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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Activity update

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I haven't written in my blog much because life has been so busy I hardly get a chance. I thought that I would post an update before my son gets home. So much has happened and it is still a daily occurrence. A show called Paranormal survivor found my blog and gave me a call asking me to be on it. I had full intentions of doing the show but my husband was worried that co workers might see it. We are still iffy about doing tv but I won't rule it out. The one paranormal group that was going to help us back out. Stopped communication for no reason at all. The last video I sent them was an evp of our thing saying one of their names. Then nothing. I do have a demonologist that will help. It is a really hard decision as to whether we should have him come out though. My fear is that it will make it worse and this thing will take it out on my son. I honestly have no idea what to do.
A few days ago I went down to the basement to do laundry. I found the basement covered in dead flies. It was as if it happened over night. I do realize that there are explainable reasons for this happening other than paranormal but with this house I honestly think that it is demonic activity. Here is a video. I hope it works for you. I have been having bad luck uploading videos to blogger. Actually I will put it at the end of this post.
A very kind woman asked me to be on her web show. I haven't talked to her since she asked but I do hope that it happens. In other situations it seems like if your haunting is not famous you are ignored and the way to make it famous is by being on tv. We have turned down 4 tv offers now. I'll cave soon though.
This woman is very sweet so i am sure that is not the case with her show. She has been so helpful and she is the one who helped me find the demonologist.
Other than the flies I have had the constant voices and whispers. The constant banging on various cans in my studio. It really wants my attention and I don't know why. Since we get evps of men, women, children and the demon thing I don't know what is trying to get my attention. Do we have a demon and ghosts? Are ghosts real or are there just demons? I wish that I knew. I went into the garage one day. It's huge and more like a pole barn and it is filled with stuff that they left. Even a model t car. Guess what our thing did? It banged as loud as it could on a can. This thing follows me. It has even been in my car. I know because I made a video of my son's bus and it was talking in the video.
Our driveway is about 900 feet so many mornings I take my son to the bus rather than walk. When I pulled up to the house I thought that I saw my husband standing in the kitchen. When I walked inside no husband. He was in bed. Today I pulled up to the house and I saw a man standing there. It was the shape of a man but a shadow. No features. I ran into the house and of course nothing was there but as soon as I walked out of the kitchen to the bathroom I heard a voice. It was a man but I don't know what it said.
Last night I was in bed watching tv. My husband was still downstairs. I FELT the sheet being pulled under my head. It tugged on the sheet. I ran and got my husband. I still sleep with a flashlight in the bed. A few nights ago it knocked over this nightstand. It just fell over. That was freaky. Then the night before there were 3 knocks on the closet door. It likes to do that. That same day I had an antique green jar that I found in the barn slide across my desk at least 3 inches. I have a doll on a shelf in front of my desk that basically fell but it fell 2 feet towards me almost hitting me in the face. One thing that is making me mad is that it is picking on me and my son and not my husband.
My son hears a man cough upstairs. He hears his name called. He hears me crying when I am not and I hear my son call me but it's not him. All this stuff is happening but not when my husband is around and then a lot of the evps that I catch in family videos sound like me. It is like it is trying to make me look like an idiot to my husband. He has experience a lot in this house but not lately. The worst thing that he experienced was seeing it attack me in bed. After about 9 times he finally saw what was going on. He didn't see that thing but he saw me fighting the thing off and not being able to speak. He did see a black mass glide under the door though. That really freaked him out but he did also saw our thing in the upstairs hallway one night.
Another thing that happened was I was standing at the front door looking out of the window and I heard someone totally walk up or down the stairs. Each foot hitting each stair. That was really upsetting.
I wish I could understand all of this better. I really do. It can drive you nuts trying to figure it all out.
Some things that I do know....
It watches me daily.
It can talk loud enough for me to hear it with my ears.
It knows what I am doing and can even say things before I say it.
It is always calling my name in evps. ALL of the time. It's always a man who calls my name. Never a woman.
It can move things
It can turn the knobs on the stove to light a burner. We have to keep the knobs off.
