FEAR me you whore..

Here is a link to that video

I'm not sure if I posted this one or not and you kind of have to take my word on this one. When they or it wants my attention they like to bang on a can in my studio.
This day was nuts. I heard my name whispered twice and this little fan I have moved. The blade bent backwards.
I got my phone out and this thing slammed on that can.
This was real. It was not staged and I was the only one in the room. 

You might have to watch this one more than once and if I already posted it I am sorry. On the back wall there is this strange white object that zips by.

The video above is of a huge orb in the creepy corner of the bedroom

In the video above a man says wounded at the very end.

Thanks again for your support.
To be honest sometimes I think about deleting the blog and my videos thinking that it  might make things better by giving it less attention.
I have made videos now and then but I refuse to talk to it. The videos are to show the team that is helping us.

Have a great day and God bless you guys.

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