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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One of my best class A evps. It's amazing yet disturbing

I've been going through my YouTube channel and deleting evps that seem to be to faint for people to hear and putting my videos into playlists. One play list is class a evps. I had forgotten about this one and it's one of my best. First I ask are you here? A man says Yah as loud as can be and then you hear another man call me a chicken? lol. I've said this before but sometimes you have to laugh to keep from going nuts with all of this. We still need help. We have hit a brick wall but want a respected professional team or person to help. If they review my YouTube evidence and this blog they will realize this is the real deal and almost movie extreme less the blood dripping walls and dead bodies in the  basement.

Recent events.
Seeing orbs with our eyes
Hearing growls
Seeing flashing lights
Seeing a rainbow light
Hearing what kind of sounded like a sonic boom upstairs.
Seeing an orb that made a shadow
Hearing a man yell no
Seeing a tiny orb the looked like a bubble.
Hearing massive thunks upstairs and hearing men's voices downstairs.
Extreme orb and light activity in the bathroom.
My son saw a man's arm and head looking around a corner.
This just seemed weird but a black crow slammed into my studio window and died. Not sure if that is just a flue thing or maybe caused by the  malicious thing?

Till next time.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Malicious entity caught on camera w/ thunderstorm photos

I caught our malicious presence on camera. 
Click on the photo to enlarge it. 

First off I am not one to see faces in photos of possible paranormal entities but this photo is different. If you follow my blog you know that we have along with kind spirits a very malicious presence and I feel strongly I got it in this photo. Here is a quick break down of what it has done in our home for those of you who are new to my blog. It has attacked me a number of times where it comes from under the bedroom door in a form of a black mass. It hovers just inches over your face and it has physically attacked me. I describe that in detail in the post called our story. It has followed my two older boys to their homes an hour away from my house. It has tormented my 11 year old for 3 years. It shows up as shadow man and stands in the corner of his room and rushes up to his face. He has seen it as just a head, a shadow man and a black mass. It would give him horrible constant night terrors where he would sit straight up with his eyes opened with a look of sheer terror and he would yell, " I'm scared. Get it away." This stopped when he wore a blessed medal. When I wore a blessed medal on my wrist my entire arm broke out in a horrible rash. I have never been allergic to jewelry before.  I took it off and it cleared up in a day. It grabbed my son's  arm in the upstairs hallway pulling him backwards.  It yells profanities. It smells like a dead animal. It yells in a loud booming evil sounding voice. I have many evps of it. It turns on our gas stove burners and even started a small fire in my studio. It growls and huffs and has growled at my son in the middle of the night. It has the ability to toss large objects. It scratches on doors and even shredded one corner of my mattress. It was right by my head. During one attack I told it to leave in the name of Jesus and it whispered in my ear, " He can't help you. " It has threatened to kill me in an evp. It said Kill Carmen. That evp is recent. I am sure there is more but that is just a brief explanation of our thing. In my opinion it was never human because the last time I saw it and I swear on my life it was a very tall hunched over thing with pointed shoulder blades. Now people will think I'm nuts but that is what I saw the last time it attacked me. I also feel it was never human because of the sheer feeling of evil when it enters the room and the horrible feeling I have upstairs where it lurks. This thing's favorite part of the house is the upstairs hallway between my room and my son's room and this is where I captured this photo. We were having bad thunderstorms that night and I took several pictures. There was so much activity up there that when you looked through the camera lens it looked like rain. I have several pictures with orbs and masses and even this strange green light thing. I will add these to the end of this post. What I see on this photo is his face on the upper right side. If you look you can see his right eye plain as day. He almost looks like a devil with a pointed chin and the strange things on the top of his head. I saw this on a photo before and that first photo made my heart sink. That photo was even more detailed but somehow it got deleted. When I first looked at this picture it terrified me because it is the same thing. The same shape and the same face. You may not see it the way I do but I know it is the thing in our home. The picture was taken in the upstairs hallway where it lurks. I am 100 percent sure this is our thing. Since the blessing the orb activity has gone nuts and so have the evps but this thing has only growled and threatened. No physical attacks thank God. It growls and smells bad but has not touched any of us so I do feel the blessing was a success in some ways. We are still trying to find help someone who specializes in removing things like this. I feel it is demonic and that is not for dramatic story telling. I just know in my heart. We feel it is an incubus. Finding help has been very hard. People like John Zaffis, Barry Fitzgeral and Keith Johnson have given us ideas on ways to kick it out but with no success so far. Keith Johnson's wife referred a person to us but I can't get a hold of him and we will only go with someone referred to us by one of the people I just mentioned. We would also go with a Taps family team though. I have posted our story to the dead files but tv wise that is it. I really don't want to be on tv but if it is the only way to get someone out here who knows what they are doing I would be willing to do it but have my face blocked lol. I'm not kidding. So this is our thing. Again you may not see it the way I do but it's him and or it. As soon as we find the right help I will stop all photos and videos. People say not to film or look for evps but to get real help they want to see good evidence and I have found that orbs are dismissed. If you have seen my orb videos you could understand why that makes me so angry. They are spirits and it is so obvious. I am going to do a video to show what I mean but tossing dust in front of my camera then comparing it to  my videos.
So..we are still looking for help. The evil thing has not attacked anyone. The orbs and evps are crazy active and so are voices we hear without a recording device in our home. We are seeing orbs with our eyes and that is new.
I am not scared of the orbs but the voices and the thing scare me on a daily basis. I am afraid to pray out loud  in my own home fearing it will get angry and do something. That is so wrong. I should not be afraid of the upstairs. When I walk through the hallway to go to bed I actually look at the floor and run to the bedroom door. So hopefully soon we can find someone to kick this thing out of our house. Cross your fingers for us. Here are the other photos and tomorrow I will share some amazing video with you.