It can make a room go totally cold where you get goosebumps. It can even make the room go black for about a second.
It can touch me and as I said before in this blog and I don't touch on it much this thing is an Incubus. It can hurt you. It has scratched me. Slapped me in the face and I think that it bit the back of my neck. I felt a burning pain right after I listened to a home video I had taken. I was playing it back to see if I wanted to upload a doll video to Facebook. I heard the evp so I knew that it was in the room. Then the burning started. I think that I posted that picture in my blog. You could see scratches but it also looks like there could be teeth marks.
Last night my son was being hilarious and I made a video of him. You see at least a dozen orbs shoot from behind him and a loud male yell. It was between a growl and a yell.
It's scaring my animals big time. You see them looking at something and their ears will go back, hiss and then run.
There is so much I know that I will forget something.
Oh...2 times now I thought that my husband came home early because I heard the back door slam and then footsteps. Nope. He wasn't home.
I have also walked into my studio in the morning and things are just not in their place or knocked over.
This really freaked me out and it sounds like of stupid.
I went to bed. Husband was still up. I got up and went downstairs to go to the bathroom. I go back up to the bed and their was a huge black spider ring placed right where I was laying. My husband didn't do it and my son was sound asleep. This was around 11 pm. Where did the ring come from and how the heck did it do that?
I still get tons of knocks when I am taking a shower. I HATE THAT. You can't exactly run but the worst thing was the other night. It came into the bedroom like it used to do. Under the door as a black mass and went up the wall, to the ceiling and hovered over me. It was one of the times where you feel pure evil and terror and can't move.
After telling it to leave in the name of Jesus it finally left. I was so scared that it was going to touch me but it didn't.
One thing I really get sick of is people asking why we don't move. My answer is send me the money to move and it's a deal. Also I love my house. I love this farm. I want this thing to go but my gut says that it won't. It's all over the property and even in the woods. Barry Fitzgerald from Ghost hunters international told me that it was the land and there are so many reasons for the haunting.
1. we live by an old 1800's cemetery.
2. we have a creek winding around the property
3. We live very close to the battle grounds of the battle of Tippecanoe and why I didn't figure that out years ago I don't know.
So there could be Indians buried here or soldiers who were killed.
There is also a good chance of lime being on the property.
We live by a train station and I was told that that could help with a haunting.
We also have 2 transformers on the property. This house was moved from town onto a pre existing basement so I have no idea what happened to the house that used to be here. I think that it burned down but I am not sure.
In the basement I get GET OUT evps every time. I also get that loud demonic voice and evil laughter. I'm not kidding. Just like a horror movie. I have those evps on my youtube channel.
One time when I was in the basement finishing up laundry I looked into this one little creepy room that I hate. It is tiny and painted red filled with antique furniture that was here when we moved in. The door is an old antique door with a window. I was on the stairs and I swear on my life I saw something with red eyes jump from a tall cabinet to a table in that room. It wasn't a cat or a raccoon. It was bigger than that. I have evps from the basement where you hear something scurry away like something on it's belly.
The basement is bad. It feels bad. The only nice evp that I have gotten down there was a man who said the name Monica. The rest are all GET OUT. Different men say get out. One time one man said GET and then another man said the same session another man said GET OUT OF HERE.
That basement is evil. The only other places in the house that feel that bad are the upstairs hallway an d  my bedroom.
I wish that I could write more but I need to stop because I have to get my son soon.
So in a nutshell it is worse again and I have no idea why. I don't look for it anymore. I don't talk to it anymore. Maybe it's mad especially since it calls my name in every home video. If I made a video right now some voice would be in it and probably someone yelling Carmen.
Ok...I really appreciate you guys reading this. Telling my story means so much to me. I wish everyone would believe it though.
Ghosts, demons or whatever you want to call it is very real and I think that they are just about everywhere.
After being around them so long I know how to hear them and even see them in certain ways.
You get tuned into it.
Ok. I'll be back soon with another update.
God bless you guys,
Ps sorry for typos. Was in a hurry again.
I hope that the video works for you
If you need help or advice you can email me at
I have learned to much that I can actually help people.

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