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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Apparition, growls, evps and lights

Please click on the photo above to see a face right above the hair dryer. I heard noises while folding laundry and grabbed my camera. Right when I took the photos I saw a big round orb come at me and this is what showed up in the picture.What is interesting is this face looks like the face we caught in my studio. That picture is on the right side of the blog. It looks like a man crossing his arms. I'm also going to post the photo on facebook just in case it is too small to see the face here.  Please excuse the laundry I didn't put away yet lol.

( Get your headphone! )

A lot has happened since my last post. I don't have much time so here is a quick version of what is going on with some video evidence. The first video is a growl evp. I'm talking a definite creepy growl. Right before the growl you hear some kind of yell. My daughter and I were goofing around in my studio and we might have made it mad. For all the people who yell at me for getting evidence videos I rarely do it anymore and in the videos I am going to post my daughter and I were basically being goofy. I'm torn about getting evidence. I worry about it making things worse yet I feel like I need to document it. So please don't judge me about it just yet lol.
Please get your headphones. The evp is right away and I think at :02 of the video. Click on the video to view it on youtube for the description.

In this next video you hear some really weird evps. I think there is also an orb. First you hear what sounds just like me say something like are you there. I'ts not me! You can tell because it sounds distant. This thing totally imitated what I said about 10 minutes earlier and that really really gave me a good scare. Then you hear a woman make a noise and a very clear man. I am not sure what he is saying though.
Please get your headphones.  Click on the video to view it on youtube for the description and time marks so you can easily find the evps.

This last one is just for fun. My daughter and I were being really goofy and kind of ghost hunting and making fun of ghost hunting because we were tired and bored lol.
The reason I am laughing so hard is because we are being very quiet in case we hear something and she does this really loud sniffle. It was way louder in person than it was on the video lol but you do hear an evp talking over us. If you click on the video it will tell you where.
Please get your headphones.  Click on the video to view it on youtube for the description and time marks so you can easily find the evps.

 So ever since the blessing if I turn on my camera I get dozens of orbs right away. NOT DUST. I get so urked when people say they are dust because I know the difference and my house is so active I can get orbs with evps every time I try, in any room in the house and any time day or night. It's very hard to get people to believe me because so many orbs are because of dust, moisture and lens flares but mine are the real thing. I can get 20 in 5 minutes. Here is one more video showing you my pet orbs lol.  Look at how they move, flash and have their own light source. You could also get your headphones on to hear the evps in the same video.

Please get your headphones.  Click on the video to view it on youtube for the description and time marks so you can easily find the evps.

Other things that have happened in the home since the blessing. My son saw an arm reach around the corner and then a head peek into the room and leave. My daughter and I both saw a bright orb at the same time and we also heard a creepy deep voice yell no. I'll post that video next time. I have heard men and women's voices on more then one occasion without recording it. I saw a tall black mass on the stairs. Some times it sounds like people are banging around upstairs wearing boots or something and a few days ago there was a loud dragging sound coming from a wall in my studio. My daughter and I were in my studio and heard little knocks all over the room. If I tape I get dozens of orbs right away that also talk ( evps ). I thought this was a little weird. This morning when I got up the cabinet door was opened and a little jar of instant coffee was in the middle of the room. I tried to find that coffee yesterday because I was out of my regular coffee. If you go into the bathroom you hear a strange water trickling sound when no water is on and with it you hear a voice. It's a bit hard to describe. My dog Scooby is constantly seeing something. She will sit up and just gaze at something that I'm not seeing. My bedroom and studio go cold out of nowhere. I'm sure there is something that I am missing as I am trying to get this post out fast so my son won't see it. I had another priest call me. I had left messages for about 4 of them. I was surprised to hear from him so I am going to go ahead and let him bless the house. Yes, I just had it blessed but it can't hurt. Maybe it will make the evil thing weaker. All it seems to do now is growl and yell here and there. Nothing bad has happened. Knock on wood.  So this is my quick update. I hope you take the time to watch the videos. Next time I'm posting a hilarious video of me and my daughter. I need to get her permission first. We were making fun of Scariest places on Earth and I really want you guys to see it. It will make you laugh.
Let me know what you think about the photo and videos!
Happy Saturday,
Ps...I'm very very tired today so who knows what kind of typos I came up with today!


  1. Wow, i agree that you should have another priest come in, the first one didn't seem very... Well you know... When you contact them are you contacting a specific church?? Just curious.. I was watching Haunted Collector the other day and thought of you and how you have so much that was left behind by the previous owner... The arm and head thing really freaks me out, is your son ok??

  2. have you ever shot videos while you were totally in the dark to see if the orbs shine then and see what color they are?