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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Because sometimes you have to laugh but real spirits joined in!

Fun with orbs!

I swear weren't drinking lol....From real orbs to American fake ghosts. If you don't laugh now and then you will go crazy!!!! Please don't think that we are not taking our haunting seriously. Of course we are but for some reason we were slap happy that night and we were both a little mad about some evps that snuck into a video that was non ghost related. They weren't nice evps at all. One was a horrible growl and the other was an older man yelling no. The video wasn't even about ghosts so when they creep into my family videos it does bother me...but here it with orbs lol. Sorry about the S word lol!

Here are a few photos we captured yesterday.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday and thanks for reading and watching!
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  1. In the video when you are laughing and before the dog comes in it sounds like someone is running towards you guys. And a woman laughing.