Until tomorrow,

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Interesting video showing this is an intelligent haunting w/ perfect blue orb

Crazy intelligent haunting evidence.

I took a bunch of photos yesterday but the first one I want to show you is of this blue orb. I have never seen a blue one before and this orb is perfect but when you really look at it you can see that it almost looks like electricity with the white outlining the blue. Then if you blow up the photo I see a face and I am not one to say..oh look. A face. There is nothing behind the orb that can cause the round eye looking things. There is brick behind it not round rocks and it almost looks like it is smoking a cigarette lol. I see a neck also but I could be wrong but then... I went over a video I took. I pointed the camera to the hall and I have a loud and clear evp of what sounds like an older woman saying hallway. WOW...then guess what? You see a blue orb shoot by in the hallway. It happens fast so you might have to watch it more than once. So first I get this perfect blue orb and seeing one that is blue for the first time. Then I get a woman saying hallway while she shoots across the hallway...and she's blue! Hmmmm!
Here is the video. Sorry about my ugly walls. I'm painting up ugly walls all next week lol.

More photos taken the same day.

I wonder why one of it's favorite places in the house is the living room near the fireplace? We have another fireplace directly below the one in the living room. 

I have a lot to blog about tomorrow with some crazy pictures. It seems like this past week I get more negative evps than nice. I get more growls, shouts and a creepy male voice. I have said this before but I want to say it again because people get on me so much. I have a plan about when I will stop gathering evidence and that will happen soon but until then I really don't want to get bashed for it. How do I show that my home is crazy haunted without pictures, videos and evps? I will stop shooting pictures and taking video very soon.

A few other things that have happened this past week are that it is getting easy to see the lights and orbs with your eyes. I can see little white balls of light zipping around the room. I can see flashes of light and I even saw a huge flash that looked like a rainbow. One orb even made a shadow  It seems like the spirits or whatever they are like to clunk around upstairs a lot and the only place I feel really afraid of is the upstairs hallway. I know there is something malicious up there and I am pretty sure I got a picture of it's face that I will post tomorrow. The upstairs hallway is where we get most of the growl and deep male voice evps. I hate  it up there especially at night and we have had lots of amazing people give advice but we have had no luck so far and we have reached the point of wanting someone to come out and get rid of the nasty thing. I have tried everything in the book on my own and failed every time. We don't want just anyone snooping around our house so finding someone we feel comfortable with it going to be hard. I have been lucky enough to get advice from John Zaffis, Robb Demerest and now Barry Fitgerald but there is no way they can come out to our home. The one person I trust the most is Bob Davis who has stuck with us for 3 years lives in CA and him being able to come out would very hard and expensive so we are still searching. As many of you know the blessing didn't work. Heck. The priest left without saying goodbye and even said that I should not blame the Catholic church if it didn't work. He didn't even want me to visit his church? So anyway. Please watch for a post tomorrow. I will post a photo of what I think is our malicious thing. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some video evidence of spirits basically checking me out

