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Friday, April 25, 2014

Crazy intelligent evidence & Almost deleted my blog

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More evidence and trolls.

This video says it all. I was in shock.

Recent photos

I almost deleted my blog. My husband received a text from a person. I can't say their name. The text said that I should contribute financially to the family and stop running around taking stupid orb videos. They also said profanity saying that I am F-d up. This was upsetting for more than one reason. First off it was an insult. Secondly it showed me that they were stalking my YouTube and Facebook.  Lastly I contribute to the house hold bills. This person had no reason to even text my husband. I have been very quiet through the years putting up with them. I've kept my feelings to myself and trust me I have put up with a lot. I have also kept my mouth shut because of how much I care for someone and I don't want to hurt that person. At this point if there is another text I am going to lose it. I'm DONE. I wish I could say more but I can't. This made me so upset that I made all of  my YouTube videos private and came very close to deleting this blog but then I realized that this person just doesn't matter. I am pretty sure they will be reading this post. This is my message to this person. It is to get a life and act like an adult. Again I wish I could tell you more. I decided not to let anyone upset me like that. I post this blog for a few reasons. To show people that the paranormal is real. To make people feel better if they are experiencing the same thing and as a statement of my faith in God. Telling it to back off in the name of Jesus is the only thing that has worked. I respect all religions though but like I said this is a testimony of my faith and I will not let anyone upset me that much again. Posting evidence on Facebook can be very hurtful. I get lots of supportive comments but you always get comments like you are nuts or lying. All I can say is that
this is real. Believe it or not believe it but don't be insulting or insensitive.

Ok. With that said the other day I made a video of my garage for a friend. I got some really weird evps. I knew the garage was haunted by the feel of it but I had never gotten evps in it before. The evps are kind of hard to hear so I will just tell you about them.
In one part of the video I show my friend a car. I said  this is a Thunderbird and right after a woman tells me to get in. How weird is that? Also a man says TURN AROUND 2 times in a row. Another man said Carmen....get out.
While filming another video of my pets in my bedroom I heard a huge boom. So like an Idiot I said are you near the closet? I get a loud NO. There were a lot of quiet evps also. In the past few weeks I have been told to get out...get in a car...listen....and I have a loud and clear evp that says devil. Here it is..

This is a loud extremely creepy voice saying either HI or hide.

Please turn this up and don't look at my mess! I'm in he middle of redecorating my bedroom.

I ask if he is by the closet and I get the answer no!

Here it appears by my cat when I ask it to showing once more that it is intelligent


I will post more about new experiences next time. It's doing a lot of things that it has never done before trying to get my attention because I rarely seek evidence anymore.
Thank you guys for visiting my blog and for being so supportive on Facebook.
You guys are amazing.

God bless,


  1. Great blog, thank you Carmen
    Greetings from germany

  2. i read your blog , just tried to comment , dont know if it worked :)

  3. Carmen, I read your blog - and I am a fellow artist and fb friend. Your posts are real, and it seems rather unseemly that a total stranger would invade your privacy to insult you without just cause. It is sad that you experienced such an event, as in my humble opinion, a person with a poison tongue is far worse than the paranormal. Keep the faith. J-sus has your back, and G-d always knows what to do.

  4. Carmen, when I was about 8 or 9, I lived in an old farm house that was extremely haunted. The ghosts were of a soldier that had died and of his son. They were buried on the hill behind our house. He protected me and my sister from our very mean and abusive step dad. He would lock our bedroom would fly off the wall and hit him. My mom fell asleep while cooking supper so he shut the stove off....supper was on the stove top and was scorched...he stopped a fire. The list of things goes on and on. I live in an apt now where I hear things, see things move, Like someone is there, shadows, it creeps me out but like you I say in the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you. It always happens again so I have to repeat it again. I believe you...and for those who give us grief....people are afraid of what they dont know. It hasnt happen to them and I pray it doesnt. Thanks for sharing your events...

  5. In the video you hear a lot of growls in bangs that I don't think you heard when you were recording. Or you just didn't mention hearing it. But it sounds like your previous video's with the really evil voice. That was absolutely crazy and amazing that you caught all that on camera. It was also really weird how the room kept changing colors when the little clock thing was a completely different color and can't light up the whole room! Amazing!