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Sunday, April 7, 2013

New photos and a creepy help me evp with orbs!

Get your headphones for the first evp but the second is pretty loud.

All of these photos were taken last night. We also got a very creepy evp in the bathroom. A man says help me and then yells something right after. There are also some tiny orbs in the same video.

The photo above is just weird. I'm not sure what it is.
Just a little bit ago my son thought he heard my husband talking upstairs. My husband isn't home and many times I will hear a man yell with my ears and not on a recording. 
Here is the evp....We are getting ready to repaint the bathroom so just look at the tiny fast orbs lol. I think they are to the left of the room.
You hear a man say help me at :03 and then he yells.  You need headphones for the help me part but not the yell. If you know what he is yelling please comment.

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  1. I hear the Help me.. really really clearly. I can't make out the yell though.. (but I have a hearing issue connected to my seasonal allergies right now)