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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Full bodied apparition.

I'm in total shock. I always wondered why we never see apparitions in this house. Just a shadow man, black mass, white mass and various other forms including something with glowing eyes the size of a medium sized dog jumping from a cabinet to a desk in the creepy room in the basement but last night I saw something that I have never seen in the 6 years that we have been living here. The guys went to the store last night and it was just me at home. It had been storming all day long. It was about 9 at night. I was downstairs and walked past the stairs. I stopped and just froze. I saw a tall man at the top of the stairs. You could see his shirt, long pants but no face. It was just a black ball. I think it stayed there for a good 3 seconds and it just disappeared. I could tell that it was looking right at me even without the face. After it left I seriously RAN outside and sat in my car until the guys came home. I not only sat in my car I drove to the middle of the driveway away from the house. This puts a whole new spin on things for me. I am down right scared. Why would I see an actual apparition after 6 years and what the hell does it want? I get evps from men, women, children and our evil thing or is the evil thing doing all of it? Seeing this has me all confused and I DON'T want to see it again and I hope that my son doesn't see it although I think that he already has. On night my son said that he saw a man's arm kind of holding a doorway. The rest of the man would have been in the hallway. He also thought that he saw his dad a few times when his dad wasn't even home. He also saw a black "ball" Floating in the hallway and he said that it popped like a balloon. I've seen a shadow man more than once but the time that stands out in my mind was when I saw it peeking out from the bathroom door. You could see the head, shoulder and arm around the door. It was in the bathroom peeking out. The black mass is terrifying but seeing an actual man with no face is a new kind of fear. I've been on the fence about having a demonologist coming out afraid that it could get worse but now I'm asking him to come over as soon as he can. Before I saw the "man" lots of small things were happening in the house because of the storms. Things were falling over on my desk...the can banging was just ridiculous. Loud and constant and I was pretty sure that I heard a voice coming from the bathroom and a whisper in my studio. Then I was filming the storm and I accidentally got 2 evps. One is a man saying WELCOME and another is a man saying get out. Talk about mixed messages. This video is of the man saying Welcome. I hope that you can hear it. Turn up the volume. It was very loud and clear on my phone. I made a small video where I repeat the evp. So I am kind of in shock and freaked out today and very jumpy. The cat walked into the room and I shot up a few feet from my chair lol. This is all SOOOOO Confusing. This stuff is not suppose to happen. I have a lot of work to catch up on today and I'm kind of in this freaked out fog if that makes sense. I had a little bit of holy water left and I'm wearing it like perfume lol. You have to laugh a little or go nuts. So I'm going to finish some work outside before it rains and then get some work done in my studio. Everyone else is still in bed and I can't wait until they get up. Life is so weird. This thing wants my attention. If it is a person or people why? If it is the thing I think that it is mad that I am not giving it any attention and wants it because giving it attention gives it power. I wish I knew but it can keep it's faceless butt away from me and especially my son. That is NOT acceptable. So current mood...freaked out and confused. Here is the welcome evp video. Hope you can hear it. It's sneaky right before the thunder. btw sorry for typos....just really tired.

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