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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Interesting video showing this is an intelligent haunting w/ perfect blue orb

Crazy intelligent haunting evidence.

I took a bunch of photos yesterday but the first one I want to show you is of this blue orb. I have never seen a blue one before and this orb is perfect but when you really look at it you can see that it almost looks like electricity with the white outlining the blue. Then if you blow up the photo I see a face and I am not one to say..oh look. A face. There is nothing behind the orb that can cause the round eye looking things. There is brick behind it not round rocks and it almost looks like it is smoking a cigarette lol. I see a neck also but I could be wrong but then... I went over a video I took. I pointed the camera to the hall and I have a loud and clear evp of what sounds like an older woman saying hallway. WOW...then guess what? You see a blue orb shoot by in the hallway. It happens fast so you might have to watch it more than once. So first I get this perfect blue orb and seeing one that is blue for the first time. Then I get a woman saying hallway while she shoots across the hallway...and she's blue! Hmmmm!
Here is the video. Sorry about my ugly walls. I'm painting up ugly walls all next week lol.

More photos taken the same day.

I wonder why one of it's favorite places in the house is the living room near the fireplace? We have another fireplace directly below the one in the living room. 

I have a lot to blog about tomorrow with some crazy pictures. It seems like this past week I get more negative evps than nice. I get more growls, shouts and a creepy male voice. I have said this before but I want to say it again because people get on me so much. I have a plan about when I will stop gathering evidence and that will happen soon but until then I really don't want to get bashed for it. How do I show that my home is crazy haunted without pictures, videos and evps? I will stop shooting pictures and taking video very soon.

A few other things that have happened this past week are that it is getting easy to see the lights and orbs with your eyes. I can see little white balls of light zipping around the room. I can see flashes of light and I even saw a huge flash that looked like a rainbow. One orb even made a shadow  It seems like the spirits or whatever they are like to clunk around upstairs a lot and the only place I feel really afraid of is the upstairs hallway. I know there is something malicious up there and I am pretty sure I got a picture of it's face that I will post tomorrow. The upstairs hallway is where we get most of the growl and deep male voice evps. I hate  it up there especially at night and we have had lots of amazing people give advice but we have had no luck so far and we have reached the point of wanting someone to come out and get rid of the nasty thing. I have tried everything in the book on my own and failed every time. We don't want just anyone snooping around our house so finding someone we feel comfortable with it going to be hard. I have been lucky enough to get advice from John Zaffis, Robb Demerest and now Barry Fitgerald but there is no way they can come out to our home. The one person I trust the most is Bob Davis who has stuck with us for 3 years lives in CA and him being able to come out would very hard and expensive so we are still searching. As many of you know the blessing didn't work. Heck. The priest left without saying goodbye and even said that I should not blame the Catholic church if it didn't work. He didn't even want me to visit his church? So anyway. Please watch for a post tomorrow. I will post a photo of what I think is our malicious thing. Thanks for reading.


  1. Oh Carmen...I'm so sorry that everything you do is just not working. I hope since you said "SOON" you would be able to stop that you have found someone to help. If you agreed to be on Mr. Zaffis show could he come and investigate? I so want you to be happy in your home and most of all be safe in your home.


  2. I commented on one of your previous posts and like I said, these dark entities are tenacious, they do not want to leave. I had one in my home and I believe it was there before I moved in. It is such an uncomfortable feeling when you have one of these things in your home. There were rooms I couldn't go in. It just felt bad. I can't believe that a priest was that rude to you! Shame on him! Did you try the frankincense? That's what I use. I can't wait to see this "thing" in your house.

  3. Yes Patrica I used Frankincense and myrrh along with blessed salt and holy water. Sage, 4 iron nails, blessed medals and the priest. I told him I wanted to visit his church and he said it wasn't right for us. With all my evidence here and on my youtube channel you would think someone would take notice and offer some real help. John Zaffis had his helper tell me what we could do and that didn't work. There is no way he could come to our home unless we got on his show somehow. I showed this to anther well known ghost hunter who is a facebook friend and he basically laughed it off without looking at the evidence. I'm just tired. I want the malicious thing to go. People tell me to stop taping but everyone wants evidence to even consider helping. Regina thanks. I have an evp where it threatens to kill me. It says Kill Carmen. NO one seems to care.

  4. I am sure you are tired Carmen. I am so sorry. I don't know if you have any local ,paranormal groups that could assist you in your area. If you can get hold of St. Michael's candles. Do burn them. As evil as that thing is, you do have angelic help. Ask them, they are there to assist. I think you may want to go to your local library or historian and start researching. you may even have Native American influences on your land, which could be another part of what is going on there. I care Carmen. I know it is really hard, because people have no idea what you are going through. Peace.