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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One of my best class A evps. It's amazing yet disturbing

I've been going through my YouTube channel and deleting evps that seem to be to faint for people to hear and putting my videos into playlists. One play list is class a evps. I had forgotten about this one and it's one of my best. First I ask are you here? A man says Yah as loud as can be and then you hear another man call me a chicken? lol. I've said this before but sometimes you have to laugh to keep from going nuts with all of this. We still need help. We have hit a brick wall but want a respected professional team or person to help. If they review my YouTube evidence and this blog they will realize this is the real deal and almost movie extreme less the blood dripping walls and dead bodies in the  basement.

Recent events.
Seeing orbs with our eyes
Hearing growls
Seeing flashing lights
Seeing a rainbow light
Hearing what kind of sounded like a sonic boom upstairs.
Seeing an orb that made a shadow
Hearing a man yell no
Seeing a tiny orb the looked like a bubble.
Hearing massive thunks upstairs and hearing men's voices downstairs.
Extreme orb and light activity in the bathroom.
My son saw a man's arm and head looking around a corner.
This just seemed weird but a black crow slammed into my studio window and died. Not sure if that is just a flue thing or maybe caused by the  malicious thing?

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