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Friday, March 20, 2015

Now it's in my car?

The photo above is something materializing at the top of our stairs. A friend caught this for me. 

Once again sorry for not posting. Things have been non stop busy. I mean super busy. I really don't have time for anything at all lately. I have 4 major projects going on. Another reason that I have not posted about our haunting much is because I have done my best to try to ignore it and that is sooo hard to do but I've done it so far! It lets me know that it is in the room with me EVERY day. Like clock work. I do have a couple videos to upload. Stuff caught by accident. Oh and the team that was going to help us totally cut off any communication. I have no idea why when the last email they sent me was how excited that they were to come out. I wonder if it scared one of them. I sent him a video where it said his name.
 I did find a demonologist though. Now we are trying to decided if we really want him to come out though. I know that it could get worse and it has been pretty quiet lately meaning not vicious. Always around me though
but not in a bad way for about a month now. 
My husband would laugh at me when I told him that it bangs on a can everyday multiple time a day to get my attention. ( I do have a video where I caught it SLAMMING on the can. 
 Well it did it again so that time I did film and it said my name loud and clear. 
 Here it is. You will need to turn the volume up all the way or use headphones. The only sound in the room is it saying my name, Carmen at :02. My facebook friends could hear it.  We did a count. In 6 years it has said my name 30 times. My daughter's name 3. My son's name once and NEVER my husbands name. 

 It's either banging on that darn can ( I've moved it all over the room..still does it lol ) or messing with a corner of the room. Things fall over there. Bang for no reason and things move. There is nothing there to cause it. Knocking lamps over...Talking. I hate it when I hear it with my ears. I hate that. Yesterday it was vocal 3 separate times. You hear it but not sure what it said. You guys know that I have all of my paints on my desk in old wooden boxes. One falls out at least daily. It falls towards me and there is a lot of it touching my hair and tugging my shirt. Then the upstairs has lots of voices. You hear them once you get to the top of the stairs. Everyone hears them not just me lol. oh and the other day I had a glass jar on my desk slide at least 2 inches towards me. My siri keeps going off and every time it does a search on the word help. I'm not kidding. The last time siri went off my space heater went out at the exact same time. It will flicker the lights or just turn them off. OH! I had the knobs on the stove on while i was cooking. You guys know that I have to keep them off because it turns the gas burners on. Well the one time in a year that I put them back on it turned on 2 back burners. So it nuts active but not attack active. OH!!! I keep saying oh lol. We were asked to be on Tv again. This time a show out of Canada. She is calling me on to explain what the show it about. We turned down dead files and Steve Harvey and some YouTube shows so far. Maybe this one will feel right. We are not about being on tv yet I want people to know about my story. People keep finding us because of this blog. 
Some other things it is doing almost daily is creeping into my studio. You hear the floor creak. Then my back gets really cold and some kind of light will flicker in the room. It does this every day. It really wants me to talk to it or them. I don't know why. Upstairs I get HELP ME evps and in the basment I get GET out. They say get out down there all of the time. One basment evp said Monica and you hear the thing do the evil laughter or just yell. On the second floor you get the scary evps. Demon, devil and one time and older woman cried house. It's been having fun flinging my closet door open but it has not hurt me or threatened me since the evp that said FEAR ME YOU WHORE. That was a couple of months ago and on this blog.  One thing that really upset me. IT WAS in my car with  me. I made a video of the snow while I was in my car waiting for my son's bus to arrive. When I watched the video a deep voice said GO NOW. I have no idea what that meant and I am so upset that it was in my CAR. So now it's all over the 80 acres and in my car. Nice. 

. Ok I won't be such a poop about posting now. I've just been overwhelmed with work and family. I'm hurrying through this post so I know that there will be a million typos. Sorry about that. I have so much to tell and lately no time to tell it! Thanks to everyone who keeps up with this blog and your support. You guys have made me not afraid to tell our story.
God bless all of you!


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  1. Oh my God! This is terrible. Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but I would be scared to death all the time! I guess you just get used to it maybe. Either way, You sound very brave to me. I really hope everything works out soon for you.