I heard the toilet flush and ran to the bathroom to tape and this is what I captured. Amazing yet I'm pretty tired of this haunting. Everyone wants to live in a haunted house but when you do there is always this underlying fear that it could hurt or your family which it has in the past. You also feel that you have no privacy since these things are everywhere in the house. Trying to find someone to help you is rough because the well known people that specialize in the paranormal are to overwhelmed with requests or can't help much because they can't come to your home. I'm pretty frustrated. I don't want let just anyone into our home who might make it here are my videos.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Because sometimes you have to laugh but real spirits joined in!

Fun with orbs!

I swear weren't drinking lol....From real orbs to American fake ghosts. If you don't laugh now and then you will go crazy!!!! Please don't think that we are not taking our haunting seriously. Of course we are but for some reason we were slap happy that night and we were both a little mad about some evps that snuck into a video that was non ghost related. They weren't nice evps at all. One was a horrible growl and the other was an older man yelling no. The video wasn't even about ghosts so when they creep into my family videos it does bother me...but here it with orbs lol. Sorry about the S word lol!

Here are a few photos we captured yesterday.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday and thanks for reading and watching!
For people new to my blog please start with the blog post called our story. You can find the link at the top right of the page. Have a blessed and wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

If this doesn't make you believe nothing will. Amazing spirit video & more growls

In the photo above my dog kept looking at the stairs. I snapped this picture.

My daughter and I were being complete goofballs until we saw what was going on behind her. The very first word of the video is an evp. Then it makes an angry sound.

The above photo was taken a few days ago after hearing noises in the living room.
Some people say they can see a womans face at the top right. I'm having a hard time seeing it.

These past few days all you hear on video are creepy evps. Nothing nice. It all sounds dark and mean. Here is an example.

At some point and soon I am stopping all video and only taking photos.

I have so much more to post but I don't want to make this to long and boring.
I would love comments on what you think about the first video. We were shocked.
Until next time!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You have to be kidding me? Ghosts before coffee!

I saw that thing come out of the wall and rush up to my face. The dog was freaking out so I grabbed my camera.

I also got these photos of it growing in size.

Yesterday I got an even louder evp then the one of the man in my studio. This time a woman says, "It's me. " She sounds like me but I promise it's not. You can tell by the way she sounds. Here is that evp. She says it's me after the 3rd time I ask if anyone was in the room. There is also a weird mist. 

This is another pet orb. The minute it gets to my face you hear a man make some kind of sound. It's faint but with headphones it's there! Dust my bum lol.

I really should charge people to walk through my house this Halloween! Ok, some of this is fun and just amazing but our dark ugly thing is still here and it lurks around upstairs. The upstairs and basement are the only places that I am really afraid of. We had another priest call us and we might have him come out also. Who knows. Maybe if we keep slamming it it will leave. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Amazing evp and more new photos!

Orb photo taken last night

This evp really took me back. I get lots of evps and I am pretty used to them by now but this one startled me because it is so loud and clear. It was as if a man was standing right beside me. He asks, " You said I could talk to you? " And yes I did say they could talk to the ipad if they wanted to. I have a very loud women all through the session but I still need to upload her evps. This one is really worth listening to. One of my best!
I can hear it well without headphones but please use some to really hear his voice. It is very kind and he is a young man.

Here are a few pictures taken last night and I do have lots of videos with these thing flying around.

Tomorrow I will post the evps of the woman. She says my name and says no really loud. She also says Martin and the is the maiden name of my grandma but we also have that tiny old cemetery right by us. More our house is haunted lol. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

New photos and a creepy help me evp with orbs!

Get your headphones for the first evp but the second is pretty loud.

All of these photos were taken last night. We also got a very creepy evp in the bathroom. A man says help me and then yells something right after. There are also some tiny orbs in the same video.

