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Monday, April 8, 2013

Amazing evp and more new photos!

Orb photo taken last night

This evp really took me back. I get lots of evps and I am pretty used to them by now but this one startled me because it is so loud and clear. It was as if a man was standing right beside me. He asks, " You said I could talk to you? " And yes I did say they could talk to the ipad if they wanted to. I have a very loud women all through the session but I still need to upload her evps. This one is really worth listening to. One of my best!
I can hear it well without headphones but please use some to really hear his voice. It is very kind and he is a young man.

Here are a few pictures taken last night and I do have lots of videos with these thing flying around.

Tomorrow I will post the evps of the woman. She says my name and says no really loud. She also says Martin and the is the maiden name of my grandma but we also have that tiny old cemetery right by us. More our house is haunted lol. 

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