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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Haunted basement and barn crazy evps, pics, videos

Haunted basement and barn

( If you are new to this blog please find the post called our story and read that first. )

I'm so sorry about my lack of blogging. I've been working my buns off and just haven't had the time. 
Today I want to show you a crazy scary as heck event in the basement and share more info about the haunted barn. As many of you know the entire farm is haunted. The house, barn, garage and even the woods. I have also captured evps in my car. 

The other day I went into the basement to do laundry. My back went really cold and I saw this huge shadow go across the window from the inside blocking the light. I went upstairs to grab my camera to try to prove this to my husband. In the video I am just explaining what I saw and explaining a faint evp that I captured in a different basement video. 
The evp sounded like someone saying, " Mean as hell. "
In the video I am posting you will see me pan to the bed. While I am panning there is an orb that shoots against a wall. Once I got to the bed I heard a VERY loud voice says something. At the same time you see a very fast large bar of light cross the bed. It's fast. 
I can not be sure of what it said but it sounded like it was either repeating me or saying..Hello, I'm in hell. Again I am not sure so I would love to hear your comments on that. I heard this voice with my ears. It was super loud in person and it came from the area where the bed is. Here is the video.

If the video above does not work here is the link.

Our basement is crazy active and it is totally negative. I have gotten the loud and clear evil laughter evp that I posted before. It is also on my YouTube channel. I get GET OUT ALL of the time. Almost every time I am down there. Our basement has something evil in it. No kidding.
When I saw that shadow I think my heart rate soared. Then after seeing the shadow and hearing the voice in the video above I basically freaked out and ran upstairs. I avoid the basement as much as possible. 

A few weeks ago I discovered Periscope so I do want to do some live basement investigations. 
As soon as I set that that up I will make a  post letting you guys know my Periscope user name and times when I will be broadcasting.

Here are a few recent pics of things captured in the basement. 
The first one looks kind of like a face. 

Here is another video taken in the basement. 

In this video watch when I turn the corner. 
There is a very fast THING that zips past me! That was amazing to me. Then when slowed down you hear it yell GET OUT. 

Here is the YouTube link.

On to the barn.

Here are some photos that I captured and I guarantee that they are not dust or orbs. After 6 years of this I know the difference. Also many appeared after I asked them to. One picture is of an orb on a chair. This showed up after I asked it to sit down. 

When I was looking through the camera 100's of orbs would shoot by. I wish that people could see this for themselves. The pictures did not do the experience justice but here they are. Again this is NOT dust.

This orb is just weird looking and if you invert the colors you can see an eye.

Here is a perfectly round orb above my cat.

and then a bar...

While in the barn I kept hearing footsteps in the haylofts. I also heard very quiet voices.
In this video you see a little blue orb shoot by then you hear a loud yell. At first I thought that it was a bang but it was a man shouting what I think was get out. 
They love get out in the barn and basement.
On my phone is sounds like a definite yell but on YouTube more of a bang which is disappointing. 

I posted this last time but felt the need to post it again since I am talking about the barn.
In this video I ask it to show up and it shoots in front of the camera. Then I ask it it's name and it said what we think is Matthew. Just turn it up. 

There is so much to tell because this house is active on a daily basis. 

The other day I was experimenting with the iOvilus app.
This thing works! I read reviews where people are saying that it doesn't but they don't get that you have to use it in a haunted location.
It actually freaked me out. 
I asked the spirits or thing to bang on a can in my studio like it doesn almost every day.
The iOvilus said ok.
Then it said left.
Then the can banged. 
This was not a coincidence.
Then later that day the iOvilus said my husband's name.
It even spelled it right and my husband's name is spelled weird.
After that it said work.
He was at work.
Then it said phone. Right after my husband called me.
If you are in a real haunted location this app is the real deal and a bit freaky.

Also my spirits or IT are going nuts around my dolls. JUST NUTS
That is for my next vlog. I have amazing photos and videos of it being around and talking around the dolls.
THREE times I found a different doll layed out in the middle of the livingroom.
Like I said I will cover that next time.
It is also starting to move items from one area to another. 
More on that also.
So nothing has changed. It is more active again. Same black shadows and masses. Same THING that likes to hover over you in bed and then same stinky thing that likes to scratch you.
 Watch for my next blog about dolls and a thing that I captured growling upstairs.
I don't see this thing ever leaving and so far EVERYONE who said that they will help backed out.

Thanks for reading and letting me share this. Writing about it helps a lot.
again...Sorry for typos as I am always in a hurry!

God bless,

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