The photo above is just weird. I'm not sure what it is.
Just a little bit ago my son thought he heard my husband talking upstairs. My husband isn't home and many times I will hear a man yell with my ears and not on a recording. 
Here is the evp....We are getting ready to repaint the bathroom so just look at the tiny fast orbs lol. I think they are to the left of the room.
You hear a man say help me at :03 and then he yells.  You need headphones for the help me part but not the yell. If you know what he is yelling please comment.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Apparition, growls, evps and lights

Please click on the photo above to see a face right above the hair dryer. I heard noises while folding laundry and grabbed my camera. Right when I took the photos I saw a big round orb come at me and this is what showed up in the picture.What is interesting is this face looks like the face we caught in my studio. That picture is on the right side of the blog. It looks like a man crossing his arms. I'm also going to post the photo on facebook just in case it is too small to see the face here.  Please excuse the laundry I didn't put away yet lol.

( Get your headphone! )

A lot has happened since my last post. I don't have much time so here is a quick version of what is going on with some video evidence. The first video is a growl evp. I'm talking a definite creepy growl. Right before the growl you hear some kind of yell. My daughter and I were goofing around in my studio and we might have made it mad. For all the people who yell at me for getting evidence videos I rarely do it anymore and in the videos I am going to post my daughter and I were basically being goofy. I'm torn about getting evidence. I worry about it making things worse yet I feel like I need to document it. So please don't judge me about it just yet lol.
Please get your headphones. The evp is right away and I think at :02 of the video. Click on the video to view it on youtube for the description.

In this next video you hear some really weird evps. I think there is also an orb. First you hear what sounds just like me say something like are you there. I'ts not me! You can tell because it sounds distant. This thing totally imitated what I said about 10 minutes earlier and that really really gave me a good scare. Then you hear a woman make a noise and a very clear man. I am not sure what he is saying though.
Please get your headphones.  Click on the video to view it on youtube for the description and time marks so you can easily find the evps.

This last one is just for fun. My daughter and I were being really goofy and kind of ghost hunting and making fun of ghost hunting because we were tired and bored lol.
The reason I am laughing so hard is because we are being very quiet in case we hear something and she does this really loud sniffle. It was way louder in person than it was on the video lol but you do hear an evp talking over us. If you click on the video it will tell you where.
Please get your headphones.  Click on the video to view it on youtube for the description and time marks so you can easily find the evps.

 So ever since the blessing if I turn on my camera I get dozens of orbs right away. NOT DUST. I get so urked when people say they are dust because I know the difference and my house is so active I can get orbs with evps every time I try, in any room in the house and any time day or night. It's very hard to get people to believe me because so many orbs are because of dust, moisture and lens flares but mine are the real thing. I can get 20 in 5 minutes. Here is one more video showing you my pet orbs lol.  Look at how they move, flash and have their own light source. You could also get your headphones on to hear the evps in the same video.

Please get your headphones.  Click on the video to view it on youtube for the description and time marks so you can easily find the evps.

Other things that have happened in the home since the blessing. My son saw an arm reach around the corner and then a head peek into the room and leave. My daughter and I both saw a bright orb at the same time and we also heard a creepy deep voice yell no. I'll post that video next time. I have heard men and women's voices on more then one occasion without recording it. I saw a tall black mass on the stairs. Some times it sounds like people are banging around upstairs wearing boots or something and a few days ago there was a loud dragging sound coming from a wall in my studio. My daughter and I were in my studio and heard little knocks all over the room. If I tape I get dozens of orbs right away that also talk ( evps ). I thought this was a little weird. This morning when I got up the cabinet door was opened and a little jar of instant coffee was in the middle of the room. I tried to find that coffee yesterday because I was out of my regular coffee. If you go into the bathroom you hear a strange water trickling sound when no water is on and with it you hear a voice. It's a bit hard to describe. My dog Scooby is constantly seeing something. She will sit up and just gaze at something that I'm not seeing. My bedroom and studio go cold out of nowhere. I'm sure there is something that I am missing as I am trying to get this post out fast so my son won't see it. I had another priest call me. I had left messages for about 4 of them. I was surprised to hear from him so I am going to go ahead and let him bless the house. Yes, I just had it blessed but it can't hurt. Maybe it will make the evil thing weaker. All it seems to do now is growl and yell here and there. Nothing bad has happened. Knock on wood.  So this is my quick update. I hope you take the time to watch the videos. Next time I'm posting a hilarious video of me and my daughter. I need to get her permission first. We were making fun of Scariest places on Earth and I really want you guys to see it. It will make you laugh.
Let me know what you think about the photo and videos!
Happy Saturday,
Ps...I'm very very tired today so who knows what kind of typos I came up with today!