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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Very interesting update and photo.

Please tell me what you see in the photo above. I want to see if you see what my daughter and I do.
Ignore my mess lol. I'm putting things in storage and cleaning out the room. 

I just wanted to send a little update while I work on the main story. My daughter took some photos in my studio. One was a definite orb but she wanted me to post this one and I would love to read what you think and what you see. My daughter and I both agree on what we see in the photo. When she was taking it she saw a little light stream in front of the camera. She had asked  if a spirit could stand by the door. Before this photo she took dozens of photos of the same doorway with nothing in them. We both gasped a little when we saw this photo. After she took the photo something in my studio said a very faint hello or what. This wasn't an evp. It talked in a whisper in the room. We tried to recreate this photo with no luck. My husband was determined to debunk it and couldn't. It was pretty funny. He went as far as spraying water on the wall to see if it was a reflection lol.
 I'm sorry I haven't been able to finish our main story yet. My son became very sick with strep throat. He's still not totally over it. He came home from school Friday with a fever of 103.8 and when he asked his teacher if he could go to the nurse she said no. I think I need to send one of our spirits to her house lol. I also had to add this. I had emailed John Zaffis asking for help with our house and how surprised was I when he answered telling us what we should do to try to get rid of Mr. Evil. He is so busy and how cool was it for him to take the time to help us?  His advice was to buy sea salt, frankincense and Myrrh and 4 iron nails. He said to sprinkle the salt all round every room and above the doors. Then he said to burn the incense in every room of the house telling it to leave in the name of Jesus. He said to bury one nail at each corner of the house. I am waiting on the incense to get here. If anyone is having a similar problem with a mean black mass or shadow man the incense was on ebay  for under 5 dollars.  You can buy sea salt at Walmart and the nails at a hardware store. I'll let you know if this helps get rid of Mr. Nasty.
The last evp session I did scared me so bad I could only listen to it once. I'm not even sure if I want to upload it. The thing talked all the way through it and did a classic evil laugh. I haven't looked for evps since and I'm not sure if I will again. I'm on the fence about that right now. If I get the guts to upload it I'll let you know. The first word it said was careful but I have no idea what was meant by that. This was the evil thing in the house. I've never had an evp upset me that much and it was caught loud and clear in my bedroom.
Other then that I am working on our story little by little in between work and it will be done this week. So please comment about what you see in the photo. I am 100 percent sure that it is not a reflection because these things only show up in pictures when you ask them to. I hope everyone has a great Sunday and watch for another post very soon. 


  1. I am seeing 3 different areas, 1-on the black board, appears to have a face to the right side of board. 2. the wall area seems to have an outline of something 3. there is a black mass like thing just to the other side of the doorway, is that a jacket hanging on a chair? I agree with John, like I said, you need sea salt in very room, but do not keep it in there, refresh and put "used" salt in baggy and get out bury that bag, then you can re-salt if needed with fresh salt. the nails, I have not heard of, but if John says to do this, it must have a connection., I burn incense as well, the sage, frankencense. Anything is worth a try!! the very best of luck to you. :)
    Sincerely-Marti Will

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  4. I see a odd looking bearded man's face to the left and a smaller diabolical looking face to the right. Hope your boy feels better soon. Everything's going around. My family has just gotten over the flu. I'm sorry about your extreme scare. I would like to hear that evp one of these days. I understand you not wanting to mess with all that anymore. Just focus on cleansing and surround you and your family with love and light. Take care.

  5. Hi Carmen: I see what you both are seeing...There is spirit energy on the wall near the doorway on the's a man with a beard and a red checked shirt....not sure if he has a hat on...and yes kinda looks like a lumberjack as Kris stated...he doesn't look menacing though...Is that a black coat in the hallway? or the shadow man...looks too "opaque" for a shadow man???

  6. I didn't realize he had a red checkered shirt? I saw a man with a red checked shirt standing by the barn once!!!

  7. Oh and Rasperry he is menacing. I'll explain that in the big post. The black shadow is our vacuum cleaner lol!

  8. Hi Carmen great story. I just got done listening to the EVPS, creepy. This is by far the best story I have read. God bless you and your family and your house. And please be careful, what you are dealing with is very dangerous and I think you know that.