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Saturday, April 13, 2013

If this doesn't make you believe nothing will. Amazing spirit video & more growls

In the photo above my dog kept looking at the stairs. I snapped this picture.

My daughter and I were being complete goofballs until we saw what was going on behind her. The very first word of the video is an evp. Then it makes an angry sound.

The above photo was taken a few days ago after hearing noises in the living room.
Some people say they can see a womans face at the top right. I'm having a hard time seeing it.

These past few days all you hear on video are creepy evps. Nothing nice. It all sounds dark and mean. Here is an example.

At some point and soon I am stopping all video and only taking photos.

I have so much more to post but I don't want to make this to long and boring.
I would love comments on what you think about the first video. We were shocked.
Until next time!


  1. I lived in a house that had a dark entity in it. This thing appeared to me looking like a child, but it showed itself to my daughter as a hooded thing with red eyes. It terrified her.
    I never caught any orbs and had no idea about EVP's so what you are catching looks pretty extreme. A house blessing is great, but if you have an inhuman entity in your house, a house blessing cannot get rid of it. They are very tenacious. Your house has an amazing amount of activity I really wonder if someone who may have lived in that house may have opened a doorway for spirits to pass through? Just a thought. I can't tell you how uncomfortable living in a haunted house is. Not a good feeling. Keep posting, really like your blog!

  2. In the second video the grunts sound like it is saying I am here after you ask it if anyone is here. and the first grunt sounds like a yea or a hi.