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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You have to be kidding me? Ghosts before coffee!

I saw that thing come out of the wall and rush up to my face. The dog was freaking out so I grabbed my camera.

I also got these photos of it growing in size.

Yesterday I got an even louder evp then the one of the man in my studio. This time a woman says, "It's me. " She sounds like me but I promise it's not. You can tell by the way she sounds. Here is that evp. She says it's me after the 3rd time I ask if anyone was in the room. There is also a weird mist. 

This is another pet orb. The minute it gets to my face you hear a man make some kind of sound. It's faint but with headphones it's there! Dust my bum lol.

I really should charge people to walk through my house this Halloween! Ok, some of this is fun and just amazing but our dark ugly thing is still here and it lurks around upstairs. The upstairs and basement are the only places that I am really afraid of. We had another priest call us and we might have him come out also. Who knows. Maybe if we keep slamming it it will leave. 

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