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Friday, April 26, 2013

Malicious entity caught on camera w/ thunderstorm photos

I caught our malicious presence on camera. 
Click on the photo to enlarge it. 

First off I am not one to see faces in photos of possible paranormal entities but this photo is different. If you follow my blog you know that we have along with kind spirits a very malicious presence and I feel strongly I got it in this photo. Here is a quick break down of what it has done in our home for those of you who are new to my blog. It has attacked me a number of times where it comes from under the bedroom door in a form of a black mass. It hovers just inches over your face and it has physically attacked me. I describe that in detail in the post called our story. It has followed my two older boys to their homes an hour away from my house. It has tormented my 11 year old for 3 years. It shows up as shadow man and stands in the corner of his room and rushes up to his face. He has seen it as just a head, a shadow man and a black mass. It would give him horrible constant night terrors where he would sit straight up with his eyes opened with a look of sheer terror and he would yell, " I'm scared. Get it away." This stopped when he wore a blessed medal. When I wore a blessed medal on my wrist my entire arm broke out in a horrible rash. I have never been allergic to jewelry before.  I took it off and it cleared up in a day. It grabbed my son's  arm in the upstairs hallway pulling him backwards.  It yells profanities. It smells like a dead animal. It yells in a loud booming evil sounding voice. I have many evps of it. It turns on our gas stove burners and even started a small fire in my studio. It growls and huffs and has growled at my son in the middle of the night. It has the ability to toss large objects. It scratches on doors and even shredded one corner of my mattress. It was right by my head. During one attack I told it to leave in the name of Jesus and it whispered in my ear, " He can't help you. " It has threatened to kill me in an evp. It said Kill Carmen. That evp is recent. I am sure there is more but that is just a brief explanation of our thing. In my opinion it was never human because the last time I saw it and I swear on my life it was a very tall hunched over thing with pointed shoulder blades. Now people will think I'm nuts but that is what I saw the last time it attacked me. I also feel it was never human because of the sheer feeling of evil when it enters the room and the horrible feeling I have upstairs where it lurks. This thing's favorite part of the house is the upstairs hallway between my room and my son's room and this is where I captured this photo. We were having bad thunderstorms that night and I took several pictures. There was so much activity up there that when you looked through the camera lens it looked like rain. I have several pictures with orbs and masses and even this strange green light thing. I will add these to the end of this post. What I see on this photo is his face on the upper right side. If you look you can see his right eye plain as day. He almost looks like a devil with a pointed chin and the strange things on the top of his head. I saw this on a photo before and that first photo made my heart sink. That photo was even more detailed but somehow it got deleted. When I first looked at this picture it terrified me because it is the same thing. The same shape and the same face. You may not see it the way I do but I know it is the thing in our home. The picture was taken in the upstairs hallway where it lurks. I am 100 percent sure this is our thing. Since the blessing the orb activity has gone nuts and so have the evps but this thing has only growled and threatened. No physical attacks thank God. It growls and smells bad but has not touched any of us so I do feel the blessing was a success in some ways. We are still trying to find help someone who specializes in removing things like this. I feel it is demonic and that is not for dramatic story telling. I just know in my heart. We feel it is an incubus. Finding help has been very hard. People like John Zaffis, Barry Fitzgeral and Keith Johnson have given us ideas on ways to kick it out but with no success so far. Keith Johnson's wife referred a person to us but I can't get a hold of him and we will only go with someone referred to us by one of the people I just mentioned. We would also go with a Taps family team though. I have posted our story to the dead files but tv wise that is it. I really don't want to be on tv but if it is the only way to get someone out here who knows what they are doing I would be willing to do it but have my face blocked lol. I'm not kidding. So this is our thing. Again you may not see it the way I do but it's him and or it. As soon as we find the right help I will stop all photos and videos. People say not to film or look for evps but to get real help they want to see good evidence and I have found that orbs are dismissed. If you have seen my orb videos you could understand why that makes me so angry. They are spirits and it is so obvious. I am going to do a video to show what I mean but tossing dust in front of my camera then comparing it to  my videos.
So..we are still looking for help. The evil thing has not attacked anyone. The orbs and evps are crazy active and so are voices we hear without a recording device in our home. We are seeing orbs with our eyes and that is new.
I am not scared of the orbs but the voices and the thing scare me on a daily basis. I am afraid to pray out loud  in my own home fearing it will get angry and do something. That is so wrong. I should not be afraid of the upstairs. When I walk through the hallway to go to bed I actually look at the floor and run to the bedroom door. So hopefully soon we can find someone to kick this thing out of our house. Cross your fingers for us. Here are the other photos and tomorrow I will share some amazing video with you.

Until tomorrow,


  1. I see the thing as well.. I don't like the look of are so not are very very Brave....lots of Hugs and prayers..

  2. I see it too Carmen. Be careful. Hopefully, that blessing helped. Don;t believe it when that thing says Jesus can't help you. It's a lie. They are very afraid of even the name of Jesus. Keep invoking it, keep praying. Really scary stuff.