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Friday, August 28, 2015

Haunted barn ghost interacts with me

Haunted barn and other new events

Please watch for a new blog post August 29th, 2015.
I have been extremely busy but I have a lot of new things to tell you and evidence to post and I am taking tomorrow August 29th to create a new post.
But for now I really wanted to show you this clip from a video that I made and tomorrow I will share more videos and more evps from the barn.
So for now here is one of the barn videos.
Of course the barn is haunted as is the entire property and I did a walk through and a mini ghost hunt inside the barn a few days ago.
In this video I ask if anyone is there to please get in front of my camera and you see orbs fly by. Right after that I asked what it's name was and I got a class A evp.
A lot of friends feel that he answered with the name Mathew. 
Here is the clip.
In case the clip is not working I will also add the YouTube video url.

Here is the Youtube URL

I also wanted to share the photo above. 
I have no  idea what that could be.
There are no cracks in the wood that would let light in in that area.
While in the barn I heard bangs, footsteps and a low grumble.
 I will be back tomorrow with a full post of the barn findings and the many new events that have happened in my home with evidence. Thanks for your patience between posts!
Until tomorrow....

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