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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ghost rain storm!

I was so shocked when I took these pictures. It was about 5 am and when I looked through the lens it looked like it was raining. The same as it did the night of the thunderstorm when I got the evil looking thing. I promise this IS NOT DUST. I know this because I live here and am going through everything. I know what is paranormal and what is not and this was totally paranormal. NOT DUST. There are orbs. There are these bright tiny lines. I have a great video of one of these bright lines where I ask is that you and a woman says yes showing that these lines are indeed paranormal. Check out what dust looks like and it is not even remotely close. Along with the lines and orbs you see masses usually in the background. It normally is not this active so I am not sure what was up today. I also captured a great ghost radar video I will share tomorrow. It's amazing. Here are the photos!

Again....NOT DUST for all you dust people out there! Check for brightness, shape and forms...this is the real deal.

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