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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's day little girl evp w/ way more & a bad experience

Wow do I have a lot to show you today. I kept hearing little knocks in my studio this morning and got 3 wild videos. Here is the first one. You are going to need headphones and turn the sound up all of the way but within the first 3 seconds you hear a little girl! She sounds like a toddler and I have gotten her before! How sad to hear her on Mother's day! If you can't hear her please keep trying. She is there! Right when she talks you see a very faint light but then you see one big one flash and a huge orb stream by. I don't know what she said.  Then right after this evp I got 2 louder creepy ones but here is the little girl with the orbs and lights! If you can't hear her please please try again.

Here is the second video. ( above ) Please get your headphones and turn it up again. I hear them very clearly but I am very good at finding them now. The first one is right away and I have no idea what he is saying. It sounds like get? Then at :06 I think you hear a man yell come on! The first evp has an orb shooting at the exact same time. Please listen more than once if you can not hear it. You have to have headphones.

If you are not a video orb or evp person here are some great photos I took yesterday.
Yet another orb but this time it's purple! That is a new color!

Click on the photos to see them larger.

I still have a lot to show you but that will have to be later this week.
The bangs in the house have become louder lately and I did have a bad experience 2 nights ago and that hasn't happened in a long time.
It was not a dream. I was laying in bed and I felt that pure terror feeling. This is embarrassing but  I was laying on my side in bed and I felt what felt like my husband laying behind me with his arm holding me but it was NOT my husband. I couldn't move or talk but I tried yelling for my husband. Just as quickly as it came it was gone. That hasn't happened in a long time and really shook me up knowing for sure now that our thing is not gone. I had to share that because the purpose of my blog is to tell people about this in case it is happening to them. 
More later and thank you for reading.


  1. some people think that children spirits might be demons that are hiding behind looking/sounding like kids so that you let your defenses down and allow them to stay in the home. it makes sense to me because that would be very manipulative. be careful.

  2. I have always been the first one to say all of the activity is probably from the malicious thing. Whenever I say that people say no they are spirits and one malicious thing. My gut says they are all it. I'm very careful . I only document things for potential help and to help others.

  3. Wow. Your blog has touched me in so many ways. I myself have had many experiences with the unexplainable. Reading your blog has made me feel less alone. Thank you.